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  1. Fauda season 3 starts soon, 4-13? Been rewatching BB in the meantime, rather stick with something good than to roll the dice again and again on something that doesnt live up to the hype. Caught the first 3 eps of Valhalla, might stick with it.
  2. Is April white history month? And for arguments sake, West is the logo, if hes not in the top 2, you're (your) a fucking idiot.
  3. Hope most tune him out, just looked and 60 minutes was running a story on small businesses struggling. Back to watching MASH for me.
  4. Dream world would be our big money guys letting CDC do his thing, instead of having a race to get their guy, mudding the waters and we're left with a mid major coach.
  5. Tuna noodle casserole, not sure how many cans of tuna, but it's legit.
  6. Big IF right now, Galveston just closed all public beaches, which is good.
  7. Well, they dont think the covid 19 is real and have big concerns about Mexicans living here for "free", so of course, are Harry and Megan getting free security??? Itll be all the talk at Easter sunday mass. Also, our president ladies and gents "You turn on the news, and all you see is the coronavirus or whatever.”
  8. The English Game has a Disney feel to it, I dont think I can finish it.
  9. Filmed in College Station, most of it.
  10. If you're not a stay at home worker, you might just be experiencing it for the first time, its starting to get warm outside, things feel different, or it could be your attic, the turbines on your roof finally rusted enough not to turn, sofit vents arent doing their job, etc
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