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  1. For my first (I think) food post in this thread I present lunch H-E-B Hatch Chicken Salad with H-E-B Ghost Pepper and Ranch corn chips
  2. Wife bought tickets for an early bday surprise. She wanted to hit up Taco Heads but we didn’t leave in time and they were full when we got there. Wound up at Potbelly off Hulen and still had a great time.
  3. The Arena is great but has plenty of growing pains to overcome. #1 is teaching your concession attendants how to properly pour a gd beer. NEVER grab the tap from the top and slowly open. Grab that bitch at the bottom and slam that fucker open. #2 Fix #1
  4. Any of you fuckers who were in attendance want to admit going in to the women’s restroom on the 200 level? I would say Zepol but this guy was white.
  5. Which one of you fuckers went in the women’s restroom on the 200 level?
  6. He literally jumped in to and elbowed a red early. No clue how that’s allowed. Wasn’t malicious at all, but still.
  7. Had at least three drive and kicks that would have been layups. 0 fer the corner three too. . Side note. This new arena kicks ass. Great for basketball IMHO.
  8. Think you’d need a tall boy for beer can turkey?
  9. Unfortunately that was the worst song of the day.
  10. I seriously question the how on that one. I feel like I know when a turd is on the Hershey Highway waiting for the right of way. It’s when the highway is unknowingly flooded and I chose to not “turn around don’t drown” and I fill the pants.
  11. I’m intentionally staying in the field today so I can just sit in my truck and listen.
  12. Put me down for I don’t give a fuck who’s been on too much. I just like the shake up of the shows and talent.
  13. I think we are. Wife has told me to leave from noon to about 530 open Sunday for a surprise she’s taking me to. Can’t think of anything else. I’ll be the guy in Orange long sleeved shirt.
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