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  1. I remember siding with & repping BradATX in some of the early cloak room COVID threads. I got a temp ban from posting (like 12 hours) for making some sort of indirect anti-Trump reference on this thread. I know 2020 was an American disaster story. The Tuscaloosa postgame superspreader-celebration is nauseating. But overall, sports are one of the few COVID bright spots, and that has been my main point. Again, highlighting major schools was to show if we make the investment, we can navigate this crisis and preserve some normalcy. And quite a few posters in this thread deserved the
  2. Fuck outta here with that. I said from when I started posting the percentages it was only between two Power 5 teams. I acknowledged the lesser funded G5 teams would have more problems, and they did, all the way through to the bowls. A quick glance shows 13 bowls (inc. CFP) between P5 teams were played and four were canceled. So 4 out of 17 is nowhere near "half of them were canceled" if we're being "intellectually honest". As far as focusing on power teams...I posted a lot on this subject regarding pandemic sports in general. The theme was always: spend the money, do adequate testing
  3. I didn't update the stats for bowls because so many of there was so much mixing & matching, and some schools opting out despite not having COVID issues. We all know the New Year's 6 plus the championship went off fine. Guess we should start the "College Football in 2021 in Danger?" thread...people will be freaking out soon enough about schools scrapping their spring games
  4. Daniel Dale said the crying patriot in the airport video was mad about being forced to wear a mask, not being on the no-fly list. Said the original Tik Tok post was about a mask. Probably true because I don't think he'd be all the way to the gate and still walking around freely if he was on a no-fly list.
  5. Holly Rowe is off the broadcast with COVID. Said she's having some symptoms but doing OK. Cancer survivor, hope she gets through this without incident
  6. Bama should agree to the delay if OSU agrees Fields won't play
  7. LOL I posted about this in the Amazon Prime thread like an idiot. And I also got the town name wrong like an idiot which is why I missed this thread. Anyway, we watched three episodes and it's OK but not really that compelling. I suspect they are hoping the 6-man concept grabs viewers due to the novelty, but the games just look like regular football when they show highlights. It's also notable for Craig Way posing as their radio PBP which is obviously impossible for those of us who know. But of course he does a great job describing the action.
  8. OK now the SMU women's team has decided to cancel their season. You know, the squad that's 0-6 and tried hard to get their coach fired last year for being blatantly abusive? (But we did love Travis in the BMW days) Sorry, but when I see women's teams having player votes to cancel that tells me they don't see any upside in getting screamed at by shitty coaches while having to quarantine for four months. Men's teams have TV exposure and so many players who think they can get pro deals so they stick it out. I mainly think college athletes REALLY want to play their sports, and most know
  9. I never listen to enough full albums, but did grab & enjoy these in 2020: Fontaines D.C. - A Hero's Death Bartees Strange - Live Forever Boy Harsher - Careful Orville Peck - Show Pony (EP) Frank Ene - No Longer (EP) I trust the buzz on Taylor Swift and Sturgill, just haven't gotten to them yet
  10. This might be in FB or recruiting, but The Texas 6 is an all-access type show on the Strahm Greyhounds (halfway between Fort Worth and Abilene). Two episodes in, it's mildly entertaining. I can't help compare it to Last Chance U, which has way better characters to choose from given people's ages. The main weird thing to me is Craig Way calling the games, which I assume was taped after the fact. I always wonder if Last Chance U recorded the radio stuff in post, some of the commentary is just too on-the-nose with the off field narrative. In this case, it's more like it's impossible for Crai
  11. I agree Pederson's play calling took a side turn at 14-3 and never recovered. But Dallas did a good job on Hurts, not letting him escape up the middle of the pocket as he has the last couple weeks. Eagles are just decimated with injuries on both sides. Fletcher Cox leaving early pretty much ended this one. (Not that it matters but the kicker Elliott has been ass, that played into not taking the FG on 4th-15) For the future, who knows what they'll do but it will be hard not to make Hurts the starter in the summer. Wentz trade value is putrid, like maybe a 5th rounder and we still have a hu
  12. If WBB was more talked about, there would be people pointing out the Duke women were not ranked and had just lost by 25 to Louisville in their ACC opener. Would they have pulled the plug if they had their usual top 10-15 squad? The school statement indicates this was a players' decision, although they have had no known positive tests among players (it was two staff members that caused them to shut down last week). I'm curious to read follow up on this if it ever gets written.
  13. This is the block that has Dick's Last Resort AND Hooters Some folks will need a plan C for Christmas dinner
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