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  1. Great stuff Anton. I am curious about that film now because I love high contrast. Will need to pick some rolls up after I sell more prints.
  2. I have used mpix for many years. Been really happy with them and their customer service. They drop ship white label prints for people who buy photos from me. However, I love supporting Texas companies, so I need to check out FinerWorks. Re-edit of an iphone shot from Zion 2 years ago... Abandoned churches in Houston...
  3. I can't stop listening to Austin's own Rickshaw Billie's Burger Patrol. It scratches several itches for me. Might fit into the noise thread I started, but they have a ton of groove.
  4. A couple of others from this past week...
  5. Had Tejas twice last week (hey, I am not going to turn down free bbq, especially from Tejas) and Truth this week. Both were on top of their game and deserving of being top tier spots. Extremely delicious and consistent. I’m still bummed Pinkertons has let me download.
  6. Came across this Red-tailed Hawk today. He was eating a Prairie Kingsnake...
  7. Interesting day today. I went to the Katy Prairie hoping to see a few snakes and birds. First I came up on a ringneck crossing the dirty road. Only my second I have seen, I took a few quick pics and put him in the ditch he was headed towards. Then I came upon a Red-Tailed Hawk on the ground eating something. He let me get pretty close but I couldn't see what it was. A truck drove by and scared him off, so I went to take a look, sure enough, it was a snake. But I was bummed because it was a Prairie Kingsnake and I have yet to catch one to take photos of. I am thinking it got hit by a car and the hawk took advantage of that. I drove down the road to give him some time to come back to his meal. When I came back he was munching away. I also saw this freshly run over ribbon snake. I love this one mile stretch of road. So far 8 species just cruising it. Should be a lot of action in the fall and spring.
  8. Great thread title. He also has an extremely punchable face. Fuck that carpetbagger.
  9. Picked up this pinhole camera for shits and grins. Shoots panoramic or 35mm. I haven’t shot with a pinhole since high school and that was with one made from an oatmeal can.
  10. That’s bullshit and you know it. Willing to try places out. I liked Cabo Bob’s, but I wouldn’t say it was better than freebirds. Easily better than chipotle. Give me another suggestion.
  11. I heard a lot of hype around Cabo Bob’s burritos and finally got to try them about a month ago. It was good, but I honestly still like freebirds more. Plus, they go to the chipotle school of wrapping the burrito up essentially into a big ball, which is more difficult to eat. I didn’t realize until yesterday that there is one in Houston, so I have it another go. Really like the fresh tortillas but I stand by opinion that freebirds is better. However, Cabo bob’s is still better than shitpotle. What other good burrito places are in Houston?
  12. Nice! I always think they are cool to see. The vibrant green makes seem like something from the tropics.
  13. I didn’t know opinions could be wrong, but you somehow accomplished that.
  14. Wait a minute. You jumped all over me for liking sausage with cheese in it and you are here ruining a perfectly good whataburger with mayo? The fuck is wrong with you?
  15. Yeah I have. One of their recruiters called me a couple of weeks ago, but radio silence since.
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