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  1. Sure hope Dak doesn't give his mom the covid
  2. I thought whomever saw it cut it down? No?
  3. Your mom took the length last night. Bing!
  4. If you don't even know what you want, a good place to start is a demo day somewhere. Most manufacturers will show up and you can just kind of hit everything if you want and get an idea of what direction you want to go before you show up at a fitter.
  5. Definitely not a fan boy.... don't even have an egg. I prefer the pizza from my cooker to the oven. Is it the best way to cook? No. But it's the best I have. I only do pizza 2 or 3 times a year so the mods or a dedicated oven aren't worth it to me. Maybe it would be like an if you build it they will come thing, but I doubt it.
  6. Definitely not too smokey. Maybe a touch more than a real wood fired pizza but not smoked smokey. I wouldn't want that. I get mine up to about 500 at the grate put the stone in and let it heat up for about half an hour then go. Works for me.
  7. Couple good ones on the stone in the kamodo tonight.
  8. Don't know. That's what sirois said on the ticket during the mix with Bad. Not sure where he got it. Could have been bad info. Should have checked before posting.
  9. Berger Stricker Hadley and Putnam all withdrew.
  10. @PittsburghTiger posted this video in the Nascar thread. Plenty of ropes in the garage with loops at the end.
  11. That's why this doesn't make any sense. I just kind of fast forwarded my way through that video and saw 6 or 7 rope pulls that were looped at the end. Why get noose traction when these things were all over the place?
  12. Found some fat strips at smith's (Kroger) today so did steak au poivre with oven roasted broccoli and bleu cheese and horse reddish mashed. A little pappy 15 to make it all go down. Did not suck. Happy fathers day you surly fucks.
  13. Nothing wrong with the pre ground. It's my go to for rubs. No way I'm hand grinding that much pepper for a cook.
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