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  1. Ok. I hope it is just that. Really scary on the replay.
  2. Also, any word on Bijan? After that scary play where he seemed to almost tie his spine in a pretzel, I don’t recall seeing him back in.
  3. TCU game is 11am kick off? I don’t see it on the Texas site but espn is showing 11am.
  4. I still think our coaching staff should set themselves on fire like a monk in Vietnam, however, that was in fact an amazing win. It also helps that ou and LSU lost.
  5. Even if true, I’m more concerned with the complete lack of tackling ability of this D.
  6. At this point I would rather have ashy Larry as a DC than Chris Ash.
  7. Hahaha Nice personal foul.
  8. Texaggy meltdown to fumble will he juicy.
  9. I’m onboard. Fuck him and his shitty hires.
  10. Fuck this entire coaching staff. Fuck them all to hell.
  11. Texas...putting the special in special teams.
  12. Still kind of slow lately. Looking for work has been weighing heavy on me. Here are some old and a couple new ones. Point and shoot from Brazil in 2007. Catholic chapel in Liberdade, a Japanese neighborhood in São Paulo. Same point and shoot, Pomerode, Brazil in 2006. This is perhaps the most German town in Brazil. Not sure if the cows speak German though... I moved back to Texas from Brazil in 2007. Took this with the same point and shoot in what was Little Vietnam in Houston. Now its just yuppies. I should have started shooting film again when I got back and had my AE-1. A couple more from Brazil, but with a DSLR... Rio in 2011 One of my favorite beaches in São Paulo, Praia do Felix, 2009
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