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  1. Man, I just checked KBB on my 2015 F150 and the average trade-in value is $3K over what I pad for it almost 3 years ago. That's... something else. But of course, then I'd need a replacement, and I'd be yet another buyer in this seller's market.
  2. NWS vs. The Forcefield in a Cage Match. Tuesday Tuesday TUESDAY! You'll pay for the whole seat but you'll only need the front half...
  3. I mean, I'm always thinking about boobies, but what does that have to do with tornadoes in Oklahoma?
  4. This one looks pretty slick. I'd be pretty darn happy to have had something like this as a graduation gift: https://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale/vehicledetails.xhtml?listingId=582699918&maxPrice=30000&priceRange=&makeCodeList=JEEP&modelCodeList=WRANGLER&city=Cedar Park&state=TX&zip=78613&location=[object Object]&incremental=all&relevanceConfig=default&searchRadius=50&marketExtension=include&isNewSearch=false&showAccelerateBanner=false&sortBy=relevance&numRecords=25&dma=&listingTypes=USED&referrer=
  5. We've only had ours for a year and bought it with only 15K miles on it, so I haven't had to do any work on it yet. There are some longtime Jeepers around that can probably better answer your questions. Only thing I've done is added a winch when I replaced the stock front bumper, and I wired it through the engine compartment and onto the battery. There's decent room to move around in there, at least compared to some of the passenger cars I've worked on.
  6. Heh... not sure "Jeep" and "safety" are words that go particularly well together, under any circumstances. That said, the 2-door models have the shorter wheelbase but are still high profile boxes, so they're probably less safe from a tipping/rollover standpoint. As you can probably figure out from looking, the Rubicon is the most expensive trim package, and it includes things like push-button wheel lockers and sway bar disconnect, which is REALLY convenient for offroad rock crawling but not all that necessary for a highway vehicle. Sahara is also a more expensive trim package, aim
  7. Jeeps are fun. My best friend in high school had an old CJ5 Renegade and we did some crazy things. The good news is they tend to hold their value well. The bad news is, they tend to hold their value well, so "good deals on used Jeeps" are hard to come by. I haven't been checking prices recently, but I imagine it's even worse right now, with pandemic/supply chain issues driving up the prices on everything from luxury items to building raw materials. Basic question-- are you thinking 2-door or 4-door (aka "Unlimited")?
  8. Buddy Davis? I thought you were talking about Buddy Guy...
  9. Same here, 10:45 this morning. I'm hoping for minimal symptoms 'cause I've got stuff to do.
  10. I wish they'd keep it as their primary livery.
  11. Thanks. I was comparing it to pulling the hard top, which isn't all that difficult since I have a hoist, but it's not something we can do in the HEB parking lot. Anyway it's purchased and en route, I'll probably install next week, and then I'll report back.
  12. Still not as easy as when we hand them the complete detailed design documents, ask them to build it for us, and then tell them-- oh, and no copying, okay? I'm an electrical engineer who has worked in semiconductors and computer manufacturing for 25 years. We literally just hand them our IP in these fields.
  13. Shocked.. I fully expect them to hack our IP and have a Mrna soon. I'm certain they're already trying. But it won't be as easy as it is when they steal our technology IP, which American companies basically just hand over to the Chinese government when they agree to have their products manufactured in China, by Chinese ODMs.
  14. And yay-- it's finally time for Monaco. I'll go ahead and state my annual reminder that Monaco runs a little different, with P1 and P2 on Thursday, nothing on Friday, and then P3 and qualy on Saturday and the race on Sunday as usual. SESSIONS DATE TIME Free Practice 1 Thu May 20th 04:00 AM Free Practice 2 Thu May 20th 08:00 AM Free Practice 3 Sat May 22nd 05:00 AM Qualifying
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