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  1. pops

    Uniform Pron

    Worked out well for them
  2. I do too. Only chance once they got that close
  3. Couch burners better learn how to run. Passing isn't going to do it in this weather
  4. Larossa is the only choice for classics imo. I've had several pairs of classics refurbished by them and their work is truly amazing. Takes a bit of turnaround time but they are the answer to your question.
  5. Rhynes has plenty left in the tank.... you do afternoons for 15 years with the cobra and you start looking at the butterflies in the air.
  6. Despite oven issues at the place I'm renting this weekend.... best pork I've ever cook. I'm team dry brine, now. Wet brine can't touch it. This shit cut like a prime filet.
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