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  1. The "production " truck caught fire, serious.
  2. Yes, you can find the gomer score on t shirts and slapped on barns throughout the Brazos.
  3. Saban is playing chess and Jimbo is rolling rocks, he literally (for the second time) got hooked into showing his hand. If you want things to be quiet, it's probably not best to shout about it. It's already clear how you signed the best recruiting class, never defend your guilt.
  4. And a skillet that's as old as the dirt you walk on.
  5. Only hiccup was when McConaughey mentions the moon tower.
  6. No, this isn't defeat, it's a setback. Keep working on it. People didn't think the 4 minute mile was possible, then what's him name broke through. If you keep perfecting the bacon/ oreo recipe, you'll be remembered forever!
  7. I just can't get over it, never in my life... the broadcast pretty much glossed over the horse, only mentioning last minute scratch, long shot. When every horse faded back, he took off, his jocky was flawless in maneuvering the horse around slower traffic. None of these guys had ever been in anything remotely close to this stage. That jockey raced like it was his 20th derby, not his first. That Horse had won once, at Churchill, with that jockey.... they once sat at 24, but one scratch after another and boom, 20. That would have been a badass race if that was the favorite coming from that far back. But instead it was a claim horse. Next two races are going to be interesting, no way anyone is giving them an open lane like today. The fucking seas parted today.
  8. I think that's what Willie ordered, but Rosie decided that "Willie's Plate" would sell more. As for me? I'd order the garbage plate if I ever saw it on a menu at a tex mex joint.
  9. Rich Strike was fucking moving and looked like he could have gone another mile like that.
  10. That was one of the best rides, want to see it again
  11. When I lived in El Paso, this grocery store sold an amazing tres leches cake, single serving. I went in on valentine's day, no single serving options, I bought an entire tres leches cake. I used the same rationale as when I bought alcohol. The more the better, this way I won't run out so soon, etc
  12. Meth heads demand the very best!
  13. Behind in his payments, says "they're like family", guy is full of shit, I would bet his "family" has been tired of his bullshit since well before they won.
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