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  1. Just depends on if he wants certain kids from TX when a lot of kids are going to be wanting to go to USC now. If he closes the CA borders, he can sprinkle in some FL and TX kids. I can see Campbell being a priority but I’m guessing the kids OU got from TX and those they were recruiting might not be in their plans. It will be interesting to see if Carrington stays and wants to go after some big fish that are committed to other schools. Right now, we don’t have anyone in the top 10 committed, so they might go after others.
  2. Seems like he could have picked his job in the NFL over the last two years. This seems like he just wants the big contract in a decent place to live.
  3. His five star recruits for the next two years are all from FL and CA. This was an incredibly smart move by him.
  4. He seems to recruit everywhere but Texas these days.
  5. From that article: A win against Apple Valley would give Murphy potentially two more games to conclude his Serra career, but he’s focusing on the present, first.
  6. Murphy throws a dart for a 23 yard TD.
  7. The next HC will be the guy that coaches the bowl game. He will be the one after that.
  8. Serra just scored on a short run to start the 2nd half. 23-3.
  9. 4th loss is going to cost them more incoming payroll.
  10. Fuck Bama for giving these assholes a lifeline.
  11. He quoted some Kant. A little Socrates. And surprisingly Wendy Williams. It was hard to make out.
  12. This better not be too much time on the clock. Fuck Seth Small.
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