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  1. I need a tweet from a random account to make me believe this. Our big money has chingaled us before.
  2. He could own that he isn't that good, and the coaches have called some really bad games and put their players in bad spots because of it. Anything else would be an excuse, he's right. I know thats old, been chewing on it since lunch.
  3. Its in the code of conduct everyone gets when they sign up, first ten rules are pics or gtfo, then of course no politics, and of it isn't on a paper plate, don't post in the SS thread.
  4. Not. At. All. He was busy drawing up passing plays for when we have a lead late in the game.
  5. He had to walk over to Antonio Brown to tell him what to do, I know he's talented, but maybe he's not ready yet
  6. Please Denver, give us the wishbone.
  7. Denver running the wildcat, be fun if they can make it game.
  8. Under the Rainbow > Wizard of Oz
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