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  1. How the fuck does he know I like white orchids.
  2. Are they being held captive? Is the next pic of them holding today’s newspaper?
  3. Headline: Curious George Decision You’re welcome, Geoff Ketchum.
  4. I figured Wallace and Black were better than George solely because Baylor was prioritizing them over George. That is now out the door. But Wallace and Black, if we can get them, are not consolation prizes. But that is apparently a big if.
  5. THUJONE last won the day on July 27, 2021.
  6. It’s all ESPN’s fault. Liucci definitely has no issue cloaking things up.
  7. Ann Richards, State Senator, Baylor and more realignment word jumble. Because if you use those words no one can argue against you.
  8. Not sure how you get better than Kansas State, Iowa State and Texas Tech. The Harvards of their respective immediate areas.
  9. He’s essentially telling us someone is controlling him. On account that every single thing they accuse others of, they are actually doing. So which rich conservative is telling him what to say.
  10. We are currently on surlyhorns and not shaggybevo. We should have seen it coming.
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