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  1. I stayed at Hilton Garden Inn which was perfect. It's still a decent walk to security. I also stayed at the Steigenberger which was nicer with a good bar/restaurant and is only a 5-minute free shuttle ride away.
  2. Rudolph kind of has to see this through. Garrett's career will be fine either way, Mason probably isn't long for the NFL and especially not if he lets an accusation like that float out there.
  3. Were they not trying to kill Hopper in the fight by the giant machine? But then they just decide to ship him to Siberia? Also, I had forgotten the final scene as described by wiki: "In Kamchatka, Russian guards are instructed to feed a prisoner, but "not the American", to a captive Demogorgon."
  4. So this is more like an Ole Miss football or SMU basketball where it's like, there's no way you're this good without cheating and sure enough they were (though SMU was kinda bullshit charges imo)
  5. The tweets above are helpful, but can someone dumb down for me what their advantage was? Is there a Cam Newton out there who obviously got them trophies they wouldn't have won otherwise? If it's just a matter of City secretly having more to spend on salaries, how would that not be obvious right away? Aren't all the salaries and transfer fees made public?
  6. I think Uber/Lyft has its own area now similar to the taxis, so you don't have to go to the garage and it's easier to find your paired vehicle. But I can't wait to hear people brag how they cabbed to MGM for $19 and walked across to NYNY to save $4.
  7. Girl Talk is skipping Philly, so it's the reverse phenomenon of when I lived in Dallas and would bitch that so many acts I wanted to see didn't come through. He's at Emo's on May 18 and Granada on May 19 (no Houston). So this has become an excuse for an anniversary trip to Toronto for a weekend. Hope this means he has new updated mashups coming out. I know that's not as much of a thing now as 10-15 years ago, but he was so good at it. And his producing/backing career for lesser rappers hasn't been that great
  8. AA seats are so bad half the time I end up reclined without even knowing it. Then the flight attendant has to raise her voice to get me to fix it for landing, and the person behind me is even more pissed off that I didn't realize what happened.
  9. Sometimes cashing in one huge rolls as a new player can be a curse. I know I just assumed those were pretty common after it happened at one of my first tables. Eventually I learned that you can go years without seeing a 50-60 minute roll, if you're like me an only play in Vegas one or two trips per year.
  10. Both are Urban Meyer recruits not that we all wouldn't have known it
  11. You need to read the whole account and/or learn the definition of rape. Howard Stern has a good take - if she says no just a few seconds before you finish, then you need to stop because it's rape. And he isn't saying that sarcastically. But this tOSU story is far worse than that.
  12. Nellie drops the fly ball that would have won the world series at Busch Stadium Blues eliminate Stars in double overtime last season, go on to win the cup And now this
  13. One of the main hooks for new fans was how open they would be with gambling info. Even Vegas can't do much without even seeing pre-season games. But I doubt there was a huge handle out there for these games
  14. Ah shit, Heard another fuckup on special teams
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