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  1. There are some Sam Adams beers I like, mostly their winter seasonals. I like the Winter Lager, the Old Fezziweg, and the Holiday Porter. I usually get a case of their winter variety pack for our annual Christmas party, to appease the masses. Of course, the one thing that never gets consumed is that Chocolate Bock. I swear I probably have about 14 of those sitting at the back of my beer fridge, from the last 4-5 years of Christmas parties.
  2. I still get the 1554 from time to time, reminds me of beers I had in Brussels 25 years ago. I like the Abbey Dubbel but rarely see it around. La Folie is good but lots of local folks doing great work in this category.
  3. Fine. Texas is better than program X. Where X represents all other programs in the history of mankind that currently, or have ever, played collegiate football, at any level. That fix it for you?
  4. utee94

    Truck Nuts

    Wow, my experience is the opposite, my wife had one when we got married and it's by far the most reliable and trustworthy vehicle I've ever owned. When it got to be about 15 years old we sold it and bought a Toyota, which has been among the biggest POS dumpster fires I've ever owned. Never doing that again.
  5. utee94

    Truck Nuts

    Honda Accord is the most sensible car you could possibly buy. But zero fun at all.
  6. This year my wife wants to do some turkey legs too. She has this person at work that sells them every so often, they're smoked for a while but then wrapped in foil with fresh garlic cloves and other herbs, and cooked the remainder of the way in that style. When they pull them out of the foil, they give them a quick strike to the table (skinny part down) and all of the meat just shivers off the bone into a pile on the foil. Then they re-wrap and hand them over to you. They are freaking unbelievable, so I'm going to try my hand at that this year and see how it works out. I'll probably also smoke a duck while I'm at it, the pit's so big it's a shame to fire it up and not use all the capacity.
  7. Same here. And we haven't done an oven-roasted turkey in... a decade maybe? Always fried and BBQ, I vastly prefer that over oven baked.
  8. I really dislike crowds, I'm sure I have some sort of actual phobia, so I go to fewer and fewer concerts as I've gotten older. So I see concert behavior as sort of a series of snapshots in time rather than a continuous input. And I can say that every time I go to a concert, I notice more talking than the last time. It's definitely more noticeable at clubs and smaller venues than in massive arenas, but I've been really surprised in recent years about how much, and how loudly, people talk during a concert. I saw Bob Schneider at Antone's a couple of months back, and was pretty shocked at the constant hum of chatter in the crowd. I have no idea why people pay so much money to see a show, and then don't listen to it. And they're not just ruining their own experience, they're ruining it for everyone else around them.
  9. utee94

    Truck Nuts

    Gonna burn a hole in your pocket!
  10. utee94

    Formula 1 2019

    Lewis has said as much in the past. That is, when he's not talking about people avoiding Max because he's dangerous.
  11. You can probably go around almost any BBQ place and ask them for 5 gallon pickle buckets and get them for free. We always had a dozen lying around our restaurant waiting to be taken out.
  12. Probably about time to revive this thread. Gonna do our typical one smoked, one fried. Hosting at my house this year so it makes the cooking easier with no need to transport. @Baboontyme Looks like you're doing dry brine, how'd that work out? Standard wet brine works great for me but I'm always open to simpler alternatives...
  13. Yeah in the wide shots, the granstands were all completely empty. Like, 100% empty. But it looked like a dozen or so collected on the bridges at any given time, which would be a cool view since we're not allowed there during other racing series.
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