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  1. I enjoy it. ESpECIALLY when someone who thought they were all that falls off the Top 50 list. I happened to be in Lubbock the week it came out last time and was first person in line at Evie Maes when they opened up for first time since the list came out and they hit the Top 10. . Was pretty cool. The owners dad was taking my picture as I went through the line and he was beaming with pride. Their food was great.
  2. Mac8111

    Below Deck

    You can never go wrong with having pussy licking on a tv show
  3. I got my kids into watching MXC earlier this month. They have Roku tv’s and there is a channel on there you can stream them on.
  4. Remember when Howard Stern had a call out to all the Tiger Woods Mistresses and Ashley Madison chipped in I think $10,000 each to come on air and participate in a dating game type bit.
  5. I will say that we did at least have the best food at the Shaggy Alamo Bowl tailgate that year when Mueller rolled up with his pit.
  6. Mac8111

    Below Deck

    She looked stellar at the beach club
  7. The tampon collecting was truly the most WTF moment of the series. We enjoyed the series. Agree with Brad on a lot of his points.
  8. On season 6 now. Jesus, 21 episodes. You forget these days that a series can be more than 12 episodes.
  9. Nothing. We just had to get out of the house. Beautiful day. We ate bbq, went to Fredericksburg and grabbed some backyard stuff at one of the shops on Main St, met up with some friends (who told us about Doss originally) and then drank beers at Alstadt Brewery.
  10. Blacks is a no go on my book. Gave it two chances.
  11. Does he hate QB and RB ‘s???
  12. We road tripped it to Doss,TX yesterday (outside Fredericksburg) and at at Doss General Store/ Los Muerto BBQ. (The guy at Los Muerto in Katy is helping them with their Q). They’ve only been open a month or so. Brisket was top notch. They nailed tenderness and plenty of flavor. Barbacoa was top notch. I love Barbacoa. The wife liked her pulled pork sandwich ( I didn’t try it ) The ribs were good (not OMG great) my issue was they serve it drowning with sauce on top. Ask for sauce on side of you go. We started with the Southwest egg rolls. They are huge and full of flavor.
  13. If you watched Bridgerton, the oldest Featherington daughter looked like Brent’s wife.
  14. Well, you could go to the games ....
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