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  1. Exactly. A top tier bbq joint is as upscale as a care to go. I’m not some snooty dude with a powdered wig.
  2. I went looking for a gif/video of the triangle y’all are talking about. It’s actually not as deep as you think. Ortega’s left leg seemed to be a bit high (towards the head) and there was definitely a gap in there. Triangle will only work if you get solid pressure on both arteries. Edit: Just found this, good explanation of mechanics:
  3. Already mentioned above are my two favorite Austin BBQ joints, Valentina’s and L&L. Boteco, Brazilian good, is quite solid (but I haven’t only been once but will be going back).
  4. I really want to try Desert Oak BBQ. EL Paso is a cool town. I would like to spend some more time there.
  5. Who gives a rat’s ass about the rankings?!? I just want Texas to destroy everyone, especially TCU and OU. The rest will sort itself out.
  6. Ah misunderstood then…perhaps this? https://www.rallyhouse.com/Texas-Longhorns-Mens-Burnt-Orange-Arch-Short-Sleeve-Tank-Top-41022167?gclid=Cj0KCQjwtMCKBhDAARIsAG-2Eu_VQbFIW9EVqIFCB8lddnTsv1y6wAcbHokeixUNAF3AIT09dKvMfyMaApWHEALw_wcB
  7. Maybe this? https://m.epicsports.com/baseball/p/98235/index.html?trk=1602315547&campaignid=7624629998&adgroupid=84915873527&targetid=pla-315104105029&device=m&loc_physical_ms=9027638&matchtype=&adtype=&lsft=campaignid:7624629998,adgroupid:84915873527,device:m,loc_physical_ms:9027638,adtype:&gclid=Cj0KCQjwtMCKBhDAARIsAG-2Eu-7b79VXV7nKH3_NR16IVrsH6R7M0eOdnMkQQZXwW-CPOozKxV_xGQaAvMcEALw_wcB Link defaults to some hideous near aggy maroon color, but choose the color drop down has burnt Orange.
  8. Fuck TCU. Texas 45 cockroaches 27
  9. I didn’t see the fight, but one of the more frustrating things to watch in MMA is fighters/corners making and sticking to a game plan that doesn’t favor their strength. Numerous BJJ guys get into the ring and for some reason are hell bent on showing of their new and improved striking skills they picked up over the past 6 months. And it usually backfires.
  10. I really don’t wanna wait a week for another game. Can we at least skip ahead to Thursday?
  11. Gentlemen, we are 2/3s of the way into a perfect football weekend. Come on you fucking hillbillies, we will pay for your sister-wife’s braces if y’all can pull this out.
  12. Texaggy is fucking glorious. Those dickbags actually thought they would be in the playoffs this year.
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