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  1. How far can Trout really hit a baseball?
  2. This isn’t as much of a deal anymore. I agree that I remember the same. Many, if not most, valve companies are bringing forgings and castings in from China for machining and assembly in the US. Amazing the amount of oilfield stuff nowadays with “Made in China” on the tag.
  3. At some point we’re all going to stop paying attention to these new cases / hospitalization #’s, right? They’ll just carry on at about the same level as long as the vaccination % is less that say 75 or 80%, and nobody will care anymore. Any odds on the highest vaccination % achieved in Texas by say, Labor Day? and then we’re done with all this BS.
  4. Obvious fact is obvious. Thanks Captain.
  5. Straw is an inadequate replacement for Springer.
  6. This weekend series (and this thread) with its ups and downs and UPS is what makes baseball great. Close these guys out in 7.
  7. Yes this center field camera angle blows.
  8. Give your mom a hug for Mother’s Day from the Surly.
  9. Ole Miss mud-holing aggy just before we play. All good.
  10. So what was the final score last night?
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