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  1. I do watch it and enjoy it. A lot of the drama is made up but the redneck engineering in the woods is absolutely amazing.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/4046721148697333/?ref=share Saw this for drone fishing.
  3. Their websites are terrible. I only access them from Tapatalk and usually just browse them during lunch. Half of my time is spent looking at the boats for sale.
  4. I think the old timers got tired of all the changes and rules and left to go to Dos Frio Cool pics: Sunday Beach / Pass & Fish Pond since they have started to silt in from last years storm.
  5. I would agree. You will see bay trout follow the food source throughout the seasons but I don't think there is a ton of exchange between gulf trout and bay trout. I follow a couple of jetty guides on FB and I noticed that not one of them has posted a pic of their catch that included in a trout in many months. I don't know where the Gulf Trout go during this time of year but it is not the jetties. I text one and asked him when he will start to see good trout show up and he said "mid to late April". I did sign up for Trout Support's Members area last year. I foun
  6. 90 Day Fiancée: where has Natalie been hiding those tits all season ??? Even my wife commented how big they were. I guess she had them covered up due to winter.
  7. Mac8111

    Below Deck

    I started Summer House conversation on Trash TV Megathread
  8. So Love After Lockup wrapped up a couple weeks ago. I still say it is the best trash tv series on right now. That guy Shawn was biggest dumb ass in tv history. WE channel. Go watch you some previous seasons!! 90 Day Fiancée is wrapping up soon. I bet Julia fucks like a sex panther. The other two Russian gals bore me. Lots of whining. Now way Jovi is ready to father and husband. Tarik gonna be left holding his dick in three years when Hazel leaves him for a woman. The drama of Big Mike and his Russian gal being sent back or not has been good drama. My general impression of
  9. Kansas State takes the series with TXTech
  10. Mac8111

    Below Deck

    I love Summer House.
  11. Whiskey Myers at Floores June 4th
  12. Seems like having 15 open scholarships at the end of March is a bad philosophy to go with
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