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  1. Exactly the point. And while I think the federal government decriminalizing/legalizing marijuana would be a huge thing, for us in Texas, it doesn’t make a shit. Again, wake me up when I won’t lose my job for partaking at home when I have back pain or have trouble sleeping. The same as someone can enjoy a few drinks at home without the real possibility of losing their job. Now that would be awesome.
  2. Well, there is a Starbucks, grocery store, and a Mexican restaurant. I bet any number of employees there are holding. I am certain my next door neighbor is too. The point isn’t whether a Texan can go buy weed legally in an adjacent state. Weed would still be illegal in Texas. So why bother driving to fucking godawful Louisiana or even worse Oklahoma, just to bring it back and break the law? Just find a plug in the city you live in. Not hard. At all. And it would still be as legal.
  3. And? Changes nothing. I can drive two blocks away and get some and it would still be illegal in Texas regardless if it’s not legal in those states or at a federal level.
  4. Actually, dickhead Texas politicians might make even more hardline laws to spite the federal government. Own those libs (even if they are also republicans)!!!
  5. Working from home today and felt like getting a bbq sandwich from a place I hadn’t been before. Didn’t want to drive too far, so I rolled the dice on a place on 529 called Big Bertha’s Barbecue. I didn’t have high expectations…or really any expectation. I suspect any of y’all that have worked at or had meetings Oceaneering have been here. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. Sliced brisket sandwich was pretty damn good. Not saying it’s at the level of top tier joints, but I’ll probably drop in again for another. The jalapeño cheese bun was tasty. Jalapeño sausage was decent. sometimes you want to get some bbq without all the lines.
  6. Well, the prices line up with the quality. I don’t care how historic or true to H-Town, I thought their bbq was unimpressive.
  7. Agreed. I could only rep once, but loved the Zion shots especially.
  8. I guess I am in the minority and really liked that episode. I felt it was closer to a Seinfeld type episode than a Curb episode.
  9. I should say can be. And is almost always certainly annoying.
  10. Thanks for the invite asshole. Looks delicious.
  11. I think Jerry Callo told me that he watched some of Evan’s videos and he shows how to do.
  12. I was just texting with Ldogg about bbq and ended up scanning the 2017 Top 50 thread in the old country. Lulz. Some hilarious shit in there. Also, lamenting the price of a pound of bbq at $18. I wish.
  13. A woman I work with insists on calling baked potatoes “bakers”. Is this a thing? It’s trivial and annoying.
  14. Meh. I get it that it’s a step in the right direction. Well, a leap. But someone wake me up when every American isn’t under the threat of criminal penalties or losing their job for using a plant for recreational and medicinal purposes. This won’t change anything for me, my fucked up back and many, many other people.
  15. Y’all are putting too much faith in the government.
  16. Sorry, I meant I am trying to replace my core lenses with RF mount lenses so that I don’t have to keep switching the adaptor. 2 weeks ago I replaced my 50mm with the new RF version. I can’t afford to replace the 100-400mm, so I’d like to just keep the adaptor mounted to it and have a RF mount wide, 50mm and the RF 24-105mm. I was looking at the Samyang AF 14mm f/2.8 RF but am conflicted if I want a prime wide. I probably do, but I guess I am so used to my 12-24mm sigma I am second guessing myself.
  17. I am still using a "borrowed" copy that is a few years old. I think that is all I will need. I am trying to figure out where to spend money I shouldn't is replacing my wide angle lens with an RF mount version. But I am not trying to break the bank, so looking at 3rd party lenses. But I am not in love with any of them.
  18. Hahaha I was coming here to post this. Remembered this thread and figured I should check it first. So here is the video, you know, for scientific purposes… https://www.redgifs.com/watch/internalharmlessgallowaycow
  19. Yeah, I am going to try and stop using Instagram. Again, it’s great in theory, but the reality isn’t so good. However, I have discovered a lot of great photographers through it. I’ll likely just use it to promote when I have prints or books for sale.
  20. I’m setting a personal goal to not watch the game this week. Theoretically, at kick off, I will be sitting down to eat bbq at Hurtado’s. I hope they don’t have a TV. If they do, I will ask them to change the channel if the game is on. If they refuse, I will break it.
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