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  1. Marriage Story is awful if you hate great acting, nuance, subtlety, and good writing. Brilliant movie. Does a great job of making neither love or hate either party. Great acting in key scenes. Supporting cast of Laura Dern, Ray Liotta, and Alan Alda are outstanding.
  2. The former Kansas governor told everyone that if they cut taxes, people would be moving to Kansas in droves. Guess that didn't pan out.
  3. Somewhere, Wulaw is still telling himself how principled evangelicals are and how they'll never support Trump.
  4. If anything in this world, Trump does to play the victim. He won't do these because they're "unfair." The new talking points from the Republicans will be how the Debate Commission is biased. They'll also start seriously mentioning the third term thing. Both will become normalized and the Fox News viewers will buy right in.
  5. Tom Osborne #4 and Barry Switzer #13. M'kay.
  6. Deshaun Watson is not walking through that door.
  7. He's basically the lowest paid coach in the SEC with almost zero buyout: So, if they fire him after two years, they owe him $1.5M. (No way he has an overall winning record.) Linger on into year three and it's $750K.
  8. That's basically what Arky did but they ended up with a coach with no other options who was desperate for the job.
  9. So, Arky hired a position coach from one of the worst offenses in the SEC because he was from Arkansas and wanted to be there? (Of course he wanted to be there. Duh.) That's outstanding.
  10. Maybe they have salads in Oxford.
  11. Not so long ago, Arky was a solid 7/8 win team that was very attractive on the coaching front. They’d roll out the money, good town, good facilities, etc. Now they haven’t won a conference game in three years and the only person who wants the job is Georgia’s O-line coach.
  12. When did he pork up? Jeez.
  13. Nice thought but no. A 1 loss OU team is not getting bumped for a 2 loss 'Sconsin team, especially one that lost to Illinois. OU isn't a great team but let's not be retarded.
  14. That is not a penalty. I wish there was a venn diagram between Texas fans obsessed about officiating and Rockets fans obsessed about officiating. It’ll bet it’s 100%. Jesus.
  15. That link had the Arky coaching search going so badly that they were thinking about giving it to the interim guy who was coaching in high school just a few years ago.
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