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  1. Agree. Obviously there's no way to differentiate in a case like this, but outdoor transmission by itself just doesn't seem to be much of a thing.
  2. Yup mine came back faster than promised/expected as well. I'm assuming they are stating the worst-case scenario to set expectations.
  3. Agree for the most part, quantity of tests and lab capacity shouldn't be a limiting factor at all at this point, and apparently they are. But why do people keep saying we have no contact tracing in place? We do. They traced me after I came into contact with a positive-case. I went and got tested the next day for both active infection and antibodies. (I was negative for both) It's quite likely not "optimal" but you specifically stated that you felt we should have "at least some even if it's not optimal." We do.
  4. utee94

    Formula One 2020

    Yes it's weird for sure. Doubly weird I think, since we already had the run-up to the first race, and then it was canceled last-minute, and then everything went crazy and everything else got canceled and that was all 3.5 months ago. But, I'll still take it.
  5. Wait, are you suggesting that messages limited to 280 characters are a poor way of communicating the nuances of public health and safety during a global pandemic?
  6. Same, and I sometimes added in a little of the BBQ sauce.
  7. I guess you missed it, but brad and acho are the ones who were bitching about his crazed comments. I was questioning why they seemed surprised. Maybe, if you don't like me commenting on it, you can just put me on ignore? Thanks in advance.
  8. I mean, you guys understand he's just a complete troll, right? It seems like some of you give him a pass, I guess because he makes comments that are in favor of "your team" in other forums on this website? I don't go over there, so I wouldn't really know, and shit like this is precisely why I don't go over there. He may seem politically aligned with your chosen world view, but in reality, he's just a jackass and a troll. I'm not sure how you might have missed that over the years...
  9. I hope she and her family turn out okay, as well as her friend in critical condition. And yes, I'll add my anecdotal evidence on mask wearing-- it's definitely up in the places I've been in Austin and Cedar Park. Austin had probably dipped down to 75% a couple of weeks ago, but it's at or near 100% at this point. And Cedar Park was probably around 30% on a good day, a couple of weeks ago. Now it's over 80% and the city (like most other Austin suburbs) has now issued mandatory mask orders. I think the recent increases in cases and hospitalizations are driving at least some of this behavior.
  10. More like licking the bottom of the aggy jizz jar.
  11. In all fairness, it was an actual thing somebody here said happened back in the early days of the Coronas. It's probably on Page 5 or 10 of this very thread. I was joking a little bit and alluding to that. I will definitely believe that a lot of people in those ZIP codes that are obviously being hit the hardest in Centex, either don't have options, or don't know they might have options, to get testing. But I also think that pretty much anyone actually posting on this message board, has a lot of options, and likely knows how to make use of them. The first discussion should be with your doctor. They're paid to look out for your health. People above the age of 22 that don't have an active relationship with a primary care physician, really need to get one.
  12. Uhhhh. Yeah. Nobody sane is flying to Colorado to get a test...
  13. You are correct that I didn't see that. I don't see how it would work out though. If your doctor prescribes the test for you, you can get the test. Anyone that feels they have been exposed and wants to get the test, should talk to your doctor, and ask them to prescribe the test. Alternatively, fly to Colorado to get the test.
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