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  1. My dad was(actually still is) a big bowler back in the day and I remember going to that alley. My one and only season of hockey was played there. Also, am I misremembering or wasn’t there a bowling alley on top of Ol South back in the day. All I know is I was very young and it was somewhere there.
  2. Damn. I’ll be be 40 in December and y’all Mfers are OLD!
  3. Wow. He left his fucking leg out back there and got the call.
  4. Kucherov crushes those boards with his head. Had blue paint on his visor
  5. I’d honestly fully want that high stick called if it were the other way around.
  6. I didn’t think it ever changed as to where the receiving team could touch it. It’s always been whenever they want to in my mind. Only thing is once it’s touched then it’s a live ball for anyone to recover.
  7. So are we taking T Laurence #1?
  8. I agree yet I do it year in and year out. Every year it’s “our year” and every year we struggle. Wouldn’t be as fun if I was a Pats fan.
  9. Here we go. Ready to lay my ass a round and watch golf all day. Mix in the Cowboys game and I’m set. Hoping the kid holds off Bryson and Reed. Edit: forgot Reed had a terrible back 9 yesterday.
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