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  1. *aggy Concrete has almost no strength or bond with the rebar until it hardens (i.e. initial set = 4 - 6 hours after placement). Additionally "wet" concrete is relatively heavy (~150 pcf vs. 62.4 for water). Thus if the form system can't support the weight then a blow out or collapse will occur. Contractor probably tried to eyeball it and used experience to "design" the formwork and supports... or they hired an aggy to do it.
  2. Haha. It clearly is the job of the person in front to put the divider behind their shit. I sometimes intentionally don't put it down just to witness the chaos that ensues in front of me.
  3. Good catch. Steve Rossignol and The Rag Blog need to get their shit together.
  4. Pretty obvious it was a sighting of Asa Grumbles (Ghosts of LCRA) One of the many hungry and unemployed masses seeking work during the Depression, Grumbles was a carpenter working on the installation of the concrete forms on the dam. One of the LCRA hands told me that Asa Grumbles had once played bass guitar with Ernest Tubbs before Ernest Tubbs became famous. But late on December 26, 1939, the day after Christmas on the night shift, 32-year-old Asa Grumbles was killed when a cable snapped and a load of wet cement opened above his head and submerged him in a concrete pour. Rumors persist to this day that they did not get all of Asa Grumbles out of the dam. They got Asa out of the concrete — witnesses do tell of seeing him lying in state and he is buried in the Fitzhugh cemetery — but rumors persist to this day that they did not get all of Asa Grumbles out of the dam. There are stories about a hand and a ring on that hand that did not make it out of the concrete. Grumbles left a young wife and two children.
  5. LCRA Flickr page has lots of pictures from when the Dam was being constructed (Mansfield Dam Construction Photos). "There are over three miles of tunnels inside of Mansfield Dam"
  6. I was gonna say that looked closer than I thought...no review?
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