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  1. Yeah. Currently on a FEED for an FPU.
  2. Well fuck. The perfect storm we are in has now affected me. Just got the world that after next week the project is reducing everyone (well, most everyone’s) hours per week to 30. Yeah, I still have a job, but my gut feeling is this project gets mothballed.
  3. Anytime I see a firebird pop on this thread I shed a tear. Damn I wish I had not sold that 68. Fuck balls shit.
  4. Saw this woman in the 5th Ward/Denver Harbor area today. Asked for her picture. Not my usual portrait/street processing.
  5. Truth was convenient today so I dropped by. Operation was running smoother than the other day. Delicious as always.
  6. Great song. Big fan of Dirty Boots.
  7. I am more predisposed to this Asleep at the Wheel.
  8. Some new, some old, some alternate takes (DSLR and iPhone)...
  9. Patricio Swayze

    Noise Rock

    I don't recall if we have done this before. Kind of a genre that can be interpreted in very broad terms, however, I think the bands I am posting below definitely fit the noise bill. Yeah, some could maybe go in the heavy music thread. Maybe some could go in the stoner rock thread, but I feel like these stand out from those sub genres. I am 50/50 on whether this thread will make it to 10 posts.
  10. Not a great shot. Was sitting in my truck scarfing down the grimace proportions.
  11. Picked up some bbq from Leroy and Lewis. Beef cheeks, citra hop sausage and some venison and bacon sausage. Everything was outstanding.
  12. It’s surprising that some of y’all don’t know the location of the more common spots. But I am probably just a little too into to that kind of thing. The junior high is up in Georgetown. It has a Texas historical marker out front which is very briefly visible in the movie, which takes place in 1976. But if I remember correctly, those markers weren’t being used into 1977. I don’t think I have ever seen that mentioned when discussing “errors”. I don’t recall if the criterion collection edition includes deleted scenes. I think one was the 3 dorks stealing beer out of someone’s garage. A thread like this would be fun for Fandango. I thought I found the location of where Truman lands the plane near a grove of pecans but now can’t find it again.
  13. If I didn’t have kids to take care of, I would move to marathon right fucking now and become a desert weirdo you see walking along the highway on your way to big bend. And apparently I would be well fed. Goddamn life choices.
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