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  1. I started realizing that late yesterday, fucking sucks. Wake up this morning to seeing all kinds of tweets from the Houston area, schools, roads, random people posting pics and videos. I feel for you guys up there.
  2. Its not like Nebraska has proven anything for all of us to think Rutgers would have been an easy W for them. Good luck keeping that group happy.
  3. None of that, I like them all just fine. Took awhile to get this crew together, if they want to stay home, all good. Just an usual amount of guys asking if we were working tomorrow, fully expecting a massive flood, bodies in trees type of vibe. Feels like the info they get and the info I get are drastically different. Im reading "street flooding, but manageable", they're reading "hold onto your ass, hope you can float"
  4. When you're in construction its hard to work from home. Interior work, Galveston. I did see the rain for Galveston and Houston shoot up an hour ago, so maybe they're onto something. Or maybe its Harvey flashbacks. 2.45 is what they are saying for S. Houston tomorrow (WU)
  5. Guys at work who drive in from Houston are telling me they aren't working tomorrow because S Houston gonna flood. Is this bullshit or can I accept the answer?
  6. Drove the Seawall around 6:20 this morning, from Millers to 8th street, nothing like that. Guess its picking up
  7. Right after he signs his card, have him take a UA. I only kid, he's played great golf.
  8. Well, if the house is right on the beach, no dunes, you got probably 6 inches of water in the carport.
  9. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, everyone knows that.
  10. She'll be alright, as good as Linder is, he's also in the safety business. Anyways, this is a good take on the storm and telling our future
  11. And his partner today leads the field in fairways hit and he shot over par.
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