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  1. dat VTEC button tho. also thinking about swapping from Garmin (520) to a Wahoo unit. Because all the cool kids are on Wahoo these days. Anyone like?
  2. Popped and fizzled. RBLX still doing well tho.
  3. yeah so i ordered my e-road bike cuz im a weenie so what fight me. bike in 105 config is available in august... spec'ed ultegra which isnt available until december which isn't riding season around here but whatever. it might be nice for the indoor trainer (with the electric motor doing all the work).
  4. 52-80

    Formula 1 2021

    What was up with LeClerc fading away in the race? Also, Giovinazzi is starting to match or outperform Raikkonen?
  5. same for all companies. PIP is a de facto death knell. PIP = we are collecting proof on you to reduce liability becuz we're afraid of firing you immediately.
  6. 52-80

    Formula 1 2021

    very weird, he obviously wasnt gaining it back, and there was 51 second gap behind. though i think perez went fully off the track after the pass, and i think bottascedes was banking on perez be given 5 second penalty OR having to give the place back. anyway, congrats to formula 1, only they can get 100M people to watch which teams can change wheels calculate tire wear better than another.
  7. Oxygen with melanie laurent. Trash.
  8. All the thick woolen stuff works in the Union states but man in the Confederacy too? I suppose only rich people had access to seersucker and such, and everybody had 1 outfit and if you only had 1 outfit….its got to be a damn suit
  9. its amazing people wore all that shit in the middle of june in fucking texas
  10. Didnt read article but i already know its gonna be bullshit…probably fake valued illiquid stuff he cant get a dime out of
  11. This one is from San Francisco. A guy stabbed a 94 year old (Asian) woman on the streets. Unprovoked, obviously. Guy was previously charged with his brother in another stabbing incident. Last year had been arrested 4 times. This year he was released early from a felony charge. SF Politician comes out and says this: "Violent attacks on our seniors are unacceptable. Instead of pointing fingers at each other, what we need to do is reflect on what each of us can do to make our streets safer and community well. I pledge to fight for a city budget that funds equitable city servic
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