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  1. What the fuck do you even care you cougar cunt?
  2. So they can play Idaho state in November? Go fuck yourself
  3. Gonna be a lot of raping on the Brazos tonight. Prepare thine anus.
  4. Getting fisted sans lube tends to keep one awake.
  5. It's really really hard not to jump offsides.
  6. He's flat out saying it. He's a fucking dolt. Tough to keep up with all his name changes because he gets crowd sourced so often.
  7. Oh. Johnny, I apologize. I forgot you were there. You may go now.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/SMUFootball/videos/452354248719988/
  9. Good for shane. This is fun to watch.
  10. Stay in Palm desert or la Quinta or pga West or whatever, instead. Find a baby sitter and head to the nest. You're welcome.
  11. You aren't losing this game. Beavs are horrible
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