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  1. Good Lord I hated F1 at Indy. Just a beating. Anyway, we've gotten several more years of F1 in Austin than I originally thought we would back when it was announced about a decade ago. But that doesn't mean I don't want more.
  2. Also,. don't forget the manservant. He has... responsibilities... as well.
  3. I like how they call it their Vienna-style German lager. Uhhh......
  4. Celis is releasing a Vienna-style lager named "Beer Hall."
  5. Belgian beer is best beer. It is known.
  6. Beware those fat little girlfriends.
  7. Yeah I definitely wished the ozzy V8s had run the full course, and I know that I'd wish the same for NASCAR.
  8. No kidding. Almost makes me wish we had a beer thread!
  9. I've always found all of The Outfield Play Deep to be very listenable. "Taking My Chances" is probably the weakest song, but it's not a bad song.
  10. utee94

    Port Aransas

    We'll be there 10/9-10/13, so if the weather gets crappy, you'll know who to blame.
  11. 1) Miller Clear 2) Coors Artic Ice 3) Duff Dry
  12. Thanks. I figured the ACC too but didn't know for sure and didn't want to make an incorrect statement.
  13. SEC and B12 have soft schedules for either 12/12 or 12/19, and I would be surprised if those don't end up on the latter day, just accounting for postponements throughout the season. Additionally there's the thought that longer layoffs between CCG and bowls/playoff games are bad for team momentum, so the SEC and B12 wouldn't want to give the B1G an advantage of having played more recently when the CFP rolls around.
  14. Definitely agree on selling now, and buying back in a year or two from now, being a decent way to make some money. But then I wouldn't have my trailer and wouldn't be having all that fun and making those memories in the interim. However, I'll probably go ahead and do that on our aging boat that has troubles mounting, I can likely sell it now for a lot more than I will be able to in a year, even with its current "challenges." As far as quality issues with "COVID-manufactured" trailers, I don't think anyone should worry too much about that. Even on their best days, the most trustworthy manufacturers still have issues. You just have to understand the nature of the market, have some basic skills so you needn't rely entirely on the service departments, and have a little bit of a sense of humor about it. When things fail on the RV, it often turns out to be a funny story when retold over the campfire years later. When things fail on a boat, on the other hand...
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