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  1. 52-80

    Best Pocket Knife?

    Ran through a few of the Ken onion leek/chive knives, and while fun to open their fasteners would always loosen over time. Benchmade butterfly/balisong got dull fast and impossible to sharpen. Also had a few Gerber's and crkt and such as toys but not impressed by any of them. Best actual utility is from a midsized multiuse Leatherman it Victorinox where the actual blade performs just as well. For standalone knife I like the Spyderco Delica - really good grip, feels well built, stays decently sharp, with useful clip.
  2. It's 2019 and car rental.companies can't implement an inventory tracking system, so when you book a car, it's "VW Golf or similar", and 90% of the time, it's not a golf, and 70% of the time, it ain't even similar.
  3. your mom does it for business, not for fun
  4. Yeap, the only one I've heard
  5. Europe: Extremely unfriendly regulatory policies. Denser population / Urban development. Frac outright ban in some countries. New hydrocarbon on-shore development banned in many more. Nobody risking drilling pattern, if they could find lenders or capital commitment in the first. And the geology/play is less friendly. Poland tried it and failed. Ukraine wants to try it, because Russian energy... UK is trying only cuz that ineos guy is megarich, but it's huge uphill battle. And that's about it for the continent.
  6. Yep. They're known for this and even the locals will admit it.
  7. and my Carhartts - khaki, or olive?
  8. Espressos are feminine now? That's a new one. I can't tell what's cool anymore. Gulping a jug of diner-drip Folgers from a Coleman thermos?
  9. the slim cylindrical single serving sugar sachets.... its way too much sugar for 1 espresso. i usually only use half. little sugar cubes or the brown bricks are better
  10. Dont disagree with any of that. I like Barnes. His first ~10 years set the standard for the last 4. But it's not wrong for fans to expect that level of success after a full continuous decade of excellence. Being 1 of 68 entrants to a tournament shouldn't really be a high bar to clear (yes, i know arizona and ucla and others miss it from time to time). Barnes didnt get fired because he couldnt get in the tourney... he got fired because in his last 4 years, he escaped the first round of the Tourney ONCE
  11. Well yes, but TX basketball was also a complete joke in Barnes' final 4 years.
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