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  1. They prolly did want to go because they didn't want to catch The Virus. Almost all the pols that have it are Republican at this point.
  2. Yeah, even if the Chinese factories are back online, no one is ordering anything on our end. "It's a big shit sandwich and everyone is gonna have to take a bite." God knows no one is buying any clothes right now since we're all just sitting around our houses.
  3. Wanted to report back from the Retail Front. It's been a week or so since my last update. I'm not putting this in the Virus thread but that thread is insane at this point. Anyway, consumer buying has waned a bit but is still strong. Foot traffic is down from its peak 10 days ago (thank God) but it is still relatively strong and baskets are still big. Big Food has also hit their limit. Almost all of the major players are completely out of everything and are able to make maybe 60% of current demand. (This varies by category.) Assortments are being drastically reduced. No more long tail items. It'll only be the basics and even then it will take Big Food 2-4 weeks to catch up and even then, they'll have to allocate. Shelves may be empty for a few weeks in some cases and smaller players are being told it may be months before they get anything at all. Consumption has definitely changed. With no one eating out anymore, people are eating prolly double or triple than what they were previously eating before. The American food industry is weird. There is actually quite a bit of food in the network, it's just divided up between Food Service and Retail. You're starting to see some redirection in that now. Some that previously went to FS is now being modified to consumer retail. All the major chains are still selling out of everything they have. Also, it may have been covered in the other thread but truckers all got letters from their employers that designates them emergency essential personnel so in the event of domestic travel bans, they'll be able to cross state lines. For the non grocery retailers (apparel and the like), I honestly don't know how some of these guys are going to survive. I saw where Gap suspended its dividend today. They won't be only one. This segment was particularly strained before all of this but this could be the nail in the coffin for a lot of them. I don't see current trends changing anytime in the next few months.
  4. I like how we're supposed to back to work on Monday or something but then Trump basically takes over GM.
  5. Quick question on the drug Trump keeps touting. My Trumpkin friends keep touting it as some wonder drug and this will be over by next week and Trump will get credit for saving all of our eternal souls. The medical professionals I see seem less enthused. Anyone know the story on that drug in layman's terms?
  6. Aqua Buddha

    Tiger King

    I found myself rooting for the tigers to eat one of them.
  7. This wasn’t on the radar 45 days ago and we’re about to spend $2T before nurses even have masks but Lindsey Graham is upset because unemployed people might get some money. That fucking guy.....
  8. Why are people repeating the idea that it's going to disappear in the summer? Louisiana is about to look like Italy.
  9. Louisiana's diagnosed cases of the new coronavirus climbed by another 407 to a total of 1,795 on Wednesday as test results continued to pour in by the thousands. The overall increase marked the largest single-day increase of new cases, along with 19 new deaths associated with the virus, according to information released by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals. The surge in cases was not unexpected, as new testing capacity is brought online to help confirm cases among residents. But Wednesday's numbers suggest that the number of cases outside of the New Orleans area, which has been the epicenter of the outbreak so far, are rising rapidly. There are now 65 coronavirus-related deaths reported. There have now cases identified in 48 of Louisiana's 64 parishes and 19 parishes have seen at least one death.
  10. I keep asking this and I'm being serious. It's a media hoax that will be over in two weeks but we need $2T immediately.
  11. Of course, it's the media. 40% will take this as complete gospel:
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