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  1. Went back to Blood Brother’s for the 3rd or 4th time today. Last time was a disappointment but they redeemed themselves today. They don’t ask you if you want moist or lean. So this time I made sure to ask for moist. Brisket was solid. I had the hot link and it was good. They also had a special togarashi sausage. It was good but I liked the hot link more.
  2. No, another Yashica. Same camera, later model. Well, the model GL which came out just after the GSN.
  3. So the Yashica Electro 35 GSN came in the other day. I am not sure if I am more disappointed in my rusty eBay skills, or the really dim viewfinder. It’s in ok shape, but certainly has issues. So I started to research some more and decided to get the GL model. I almost went with the Canonet that Anton Sugar has, but decided to stick with the plan of a non canon camera. It should be here from Japan in a couple of weeks. Looks near mint and the seller had a shot through the viewfinder and it was very bright. If this one doesn’t work out, I’ll give up for now and stick with my Canons. Here is the GSN. Not sure what I will do with it. I have a roll of expired film in it now to test it.
  4. Damn. Sorry to hear that Champ. I blame Pukas.
  5. I am happy with it, although I am not flying it as much as I thought I would. Some of that is due to weather. Also trying to come up with interesting shots that haven’t already been done a million times is challenging. But I think it’s fun and gives a new perspective. I don’t think you can go wrong with the mavic 2.
  6. Another yashica electro that is in good working condition.
  7. Yeah, they always do black, white and rotate a new color in. Often the next year that color is available for non Pros. You could get a Tacoma in cavalry blue but not the 4runners.
  8. It was sitting inside the gate of an abandoned funeral home. I wanted to try to find a way in, but too many folks walking around and it is not in the kind of hood you just fuck around in. My Yashica came in, but I am disappointed in the quality. Part of that is my fault. I am looking to buy another and either sell this one or just keep it as a shelf piece.
  9. Cavalry Blue is the right color for Tacoma and 4runner. I am about 45k miles away from swapping my 2013 Tacoma for a 4runner and wish that this shade of blue was available for the 2020 4runners. I guess I’ll end up with the magnetic grey or whatever.
  10. Just like the title says. Looking for a contractor that can come lay tile in my house. Obviously looking for quality work at the best price. Doing tile throughout entire house. Hoping to get labor around $10k.
  11. For the last few weeks it’s basically been all the Eyehategod and Black Cobra albums on shuffle. That’s mostly what’s been hitting the spot lately.
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