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  1. That’s one of their busiest weeks down there.
  2. Tapatalk is your friend as far as pics go
  3. Thoughts on Marathon,FL fishing for early November ?
  4. I was talking about water color. Water is high but nothing crazy. 12 trout and one red today. Light wind. Good water color.
  5. Just fished this afternoon. Water was surprisingly decent. We stayed in the Mule Slough area and didn’t try the open bay.
  6. HEB is crushing the Ice Cream flavors. Almond Coconut Lemon Cookie The peppermint chocolate All over deliver
  7. Put that young man on a boat with some Mexican strippers and let him catch some fish while also catching crabs. All the best to your family. Please keep us updated on what you decide to do.
  8. First time I had one, we just cut it up sashimi style.
  9. Mac8111

    Cobra Kai

    I took the series for what it is and enjoyed it. My biggest question: Why haven’t we heard this yet?????
  10. I forgot about the 90 Day Fiancé the Other Way where this chick had met this South Korean dude online and they met up and she ended up Preggo. Fast forward a year later and she packing her bags to go see him and she is packing a big box of “snug fit condoms” because apparently that is how she ended up Preggo. His dick was so pencil thin that the regular condoms slipped off him. She called her man out on national tv. The Other Way series has actually been more entertaining because it is where the American is having to go live in the other country because their partner couple not get a visa into the U.S. The very spoiled Jewish chick who hooked up with this Ethiopian dude and got Preggo and decides to go have the baby in Ethiopia and when she arrives, she sees his “apartment “ doesn’t even have running water. There is literally a water faucet in the courtyard of the apartment area where people go and get water to take back to their crib. She’s in process of having meltdown now. The smoking hot social media model black chick who is moving to Jordan to be with her virgin Islamic boyfriend whose parents still think it is 1855. The 60 year old grandma moving to India to be with her 33 year old boyfriend who is still married. So many good laughs.
  11. 90 Day Fiancé is pretty good too. That Colt guy has massive man tits and a small dick and still lives with his mom. His Brazilian girlfriend #2 just busted him sending dick pics to 8 women.
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