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  1. North of Lazio/Rome driving is absolutely fine. Indistinguishable from neighboring countries that you dont think twice about it. Its when you get south that scooters zip around and people do what they like. Geographic oddity that country
  2. This comment made me look twice
  3. Nice of them to leave the jacks behind
  4. Im gonna give my dog the huggiest hug the next time I see her
  5. apparently, hes the highest lifetime earning QB in nfl history
  6. the property management co = my listing real estate agent 9for a private house) so no in-house maintenance. i dont suspect ill-will, but he did recommend the locksmith company to the tenant. and since the tenant already paid for the repair, im in it for this one. we have a few other items that are towards its end-of-life, and im definitely gonna hawk over the repairs and vendor selection from now on.
  7. Man, what the fuck. Management co. reports that the lock to our sunroom/Wintergarten is funky. I said fine let the tenant arrange for the repair and we'll pay for it. A lock cylinder is, what, 20, 50, 100 dollars? Got the invoice today's. They replaced the lock core/cylinder, not even the handle mechism or strikers or door or any of that shit..... One thousand dollars. Half for parts half for labor. The cylinder is some "winkhaus 40/40" shit. Googling says it's sorta premium. But 500 for a fucking cylinder? Like made out of 40karat gold or what? And they didn't denominate the hours of labor but 500 to replace the lock - perhaps it was done by the CEO of the locksmithing company? I mean fuck me there must've been massive kickbacks
  8. mads mikkelsen jeremy irons felicity jones emily blunt daniel muthafucking day lewis kate beckinsale charles dance bill nighy rose byrne (so hot right now) i hate liam neesons
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