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  1. Just a guess, the Lamborghini was yellow.
  2. Anne Frank's father published her diary partly because he wanted parents to know that they never really know their children.
  3. "Unfortunately or fortunately, we have to pass through many an ebb and flow before we settle down to real peace " Remember the long term, all the best to you.
  4. Have no clue what they test for, I will take a wild guess as to what they dont test for... be funny to see a bunch of yoked up golfers out there ripping it close to 400 yards. Be like MLB back in the day.
  5. Smoked bologna is pretty good, I'm willing to try smoked olive loaf.
  6. I think its pretty much agreed that the majors will be problems for him, is for all of them. He's been shit hot as of late, I wonder what a non major with a stacked field will look like for him? Not just one or two big names, Jack's tourney, when you wake up on Sunday, neither the course or the field will give back. He won't be so relaxed when he bombs it in the rough.
  7. I'm not a fan of Bryson, but he's good, despite playing like he has a stick up his ass. And yes, BLM people are outside the fence.
  8. There's so much to untangle here and its only 26 seconds.... I'll just say it would have been badass if he ended it with a big and sweeping "weeeeeee!"
  9. I'm sure it will be accurate, probably right up there with Geaorge Washington and airplanes. Im sure he won't offend the Sioux and others.... he'll probably tell them how lucky they are.
  10. Props to Fed Ex, Nike and others, without their willingness of pulling money, this would never happen. So don't think for a second anyone in that organization woke to how offensive that name is to Native Americans, in fact they could still careless.
  11. Please tell me someone left a hot crack pipe on some newspaper
  12. Here's the order for Top Boy TB Summerhouse series 1 TB Summerhouse series 2 TB - Netflix season 1 If you watch season 1 first, then you've missed the beginning.
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