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  1. Oh hey, gomer gave his approval, looks like it's a go after all.
  2. I hope the vote is 13-1, those fucking gomers
  3. The Pac 12 would water down their already shitty drink with any additional Big Xii teams. They should hope ND gives a little, the Big Ten swallow some pride and they become one. Then the Pac and the Big work on a deal to benefit both their conferences, whatever that looks like. The Big Xii, if they somehow stay together, should look at Tuesday and Wednesday night games.
  4. That would be West Virginia, literally. Leadership has absolutely failed, it was mentioned in an earlier post that the decision makers should have tried expanding the conference early when teams were competing and winning NCs. Leadership sat on their dicks and watched teams leave, just happy they had Texas and ou. Well, how long did they think Texas and ou would tough it out while the SEC and Big 10 kept getting more and more and the Big xii less and less? When it was time to be proactive, it was way to late. All they could come up with was WVU and TCU and a round robin format. Fuckin A
  5. I get giddy every time I think about gomer being left out of the conversation. Then when they get word, they think the best action is to leak the info, then have a BoR meeting to talk about how to punish the SEC, followed by a (let's suppose 😉) very one-sided phone call from Birmingham and then? All good! Let's see the sips play daddy ball! Another good thing from all of this is gomer went down another peg amongst their peers. Good luck being taken seriously after that nice little shit show.
  6. I think the phone conversation with the SEC went something like Yes sir No.... you're right, sir... Of course.. Yes sir, but... Yes sir, is there.... Thank you, sir, if I may... Hello? Hello? <stares at phone> "they hung up..."
  7. There's two stages to gomer grief. First is panic, "fuck no! He'll no! Over my dead body! Call your congressman! Call the governor!" Then they transition to tough talk "well be ready. Can't beat the 12th man. No way you'll be able to compete with us, especially if you look at this small sample size of years where we won. Big stadium! Our coach won a national title somewhere else!"
  8. Lol at "SEC issues".... do you mean the "Texas issue"?
  9. I would not be surprised if the gomer BOR meeting is canceled. What are they going to discuss? The legality of a gentleman's agreement? How to hold the SEC accountable? Then are they wanting to punish the SEC for going against gomers wishes? Are they going to lay down some future rules as to how the SEC needs to treat Texas and how gomer will not play them? The only thing that will come out of that meeting is a&m looking like bigger idiots than they already are. I hope it happens, they literally do not know when to stop and be quiet.
  10. Yeah, Chip gets involved, we end up playing in the Mexican League
  11. If they use the phase "it's a fluid situation", throw it in the trash.
  12. A gentleman's agreement? We're talking about a trusted agreement, nothing signed, no letter of law to hold the other liable, in college athletics? A place where people will kill their first born for a 5 star recruit? Tell lies about the other 12 teams on their schedule, all for winning a game? If a&m had a gentleman's agreement with the SEC and they thought that held water, that is right in line with who they are. Probably explains why they usually only want to work with fellow aggies.
  13. Ms paint going to be the best there evar was. aggie hysterics at its highest level ever.
  14. Whether it happens or not, this is why we have aggies. Hope it happens.
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