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  1. The wife in the AAA commercial when the hubby starts talking about what he'll buy with the extra savings, she laughs and says "in his world..." Motherfucker
  2. I was going to say, don't most of them get an extra year anyway?
  3. Be badass if that's fried chicken skin Sorry, tired, that is chicken skin
  4. I've been making this for breakfast on the weekends, roasted taters, sharp cheddar, with a boudin pattie. I chop up two sunny side eggs. Then top it with avocado, tomatoes, and dice-up a serrano Sent from my SM-G988U using Tapatalk
  5. Given Jack's influence and the positive results/reactions, I wonder if this tourney makes it back to Mexico... then again, Jack probably designed the course in Mexico.
  6. Scottie looks like he's swinging a shovel off the tee
  7. And what's Horschel doing here? Thought he was on mini tour in Mexico
  8. I haven't seen Motikawa's girlfriend yet, is she there? Dude is in the lead, why are they not showing her?
  9. He hasn't demanded a trade, just strongly suggesting they trade him.
  10. Dewey

    2021 NCAA Baseball

    No run rule? Especially for a weekday, non conference game.
  11. It's intriguing, but not for me. I like the challenge of a good fire and we'll cooked food and I don't find charcoal all that messy. I also like the time it takes for charcoal to set-up, also like to use a stick of pecan or oak along with the charcoal. That looks impressive though.
  12. That great wedge play on the first playoff hole...
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