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  1. It would be hard to handle one of those really thick, heavy ones if you have greasy hands. Something, something, South Austin’s Mom
  2. Here is one of my two slabs of beef ribs I did yesterday on the Kamado Joe. Struggled with temp control a bit, but they ate well anyway.
  3. From Sr year of high school through four years and a summer of college I drove a 1981 CJ7 Laredo, with the 304 V8 and 4 speed manual. I totaled it summer of my Jr year, my dad bought the wreck from the insurance company and we rebuilt it. In the rebuild, it got an Edelbrock manifold, and Holley carburetor, dual short glass packs with side outlets right in front of the back wheels, and a brand new black paint job. It was almost better than new. Awesome college vehicle. I would love a brand new JL Unlimited today.
  4. I got the most info from Netjets. They can structure a contract/fractional ownership any number of ways, based on the number of hours a year you estimate you would use the service. Netjets is the largest service. More hours per year, the cost per hour goes down, but not dramatically. Lotta in, lotta outs, lotta what have yous, but like a guy told me one time it’s really expensive to fly 500 mph.
  5. Figure $5000/hr. See if that fits your budget. I’ve actually been looking into the same thing for my company.
  6. Did the pilots of the A320 in Pakistan put the plane down on the runway with the gear up (engines only touching), try to go around, then the engines failed, and they crashed killing all aboard?
  7. That’s the way I felt as well. I completed my degree plan with a summer farewell tour with an extra couple of courses. So I officially finished in August after a glorious summer. By the following May I had zero interest in attending commencement. Now thirtyish years later, I kind of miss having had that experience. I’m insisting my UT junior daughter (no pics) go through the ceremony so we can all have that.
  8. /CSB/ It’s a long story but in the early ‘80’s while I was in high school my dad had a 1/2 ton suburban that we pulled the 350 V8 out of, and dropped in a 4 cylinder turbo-diesel. We made it work, and it pulled the trailer ok, but the 40 miles per gallon selling point was really more like 17 mpg. There were lots of problems with the conversion but low end torque wasn’t one. A lasting effect of that deal was an overdrive unit that bolted onto the back of the GM transmission. He kept that thing thru two more suburbans after that.
  9. Hammock in the great outdoors after the kids are asleep.
  10. Older travel trailers: With the exception of AirStream and a few others, travel trailers are thrown together with particle board, veneer, plastic, thin crappy sheet metal and aluminum. Running gear (tires, brakes, wheel bearings, springs) needs thoroughly checked out. HVAC and electrical needs checked out. Refrigerator and plumbing and bathroom stuff needs a close look. In wintertime in northern climes need to make sure you have adequate heat underneath to keep from freezing the pipes. Water leaks, rotted particleboard panels, poor/rotted flooring etc. We had a 23 foot trailer that was barely big enough for my dad, brother and I to go on a two night fishing trip without killing each other. That trailer had all the aforementioned issues at one time or other. I lived in that dadgum thing over the summer before college while I was working in the oil patch. Kitchen amenities aren’t exactly like what you have at home, so cooking three meals a day for a family of five maybe a challenge. Trailer repair at RV centers is stupid expensive so be sure to include some time and money budget for that kind of stuff. When you’re out on the road and have an issue they kind of have you by the short hairs. Otherwise, sounds like a great trip, and I’m always up for an adventure. Mishaps are all part of the deal, kids will remember the trip the rest of their lives.
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