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  1. No. Where it sits now he is a Dallas Cowboy just not getting paid until he signs the franchise tag or a new contract. See Leveon Bell a couple years ago.
  2. Watched Extraction on Netflix last night. Kind of had a Man on Fire feel to it but still I enjoyed it. Good little action flick.
  3. New 24/7 map is shit. Camptastic no action map. I need speed. Run and gun.
  4. Checking in safe from cock fighting sting
  5. Been playing hardcore old dirty houseboat and Shipment 24/7 and leveled up fast as hell. Also completed all the daily challenges easily.
  6. Los Vaqueros in Willow park has been great these past two weekends. It’s reservations only and we’ve been able to get on the patio.
  7. He’s asking for a friend of course
  8. I’m Fudbelty on XBONE and PS4. Look me up.
  9. Nah he’s been busy running the Stars and Rangers in g..... oh wait
  10. Fudbelty

    Golf Clash

    So previously you could only challenge friends up to whatever the 3k level is. They’ve added new challenges out I haven’t gotten too deep with those.
  11. Saw a guy once put Heinz 57 on his CFS with cream gravy. I followed suit and holy shit I actually enjoyed it.
  12. Fudbelty

    Golf Clash

    Boom! Weekend here I come.
  13. Fuck! That’s it. Those were always the party spot.
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