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  1. i think it's better than inception
  2. let's not act like Lebron didnt never graduated the dwayne wade school of dramatic flopping with top honors
  3. 52-80

    UT Campus map 1940s

    made by someone from LibArts
  4. what day is that weekly rotation out of tech?
  5. 52-80

    UT Campus map 1940s

    going from west campus to the law building for 8am classes sucked ass. it aint even on the fucking map.
  6. We ordered delivery for lunch Food doesnt seem to arrive Website says "delivery completed" and shes angry... we know theres some construction and road blockage on our street... She asks me to check the site and resolve the issue...turns out she put the wrong phone number in the order. No wonder the delivery person couldnt call... now shes angry why they didnt tried emailing her instead 🤨
  7. What kind of people and why do they decide to put up wedding notices in a national paper like the New York Times? That's like, a white people vanity thing right?
  8. Token roles cast in movies and now roles casted just to appeal to specific demographics, that are otherwise out of place...talking about obvious chinese characters like in cloverfield paradox
  9. Yes....but I also don't miss that "PC Compatible" components were not, in fact, compatible, and that some parts played together much less nicely than others. Or having to make fundamental trade offs like 3Dfx/nvidia for 3D and ATI for 2D. Or having to reformat the computer every 6 months because inevitably it'd go to shit. I like that I can buy a laptop off the shelf and it would work for everything (mostly).
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