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  1. Also, while we are talking flags, futebol and the beach, a shot I snapped in Rio years ago.
  2. I just came across this in an old photo album I have. Growing up, my father would have Telemundo or Univision on every Saturday to watch any match they had on. It’s one of my favorite memories, laying on the couch with him and watching games. We still get together when Brazil gets into a championship game. I would go to Book Stop with him (he was usually picking up Dave Campbell’s Texas Football) and I would get the one soccer magazine they sold. I would read it, then cut out some of the cool pictures and put them on my wall. This is a shot from the 1991 Copa America, back when the
  3. I know. But it doesn’t change that it’s a wee bit over the top.
  4. I am sure the first few bites would be good. But yeah, not sure all flavors would be appreciated. Seems like a lot of bbq places like to get too cute with things.
  5. It’s disappointing. For the first couple of years they were open, Pinkerton’s was my go to spot. They have been wildly inconsistent in the last couple of years. Meanwhile, Tejas and Truth have been so consistent and delicious.
  6. Put it this way, I am much more excited by the black morph than the fact that you saw a cottonmouth in that area.
  7. I got there at 10:50 and sat down at 11:20 give or take 5 minutes. I saw folks waiting in line with toddlers and wondered what the fuck was going through their minds. I highly suggest going by yourself on a weekday and getting there at 11:00am or just before. I will fight anyone that suggest there is better or more consistent bbq inside the loop than Truth. I am basing this off of more than 15 visits.
  8. Went to Truth on Sunday by myself as a peaceful Father’s Day lunch before doing the family thing at my parent’s house that evening. Usual order: 1/2 lbs moist brisket, link of pepper Jack sausage. Results were typical: fantastic.
  9. While iNaturalist is great, it isn’t absolute. A lot of herpers I know won’t post their sightings on that app out of fear people will start visiting areas to harvest or kill snakes and other animals they see. I won’t post bald Eagle nest locations. I’d bet the farm there are cottonmouths there.
  10. Yes that's what I'm saying. iNaturalist has no listed sightings and the herp guys in the Central Texas Snake ID Facebook group I'm on always say the same thing. I disagree, but that is just me. And a few hardcore herpers in Austin. But not worth arguing about.
  11. There are cottonmouths in every county that is part of metro austin. A lot of them.
  12. I have caught a dozen that look like that. I would even argue that the all black ones are cool as shit looking.
  13. Y'all are funny. Cottonmouths are not ugly snakes: They don't chase people. I know some of y'all will flat out refuse to believe that, but I would hope that some might trust me since I have handled so many of them. Never once in my life of growing up around them. They might be curious. They might even be used to eating bait and approach people. But chase, nope. Stinky? Most snakes stink. They musk as defense and stink like shit that has been zapped in a microwave. But for me, one of the stinkiest is ribbon snakes. Venomous? Yep. To be respected? Definitely
  14. I only got a chance to watch the first half but it was fairly entertaining, although Uruguay definitely is a shadow of what they once were.
  15. Sorry about some of those. It was my understanding that it was my right to do so.
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