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  1. City of Philadelphia is encouraging protesters to get free COVID tests a week from now, and they only need to say they were exposed to someone with COVID. No need to mention the protests...good move, hope it catches on anyplace where the HCW have enough tests
  2. Today's news seems like an inevitable step in the final stretch of negotiations. Players said no to changing salary structure; owners said no to 114 games. They still have a few days to find an acceptable number of games with prorated salaries. Presumably in the 50-81 range.
  3. The NBA will only conflict with the NFL over a period of 3-5 weekends, and you can add one weekend for CFB as well. I assume they'll try to slot games away from NFL, but no doubt there will be a few nights they go head-to-head and will get hammered. It will be interesting to hear why they took their time on making the announcement and then allowed so much time before reporting to Orlando. Probably based on feedback they got from the teams as well as the medical side on logistics of mass COVID testing.
  4. Oct. 12 is the latest date for game 7 of the finals. So maybe two teams play that late, but pretty much everyone will be done by late September. They can make it work, especially if they allow expanded rosters and build in more off days at the beginning of 2020-21. ESPN.com story
  5. It doesn't say when the protest was, but that's a quick turnaround to get a test and learn the results. Have to wonder if he contacted the virus before the protest, or maybe it's a false positive.
  6. City of Philadelphia removed the controversial Frank Rizzo statue overnight...smart move, finally
  7. I agree with most of this, but will point out the police union heads, and most of the actual officers, are far from being Democrats. We're lucky when they're not out-and-out white nationalists (the Minneapolis guy is). So that kind of undercuts the leadership. Also while I cringe at Biden, I think much of his cabinet will be semi-competent and maybe rebuild some sort of functionality of the executive branch. For the near term at least...
  8. The 50 game season won't happen, neither will 114. Both are kind of preposterous under the circumstances. But at least the owners have put prorated salaries back on the table. Just need to find the number of games to work for both and then we can get going.
  9. Since it's come up a lot on this thread, here's how one epidemiologist would deploy testing. I don't think most of the country has this kind of access to testing yet, and it may be more expensive than the $50 per test noted in the article. But by September it may be realistic.
  10. Reporting from Philly, the mayor actually said today he hates the Rizzo statue and it will be removed within a month. They bumped us up to a 6 pm curfew and cops are clearing streets even an hour before than. Just watched them set up a rolling detention center in front of my building. Like 100 cops, mostly on bicycle, swarmed in chasing a very benign "No justice, no peace" group of protesters. Most of the people scattered but a few got tackled and handcuffed. Detention vans sitting with doors open in case they swoop up anyone else. I need to walk the dog, guess I better do it before curfew. I was thinking they wouldn't fuck with me after dark just taking a dog to the park, but after seeing them in action I probably should reconsider.
  11. The players lose the most because the owners are much richer already and can easily pivot their moneymaking to some other area. They can keep the team and re-tool it as they wish whenever the game comes back, or they can sell the team for a profit when the time is right. Even in the depression, live sports TV rights are a valuable commodity. The players would still have a lot of negotiating leverage over the winter, but the hit they take from almost zero salary in 2020 will hurt. Not to mention the glut of minor leaguers who will need new careers if the stoppage drags into summer 2021. A lot of fans would say we're done with MLB, but if the 2021 spring weather comes around, along with maybe a working COVID vaccine, we will have a hard time not going back. A lot of places would probably have cheap season tix deals as an olive branch.
  12. A trend to keep an eye on -- police departments know their budgets are in jeopardy like every other city line item. So encouraging looting works in their favor because it looks like crime is out of control.
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