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  1. Parking lot is not full but come on...
  2. I'm in Fulshear almost every weekend. This is great news, I'll be back to Dozier's for sure. It had kind of fallen out of the rotation for a while.
  3. It was perfectly clear in her mind what she meant.
  4. Maybe they can get that car fixed up, so he can drive this weekend.
  5. Sorry (not sorry) Lowell G is not feeling well.
  6. Glad to be watching some baseball on LHN.
  7. csb/ My Dad lived in the Goodall Wooten in the early '60's and ate every meal (supposedly) at Night Hawk on the corner of MLK (19th Street according to him) and Guadalupe. When we were kids in the '70's, we would stop there for lunch on our way traveling through Austin.
  8. My favorite blizzard is a chocolate custard w/ peanut butter & brownie concrete from Freddie's Steakburgers & Frozen Custard. Haven't had a DQ blizzard in 25 years or so. It was m&m back in the day though.
  9. csb/ Buddy of mine was driving his Tahoe down the Katy Freeway in Houston years ago. Heavy traffic, stop & go, etc. Guy behind him obviously impatient, waving his arms and tailgating. My buddy had to stop suddenly, guy behind runs into the back of the Tahoe, where the trailer hitch went right through his radiator, but the Tahoe bumper itself was undamaged. Impatient guy's radiator is quickly draining it's lifeblood onto the inside lane of the freeway. My buddy gets out, surveys the scene, looks at the guy, and says "sorry chief, looks like you're having a shitty day", got back in his Tahoe and left the scene. /csb
  10. I just remember that my kids all slept better at night as soon as we started feeding a little something solid. Hell, the third kid, we just poured the Cheerios out on the floor and let her crawl around and eat them. First kid, not so much.
  11. My kitchen staff prefers the full.
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