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  1. Yeah, I know. Always had a hope they could be relieved or the Russians would take the offer from turkey to demilitarize them, remove them to Turkey and intern them there. So what about the civilians who were in the Factory?
  2. Sucks for those defenders. Now they are in Russian captivity. I am sure the Geneva Convention rules will be respected. Oh wait, it is Russia.
  3. And removal of weapons sanctions. They want to buy other equipment and cannot. Now they see the Russian stuff sucks more than our neighbors to the north.
  4. My son had it. Healthy kid, knocked him on his ass for about 5 days. Also, third round of free at home kits. Just need to fill out this simple form. In person meetings are back, and before I go into a large gathering https://special.usps.com/testkits
  5. He would be imprisoned or killed. Give him residence in Germany.
  6. I feel bad for the conscripts being sent into this hell storm. As for their "professionals", fuck them and the Chechens. Wish it was Putin and his cronies instead.
  7. good points. They relented a bit on Finns joining NATO. There are a lot better analysts on here than who know this region, but that is how I saw it. Reminds me of how quick the Serbs went to Dayton. Or when the FMLN went for peace after getting there asses kicked in the offensive of 1989. I still hate that bitch. And I like Russians. Lived and worked with a lot of them in the Middle East. But damn, there was always one evil one who caused problems.
  8. Yep, and the Eu hit them with weapon sales sanctions. Note I said EU, not NATO. The two incoming members, and they are coming, were not part of NATO. All goes back to Turkey hitting North Syria in 2019 I think. Damn, so many dates to remember.
  9. can someone please combine this so it is aggy corp fighting for Putin?
  10. Got my dog three times and came at me. um, homie might be looking at a pellet. I will try the suggestion. Thanks!
  11. well we know Putin doesn't. His daughters are out of the country.
  12. Two things. I hate that woman. Second. Wonder if he has some oligarchs behind him, maybe some of the military leadership. Coups happen with quiet conversations and then someone says fuck it, lets do this.
  13. They are good. Real good. I think they are under appreciated due to their conference. Would love to see them kick aggy ass.
  14. Add to it the yellow smog and love DC in the summer.
  15. True Dat. But it is a perfect launching ground for fuckery across the region. Dad spent a lot of time there. Said society is Brother is Brother, Clan is Clan. Somalia is Somalia. In that order. Asked a Somali partner about this and he laughed and said no clearer way of putting it. Toss Khat and Religion into that mix and pretty rough region. But Al Shabaab needs to be dealt with. These dudes get a lot of support from outside sources and really hate us, Kenya, Ethiopia, you name it. Reports from a retired friend (Attache) is that Burundi's Peacekeepers got hammered, gave a base over to the bad guys and it is a critical area. My buddy in Nairobi watches it closely from a development perspective. Sadly, security is a reality in that world so he pays attention. Just adding about Mali. See the news they are leaving the regional PKO mission? Well that means the EU forces are out. All that is left will be Malian forces (who get their asses kicked all the time) and the UN (who don't do much except patrol and make rent go up). Add to this the potential of a food crisis and the Sahel from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean/Red Sea is going to be interesting to watch.
  16. Was talking to a teacher friend last night. He thinks the plan is get through to summer vacation and hope it dies out once the kids are not as congregated. At least they stay open and have a few month break to hope it slows back down.
  17. There is a lot of different statements out there. The PKK rally in Sweden today sure did not help the situation.
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