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  1. Hopefully his fake side strain will keep him out the rest of the year. I would have faked an injury after that performance, too.
  2. When do pitchers and catchers report?
  3. Sounds like ball striking inconsistency. Happens to all of us. Id say find a good pro and have them take a look. Or if you're really a glutton for punishment, upload a video of your swing. Plenty of armchair qb's around here that could offer criticism. Some of it may even be constructive!
  4. Pretty much perfect contact will lead to a ball speed 1.5x swing speed. What is your swing speed?
  5. That's a lot of hair to fit under a helmet
  6. Not saying you're wrong. But it sure seems like we've seen the new big money crowd kind of flame out after huge deals. Tiger doesn't count... he's been on a todd marinovich tear since age 2. Phil is Phil. Rory hasn't won a major in 6 years. Like i said... just a theory but it seems a lot easier now to not worry about purses and trophies when you never have to worry about money again. But...bryson has a different brain. Will be interesting to see. That was one of the all time great closing rounds. Edit to add.... there are so many great players now that I don't know if anyone is good enough to blow the field away for a sustained period. I also wonder if brysons body will be able to handle the extra weight without injury. Koepkas clearly hasn't.
  7. He might. None of the younger guys have sustained a career after signing a huge deal. I dont know what he has with puma/cobra but I'm sure it isn't what rory or Jordan or Ricky got. But I'll bet his agent is on the phone right now. Tough to keep the focus with 100mm in the bank. His brain is weird enough he might do it though. I don't like him, and I think that's fine. Golf needs a heel. Except for Reed. Fuck that guy.
  8. He hasn't come close to adding 40 lbs of muscle. Only way to do that in that amount of time is serious roids. He's bigger. He's stronger, but not 40lbs of muscle.
  9. Only chance Wolff has now is bryson has a heart attack
  10. That was pretty fucking great
  11. Plus he injects them with his marinade. Do. Not. Want.
  12. No question. Definitely easier when it feels like a college tourney out there.
  13. He's been hitting some unreal shots out of the rough.
  14. Reed starting to leak oil. Can't keep missing fairways. I hate that fuck.
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