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7 hours ago, Fozzz said:

In any pluralistic electoral system, there is going to be a party that represents the interests of the ruling class.  Hating Republicans for being that party in our system is kind of ridiculous to me - of course they're bad, they represent the interests of people who want to take as much from you as they can get away with, and they will use any means necessary to do so.  Politics is real life, it's not a game where everyone is required to play according to a set of agreed upon rules.  Unless you prefer a single party state there will always be Tories, Republicans, etc.  However, in a functioning pluralistic system, there should be a party that represents the interests of people who are not part of that ruling class.  Currently, this is where nominally the democrats enter the picture.  They are the ones who are supposed to be on "our" side, so it's reasonable to expect more from them than from the Republicans who are our enemies by definition.  This is why I criticize dems.  

I take it that you didn't see my questions? 

I'm not sure who you're addressing about hating GOPs because they are the party of "the ruling class." Seems like a dodge to me.

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