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  1. Yeah. Just north of town a bit up past Goleta. And the rates don't even make sense. Paid 85 bucks twilight at noon. Greens were in better shape than spyglass or Spanish.
  2. Ok, maybe not as easy as Coors, but they are cracker Jack boxes. And certainly easier than San Francisco, Petco and the ravine.
  3. Sandpiper today. I can't over-state how good this course is. Went through some hiccups for a while but the beanie baby guy bought it and is getting it back into shape.
  4. Gonzaga dropped from number 1 to number 2 after beating your team by 23. That's your place.
  5. Yeah, I get that. But I think he'd be better than carp. As much as I like him, I think his cherry has popped. Plus, Cincinnati and Milwaukee are as easy to hit in as Coors. Easier than the nl west.
  6. Will be interesting to see if they go hard for arenado. I dug ozuna and his bat could get hot but holy shit was he a terrible outfielder. It's like Dewitt wants to prove he can do it only spending 170 a year. I know they don't have Yankees or dodgers money to throw around but shit, crack the wallet and fix what needs fixing.
  7. Damn. That sucks, champ. Good luck in whatever is next.
  8. Davey helps but even with rhynes in check out mode for the last several years, I still can't believe how unlistenable that show is now. The wolf carried Corby like Jesus footprints to an extent even I couldn't comprehend.
  9. Yeah, I'm sure Kansas is real concerned with the NCAA doing anything to them. They proved they are untouchable and the NCAA is an impotent organization with it's mouth firmly attached to the only tit that makes them money.
  10. Good God I hope I've aged better than liv Tyler.
  11. I used to get him a long way from SF on 680 KNBR late night in high school driving home. He's always been an acquired taste, but I think his show is great.
  12. Honestly haven't listened to one second of the Hardline since the announcement. Just doesn't seem right.
  13. I don't think shredded means what she thinks it means
  14. Spanish bay today. What a fun little course. Won't even tell you fucks what I shot because no one cares. But honestly, might have been the best ballstriking day of my life. And lunch at the taproom after.
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