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  1. On his podcast, Bill Simmons went through the lottery live and had commentary on each team but really the top 3. Him and the others echoed your statement. Lot of interchanging with the top 3 teams/players. They could easily see either of the three teams taking either of the three players. They seemed to think Jabari would do better in OKC, though, because Houston is just a bunch of dudes firing up shots. They settled on Chet going #1, maybe Banchero #2 but that was 50/50 with Smith. They also seem to think Banchero has the most long term upside and he has an NBA body now. Said in OKC with Giddey and SGA running pick and rolls, Smith could easily score 20 a game his rookie year. Chet they think goes to Orlando because that GM took Giannis or something. Yes, getting in the top 3 was critical and the teams involved all need bigs. Only concern was Chet's injury potential but in all fairness, he's never really been injured before but that wasn't against NBA dudes.
  2. Did not realize this about Portland. Both of them should do this. Portland should then trade Dame and blow everything up. They could trade Dame to New Orleans for all of those Laker picks.
  3. President of United said the other day that there is basically no resistance to the high fares. The major are charging around $1K for just basic routes now and the planes are all full.
  4. On the surface, yes, but they're running a 9% two year stack and last year's number was strong as well. They did very well all throughout covid. Also, in an inflationary/recession environment, they have historically done well with their price position. Sure, their core customers get squeezed but there are middle class types that trade down. As for Target today, like WMT, I've never seen companies report good sales numbers and get blown out. TGT down 25%? What the fuck? TV and bike sales are down because everyone bought one last year. They said their luggage, beauty, and food are all up. Traffic up, too.
  5. Jabari could also easily put on 20 pounds and not lose anything.
  6. I've seen multiple posts about this. Okie City does not need guards. They literally have no big men worth a shit. They have SGA, Dort, Giddey, and Trey Mann. They're taking a big. Orlando is the one that needs guards. Doubtful they'll take one, though.
  7. I could see Okie City putting the most weight in the intangibles. Very Spur-like in that they want someone who loves basketball and not much else. If the dude likes to party, they'll pass because it's, well, it's Oklahoma City. If they think Banchero likes the scene too much and doesn't like the grind (see F1 appearance), they'll rate him third behind the other two. (From what I've read, both Chet and Jabari are hard workers.) I could see Orlando taking Jabari even though they have a ton of other bigs because he's better than the ones they have. Okie City then would take Chet because they're OK with long term and he could put on weight. Houston would then take Banchero and they seem to be freaking out about that on the Houston thread. He might be a great scorer but a poor fit with Sengun. I still think Ivey and Sharpe might have the highest upside but no one in the top 3 is taking them. Orlando should but they won't. Okie City maybe, because they have credibility with the fan base but they have tons of guards already. Houston, no.
  8. SGA and picks for Ayton would be the worst trade ever. They'll take Banchero or Smith and play them at the 4 with SGA and Giddey on the wings. They'll keep Dort because he's good on defense. That core is actually pretty good 2-4 years from now. I could see them doing the same with Chet, too, but I'm still meh on him. He doesn't have an NBA and may never have one. Every now and then I get talked into him because he's 7'1" and can do it all but can he handle a season? Can he gain weight? If he could put on 20 lbs or so, he's basically Dirk. Just a lot of risk there.
  9. Banchero about to from that F1 race in Miami to a S'Lobster in Okie City.
  10. Watch the Kings win it, pick Chet, and he has a Greg Oden/Sam Bowie career.
  11. That's what I'm saying. Some of these guys can be good initially and top out and some have a longer path. The great mystery is figuring who who is who. I don't think anyone thinks that Barnes will be the best player from this past class in five years. That's likely Cade, Mobley, or Green. They just have bigger upside. I could see Giddey being a borderline All-Star as well. Still watching Kuminga, he could be an All Star out of the league, which is what people said last year. To the earlier example of Tatum, he's steadily improved every single year. At the end of the day, you're interviewing 19 year olds.
  12. Aqua Buddha


    Starting the three day prep today with bland/boring food. I've read the better you take the prep, the easier the night before is. (Supposedly.)
  13. Everyone (including me) gets excited by drafts but it's easy to forget the NBA draft in particular is almost all 19 year olds who aren't going to really peak for another 7-9 years. Sure, you can tell in the first year or two if they can play but the upside is so far out, it's almost a crap shoot on who will be great and who will be good.
  14. They're seemingly carrying too much GM and not enough food. (They imported a lot to get ahead of the curve while food is almost all domestic.) They're also seemingly overstaffed even though you can never find anyone. Their top line was quite good, actually. They're just blaming inflation for everything else. Other major retailers aren't having the same problems.
  15. Chris Paul has career earnings so far of $330M and if he plays out his current contract, it will be $419M. That doesn't include another $100M or so in lifetime endorsement deals, maybe more. He'll have easily made $500M. Rondo has $115M in career earnings and no endorsement deals. So, there's that.
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