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  1. I like how Bernie isn't even a Democrat but him and his are continually lecturing Democrats about being Democrats.
  2. Ha ha NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)—In an apparently successful attempt to get under the skin of Donald Trump, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has purchased Greenland from Denmark. In an official statement released on Tuesday, the Prime Minister of Denmark, Mette Frederiksen, would not disclose the price that Bloomberg paid for Greenland but indicated that it was an “all-cash offer.” “Mr. Bloomberg has a lot of money,” Frederiksen added. News of Bloomberg’s purchase of Greenland reportedly infuriated Trump, who immediately ordered his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to make an offer to buy the Faroe Islands from Denmark. https://www.newyorker.com/humor/borowitz-report/bloomberg-enrages-trump-by-buying-greenland
  3. If a delegate is supporting another candidate, what is Bern going to offer them to switch?
  4. Yeah, this is how it's done. At a brokered convention, every candidate is going to be doing something similar, even (gasp!) Bernie. That's what it's called a "brokered" convention.
  5. What's interesting is Biden's poll numbers. He's underperformed at every step here and he's still showing +15% in a lot of polls. Assuming his underperformance holds, where do those numbers go?
  6. Their GOTV is basically old retired white people who always vote. There is no way in hell Bern is even competitive in FL.
  7. All of Bloomberg's staff have contracts dating to the election regardless of the nominee.
  8. That's the concern and we need a candidate that can put other states in play. The hope and prayer with Bern is turnout among people who have never or rarely voted and that's a risky proposition.
  9. Netflix’s “Explained” has a most excellent episode about billionaires and what that really means. (Cuban and Bern are in it.). To your point, people don’t realize what a billion really means. Cuban even jokes about being worth $5B and running into people who are far richer than him. If the average American really understood how the real billionaires live, there would be a riot in the streets.
  10. Most of the billionaire set are surrounded by yes men staff. For the last 20 years, Bloomberg prolly sat around and said “You know what the problem with the Mexicans and the blacks....” and everyone around him would nod and say “You are correct, sir. Brilliant observation.”
  11. I forget that Bern is an underrated debater. Not flashy but he doesn't chase squirrels. Always stays on topic. Warren is the best political athlete up there and the best life story. Had she been more moderate instead of becoming a caricature of herself, she'd have won this.
  12. If you just had a daughter, you'll be taking her to concerts for the Taylor Swift of the day 15 years from now. Hell, it might still be Taylor Swift.
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