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  1. sterling was so sharp in that first round. movement, range, everything was on point. then he fell off a cliff and piotr just threw him around. i think he'll shed all that nervous energy and be much improved in the rematch... but damn piotr is just a killer though.
  2. jan outstruck in in round 1, more volume, higher percentage, and looked like they connectd more cleanly first 3 rounds were close, but indisputable to me that jan won first 2. cleary and d'amato had correct scores. kamijo is very questionable. overall the UD was correct
  3. izzy edged round 3 for wobbling jan with the random backfist. rest of the fight was clearly jan...harder shots.
  4. looking like a baby giraaffe out there
  5. Nunes didn't do it her last two fights so don't mark that down yet lol megan's tall. RD2 cunt punch
  6. o well, time to see another fighter get KO'ed legitimately.
  7. Discount dilly. Same difference.
  8. How many benavidez can ngannou curl at once ?
  9. This card has everything even ya dong
  10. This prelim is already better than some main cards
  11. I know the ferrarista are all about that Rosso Corsa ….but man This is the jam http://www.rssportscars.com/photos/videos/porsche-carrera-gt-ferrari-f40/ferrari-f40-yellow-h.jpg
  12. Sports cars = Yellow or mid blue Sedans = white or gray so it shall be
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