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  1. I'm sure they are aware of these regulations, and probably already well into lobbying their way around them as MLB has done. NFL probably doesn't even have to make a phone call about it. Even CFB teams can point out there will be no interaction with the community (other than the game, which is a bit problematic but whatever)
  2. Paulding HS will be the Miami Marlins of education...lessons in what not to do
  3. I'm not sure why people get really irked by posts suggesting mild optimism. I know every hopeful point I make in favor of sports being successful has legit rebuttals. College football is trying to move forward in 2020 America. Unions and adequate health care or testing aren't happening. There's no financial support to wait for vaccines. There will continue to be outbreaks. But there is a much higher than zero chance that in January, at least four major conference will produce a champion who has played 9-10 games and CFP will be able to hold a quasi-bubbled playoff that 30 million people will watch on TV. Sorry if that line of thinking ticks people off. I am not dismissing COVID and truly feel awful for those who have suffered personal losses and sickness. My posts on Texan/CR are more in that vain. But of the football board, I do actually think it's possible we have a season.
  4. Looks like they picked the wrong year to go independent. Half their schedule had already bailed on them. They probably could have kept the Liberty and Army games, otherwise they'd have been fishing for FCS opponents. Ironically one of the safest COVID areas in the nation at the moment. This isn't a warning sign for any other schools doing the same, unless they're just broke
  5. Can't imagine there's much money in United Soccer League (traveling and allowing fans in some venues), Major League Lacrosse, Women's Pro Soccer League, World Team Tennis or the lower division European soccer leagues. I think it's instructive to look at the lower budget operations because they can't lock down as strictly and they can't test as frequently as the big time leagues. There have been plenty of problems but no one has abandoned ship at this point.
  6. Pretty much every US and world sport that has attempted to come back has gone through this pattern: Skepticism before re-start; Early COVID flare-ups intensify skepticism; Protocols followed or tightened; Play resumes; Flare-ups decrease NHL, NBA and especially MLB can't take any victory laps just yet. But lots of international leagues and smaller US ventures have successfully completed their seasons. Quite a few traveling around, not in bubbles. Football, especially college, has by far the toughest task due to roster size and physical demands. But we're still in the skepticism phase, they haven't really locked in protocols yet or even set the schedule. I'm not exactly optimistic but far from giving up.
  7. CSU story is disgusting. Addazio may be a Gundy type?
  8. Yeah, I've been encouraged looking at the Dallas numbers but there's no way they're accurate given the rapid drops, mixed with occasional large increases. What sucks is they could have just been honest and it would still likely be decent news. I think the best we can say is much of Texas is now well past the peak, for the summer wave anyway.
  9. Bartles

    XFL: The sequel

    SOLD! For $15 million to an invest group including...
  10. Maybe I'm underreacting, but I think we barely hear a word of the players' revolt a month from now. Athlete rights issues will play out eventually, as they were doing anyway. But the near future is all about the dance with coronavirus.
  11. The revenue and NIL aren't really negotiable unless the NCAA, and maybe local legislators, acknowledge that those are even in play. That's a huge ask in itself, even before they talk about specific numbers. That's not happening in the next couple weeks. Six year medical benefits probably doesn't even get on the docket for state of California governing bodies (state govt, UC and CSU systems). The fact the season is hanging by such a thin thread anyway makes it even less likely the conference would make any major changes based on these demands.
  12. If those players hold firm, that pretty much means no Pac-12 football. The NIL and 50% revenue distribution would be tough to legally pull off on short notice even if the league agreed, which of course they won't. Those are NCAA things, so we all know how that will be received. Best the league can do is agree to negotiate, say yes to the easy ones like black players committee, and "hold discussions" on all the others.
  13. Bartles

    2020 MLB thread

    The Cardinals turned out to be one player and three staff FWIW. But now they PPD their entire Brewers series to be safe. I guess the Cards will be on daily tests like PHI/MIA last week. Hopefully we at least learned the Indians and Twins aren't necessarily in danger for having played them recently.
  14. I'm pretty sure it's a couple days before a person becomes infectious. Guess it's possible whatever was on his clothes or body jumped onto you in your hug. Of course there's any number of other possibilities in our daily lives, even if we're being careful. Best wishes to BearSchlong and Xian and your families. We appreciate the updates here.
  15. Interesting nugget from the Athletic article on Big 12 schedule options: Coaches/ADs are saying they should schedule more than 10 games in case they need to cancel any, which in itself isn't a great look as they're suggesting we'll just step over the bodies during an outbreak and try again next week. But the real motivation might be, as usual, making sure they can cash the checks.
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