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  1. Had some of that on T-day, it was quite tasty.
  2. Indeed, RIP sir Frank.
  3. Their starting quarterback managed to throw three interceptions against... Kent State. I'm not sure Calzone was a downgrade. Definitely this. In 2020, they all thought it was THEIR year because they had a veteran QB, a veteran o-line, and reasons to believe they had a decent defense returning. And they were right. Sure it was a weird COVID year, but they still had a good season. But somehow, despite knowing that 2020 was going to be a peak and that 2021 should be a step back based on all of the offensive losses, they somehow managed to convince themselves that their "top 4" finish in 2020, meant they had successfully climbed the ladder, and 2021 was just inevitably going to be even better. Winning the SEC and making the CFP were now a foregone conclusion. The total disconnect between those expectations, and the reality of what their team lost in the off-season, was baffling. And so, here we are.
  4. Don't forget the Pedo State loss, too, which is always a good thing!
  5. There's no way we get an ag loss and a sooner loss on the same day, is there? It would be a Thanksgiving Miracle!
  6. "I'm not dead yet... I feel happy..."
  7. LSU oline gave up about halftime.
  8. Alabama also had close calls against bad Auburn and Florida teams, and they lost to completely mediocre ags. This is not your father's Alabama.
  9. Buck up, camper. Pedo State lost and that's always a good thing.
  10. Well Texas' 2021 record is about equal to LSU's, is that close enough for you?
  11. Similarly, it seems like one of those ugly games the ogre gets into and sneaks out a win.
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