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  1. I have a buddy that flies for the AF reserve, F-16's, and he's done a few flyovers. Fairly extensive mission planning goes into it, including getting the timing right to arrive over the stadium at the moment the national anthem ends. They have a post mission report, that includes if the were early, late or on time, and they get graded on it. There's some amount of coordination with the artist performing the national anthem, and a spotter in the stadium./CSB
  2. This. Somebody mentioned before about a step up from Whataburger, this is Sams for me. These are not your upscale, designer burgers with emu, buffalo, eel patties, just good ole beef, with jalapeños and bacon, or chili. Good crisp crinkle cut fries.
  3. Sam’s on North Gessner has always been a favorite. Not convenient to me anymore so haven’t been in a few years.
  4. I kind of like listening to Pedro Martinez. He says Astros all the way tomorrow. 1-0 today. Let’s go win one tomorrow. Let’s Go Astros, clap...clap...clapclapclap
  5. Dude. drpepperfansvillejinxad.gif
  6. He pulled all the right strings today. 1-0 today. Let’s do it again tomorrow.
  7. I'll second this. Been going there for 40 years. Double meat / double cheese, with chips and a coke, sitting on cases of cokes along the wall.
  8. Now it’s time to light these guys up.
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