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  1. Hahahaha. I appreciate it. However it’s put haha.
  2. Took a few shots of a 1956 Mercury Montclair today. Head over to the photography thread for the full story. I also saw this MG on the way home...
  3. Sorry to make this the Patricio Swayze thread, but I enjoy sharing photos with y'all. Today I drove to the 5th Ward and right before I got to the train yard, this bad ass Mercury passed me on Lockwood. So I turned and followed it onto 10, then to 610 and eventually exiting on Wayside where we headed north. I pulled up beside him and gave him the thumbs up and did the same. I followed him to his house, a very well kept house in a rough neighborhood near North Forest High School. I got out of my truck and complimented his ride and asked if I could take some photos. As I did, he told me
  4. I am clean my phone screen and begin to watch a video and people keep texting me. Goddamn it, now not only do I have to interrupt whatever I am watching (porn, videos about photography, a movie, more porn), but I am going to get the screen full of fingerprints. Goddamn it. Stop fucking texting me, I don’t like you.
  5. Have there been any thoughts and prayers yet? That should fix the problem.
  6. Braff, você quer um soco na cara? Porra. Pro tip, find me on Instagram. Today I was in Eagle Lake at lunch so I stopped into Austin’s BBQ. Proudly displayed on the building, like aggy and fake championships, they have the years they were on the TM list. Also just like Aggy, it was bad. I can’t think of a brisket I have eaten that was drier. How dry? Imagine How wet South Austin’s mom is on a Saturday night. Now try to imagine the exact opposite. No Big Red. The sausage was the only thing that was ok. Be careful what you ask for.
  7. Thanks. Just prefer a more natural photo rather than me holding it. Beautiful color though. You know what they say, a snake in the hand is better than two in the bush. Unless that is your link of course.
  8. I was over at Attwater and saw a massive Texas Ratsnake and when I went into the brush next to the pedestrian bridge to grab it I lost sight of it. Then spotted a nice looking 5’ coachwhip. Crappy photos:
  9. It is. Also like the fuck Biden and fuck you if you voted for him sticker. I just think these people are unstable lunatics if you have to put all that shit on your car.
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