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  1. A teacher who lost family members to COVID, with a health care worker as catcher
  2. Concrete Cowboy was well done, if a bit predictable. Partially true story of urban horse riders in north Philadelphia facing land development one on side and neighborhood drugs/crime on the other. Idris Elba, Method Man, and the Stranger Things kid star. One review said it would have been better as a documentary, which is probably true. They actually do use a few real-life riders from the area, who give interviews over the end credits.
  3. Fuck COVID for having clubhouses still closed to media, would love to see the Philly and national media let loose on the Braves before the Saturday game. There might actually be some good takes.
  4. They could have issued a statement of disagreement, mention the economic impact and leave it at that. Leave out the bullshit about the voter rights "discussion" since they obviously would prefer nothing more be said, ever. And not use the term voting "opportunities" which sounds like a right wing dog whistle.
  5. Pathetic statement by the Braves. Keeping it in Atlanta would provide "a platform to enhance the discussion?" Sorry, Chipper, but MLB just enhanced the discussion on a national level. And they say voting "opportunities" instead of "rights"...I guess that's gonna be the euphemism now.
  6. They're a big "keep it in the family" school (same as Duke). Probably strong consideration for Steve Robinson or Hubert Davis from their current staff. Buzz Peterson and King Rice are former players still pretty successful at other schools. Somehow Larry Brown's name will be thrown in as well.
  7. Since we don't have a women's tourney topic... ICYMI - she suggested the NCAA stop testing for Final Four specifically because players who test positive should still be allowed to compete for the championship.
  8. Sorry I missed getting in this year. Ballsy pick of Ohio in the 1st round is rewarded
  9. As putrid as Buzbee obviously is, using Instagram is a great strategy. It's a one-way press conference whenever he wants, and the media have no choice but to at least acknowledge it now that cases have been filed.
  10. The board(s) have gotten better over time, but it's still deflating to see so many posters be like "what about the police report?!?" as if these women's lives would be anything but ruined if they went to law enforcement. Straight A college girls at good schools can't even get their (often female) campus counselors to move their cases forward. A female masseuse has no chance. I do agree with the Surly mob that the involvement of this particular lawyer casts doubt on everything. Seems like his office found the girls rather than the other way around.
  11. Due diligence in this high profile a situation means way more than just having some calls with LSU administrators.. Long was in the SEC for years. Word should have gotten to him about Miles' reputation, and quite likely did.
  12. According to the broadcast, City has broken the league record with 19 straight games without trailing on the scoreboard. Arsenal had an 18-game run in 1999. It seemed like the last couple years, just about every City goal was something to do with DeBruyne and/or Sterling, maayybe Jesus mixed in occasionally. But this year a bunch of guys who have been with the club have finally come to life. And the addition of Dias in the back was obviously huge, maybe the key to the whole resurgence.
  13. Bartles


    Another good show IMO. The final sketch, with Jonas and McKinnon flirting at the bar, is one the SNL haters would probably make exhibit A why the show is awful, but it's exactly why I still love it. Not the funniest sketch of the night or anything, but it's just silly and uncomfortable and the cast doesn't care, they have fun with it.
  14. Champions Classic chumps go 4-0 on Saturday against decent competition: UKY over Tenn / MSU over Indiana / Kansas over Tech / Duke over Virginia
  15. Bartles

    USWNT 2021

    Lavelle off the bench gets the lone goal in the 79th minute, 1-0 USA vs Brazil (former coach Sundhage) on Sunday
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