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  1. Exactly, they worried some out of town grandma is going to be offended by his hair? If anyone doesnt like his hair, let that be their problem, not his.
  2. I've got a jar filled with nothing but quarters, and an MJ rookie card. I'm ready to contribute. What in the ever living fuck did we get ourselves into?
  3. That's cold, but yeah, Aaron is just hoping not to get hit anymore.
  4. Thought this game was supposed to be rigged?
  5. SB commercials are expensive and insurance companies are cheap, so we got that going for us
  6. Who gets the ball to start the second?
  7. Tennessee gets every last drop out of the play action, so good to watch
  8. Because ice is in limited supply?
  9. These are Russians who are tweeting him
  10. Has winning washed away the Astros shit stain on baseball?
  11. Titans have been coaching witches lately, so I feel like their gameplan for KC will be solid, with some wrinkles we haven't seen, mostly on offense. I do like the upset here.
  12. Dude is going to start hating life when he asks for bacon and gets a piece of ham. Sex is going to stop immediately, it already has. Schmuck.
  13. Dewey


    "sorry, my memory is the second shortest thing I have"
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