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  1. you are both paid - congrats.
  2. pot is $225 so it'd be $112.50 for an even split. if that's what you guys want to do it's fine with me. also fine doing it where you each get something now and play for the rest (the blind draw sounded cool to me). whatever the two of you can agree upon. can't believe this is over after round 2.
  3. seems like he might have some potential in that department: I see it the same way.
  4. so fucking good.
  5. canelo is awesome, he just bit off more than he can chew by fighting a legit guy at 175. there still isn't anyone at 168 or below who can beat him. most 175lbers couldn't beat him either.
  6. no lie. she was a fucking smoke show back in her prime.
  7. beterbiev and joe smith fight on 6/18. bivol needs to fight the winner.
  8. lol garbage ass scores but at least they went to the right guy.
  9. the only way canelo wins is by 12th round ko or one of the bigger robberies in boxing history on the scorecard.
  10. i told you guys bivol is a legit threat.
  11. here we go: https://www.streameast.xyz/boxing/canelo-alvarez-vs-dmitry-bivol/2
  12. fucking love the lightning 1 and 2. the rest of it is gonna take some more listening to.
  13. secret oath is impressive. hope she comes off this well enough to give it a go in the preakness.
  14. i have doubt and triple checked and this appears to be correct.
  15. KAT for gobert is sort of interesting to think about. for both teams.
  16. it's gonna take a special fucking effort for someone to beat shakur.
  17. yeah he did. and nico ali walsh had a highlight reel KO in the opener. fucking stoked for this stevenson/valdez fight. love that i'm not having to stream it!
  18. fucking pumped for the stevenson/valdez fight tomorrow night. think it has the potential to be one of the best fights of the year. also think people are sleeping on dimitry bivol against canelo next week. canelo probably beats him, but bivol is a legit light heavyweight.
  19. i think all three second round series' so far should be really good. and gs against either memphis or minnesota should be fun as well.
  20. looks like @Baboontyme and @shadow_operative have paid via venmo and @HornOnTheBayou and @RexWilson have paid via paypal. you, @ztejas, and @Dutchrudder appear to be the stragglers.
  21. awesome fucking performance from the point god tonight.
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