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  1. This is all true. In fact most travel trailer manufacturers specifically advise against it, and will void your warranty if you do it. Still-- lots of people do it. Lots of people do lots of stuff...
  2. Oh I definitely wouldn't advise towing another trailer behind a pop-up. I assumed he wanted it for a bike carrier or hitch-mounted cargo carrier. Still, I don't have an answer. The only ones I've ever seen are for 4" square tube bumpers, as well.
  3. It's not my place to call it. We all know who...
  4. Well it looks like COVID is over, guess we can kill this thread!
  5. You keep saying that without any supporting data whatsoever... You're accusing others of not having any supporting data-- yet you're doing the exact same thing.
  6. Without robust contract tracing, that study is rather useless. Throw in kids largely being asymptomatic and how the hell can glean anything meaningful. Why are you asserting there is not sufficient contract tracing within the schools? You're going to have to cite your source on that. In my experience for my kids' schools, it's completely opposite.
  7. Yup. It's kind of a long-standing topic of friendly disagreement among Mustang owners. I prefer the smaller bodies of the 65/66, but if someone threw a 67/68 in my lap I wouldn't turn it down. In college I had a 1983 GLX convertible. Just the 6-banger. It was a fun car, certainly not a classic like the first generation.
  8. I figure the surly collective will know-- I've always wanted a 1965/66 Mustang convertible. 289. I'd like to buy it weekend-driver ready, but it doesn't need to be a show car. So... any idea how much would something like that cost these days? And, where's the best place to look for it?
  9. That sucks. We have three large, mature Mexican fan palms around our pool and they all seem to be okay.
  10. I've read you need to cut away the mush on plants like the agave, and try to protect the center from any further freezing, by covering. The mush can rot and grow other bad stuff on it (mold?) that will harm whatever good part is still left. Our sago palms usually come back bigger than ever after we have enough of a freeze to turn their fronds yellow, after we cut them back. Of course, they've never gone through such a deep freeze that lasted 6 days before either, obviously. You can go ahead and cut off all the bad yellow fronds and also this will be a good opportunity to remove any pu
  11. I think that was the MArathon. I read a lot about how the Chinese-produced ones were total garbage. At some point, I think they were also manufacturing some of them in Canada, and those were said to be better. I've run Carlisle on my boats and RVs and never had any issues with them, but I still like the idea of moving up to 16" wheels for more options.
  12. My wife just got the second Moderna shot this this morning. As far as we know she never had COVID, so if she's going to have any issues, we'd expect it from shot#2. Her first one caused no issues at all, only a little mild pain at the injection site on day2. She's a PT doing outpatient physical therapy in close contact with patients all day, every day, so I'm glad she got hers. I work from home with very few risk factors, so I'm happy to wait until more critical folks have had theirs.
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