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  1. In all fairness, the 97 version hid in a closet while Lawrence Phillips beat his girlfriend.
  2. How Adams was never a Dothraki extra on GOT is one of life's great mysteries.
  3. He's also younger than you think. Only 27. His offensive game is limited but he's massive, can move, defend and rebound very well. Almost never hurt, too.
  4. Is taking a picture of themselves while driving with Oakley's a mating call to that subset of the species?
  5. I always thought the Hawks were sleeping giants in the free agent market for obvious reasons. They just have to get competitive first. I think had they won the lottery last and picked Zion, you'd see a decent number of FA's look there with him and Young.
  6. That's code for she read a Twitter post made by a GP in Yonkers.
  7. Considering the length and his age and injury history, that Hayward contract is easily the worst in the league.
  8. That’s about all they have. Arky has 6 of the front 7 out being down with the sickness.
  9. Father in law was a very senior partner at a Big Six accounting firm. The dumbest clients they had were doctors who were generally like Ben Carson. Devoted their lives to one narrow thing, made some cash, and thought they were geniuses because they had some cash.
  10. Joanna Stern (WSJ tech writer) purposefully tried to slow it down and/or kick the fan out. She had 30 Chrome tabs, played a video game, then started with the Youtube videos and it still didn't slow down.
  11. Presti, jeez. I've seen less action from a Wall Street day trader. Serious about tanking, though. After 20 seconds of internet research, I learned that Oubre is a free agent after this season so not likely to stay. Presti flips him for yet another first round pick.
  12. Saw an interview with someone at an Okie City hospital. He said the ICU's are basically full at this point and the people from rural counties with no mask mandates outnumber everyone 2 to 1.
  13. Over/under on the number of COVID outbreaks related to these player watch parties?
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