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Avengers 4 - *Insert Preferred Title Here*

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Not a Marvel fan.  

1. Didn't feel like 3 hours (good)

2.  A little slow in the first part but generally well paced.  (good)

3.  best athlete got the longest part of the run  (funny)

4.  metoo moment  (smh)

5.  does Ozzy get credited?  (weak)

overall I'd give it a strong "B".  Saw probably a little over half of the full list included.  This was probably the best imo, but again, I am not a Marvel fan so it's purely entertainment for me, like watching ohio state skullfuck Michigan last year.


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Was going to take the 8 and 10 year old this weekend.  They've seen most Marvel movies, including Infinity War.  Is this one any worse?

Some age appropriate site says this:


Parents need to know that Avengers: Endgame is the final film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's current generation of movies, bringing together storylines and characters from 21 previous movies, starting with 2008's Iron Man. Families with younger kids should know that there's definitely as much intense violence (decapitation, explosions, stabbings, impalement, crushing, shooting, etc.), and even more pain, trauma, and grief here than there was in Avengers: Infinity War. Spoiler alert: A couple of beloved characters die, which will prove particularly upsetting. The language is similar to that in previous movies (mostly uses of "s--t," "ass," "d--k" -- even Captain America swears this time!), but there's no romance beyond a few brief embraces and kisses between established couples; a very minor male character talks about dating another man. Thor drinks a lot to numb his pain. Those who haven't seen any of the previous MCU installments should at least watch Infinity War and Captain America: Civil War to follow the plot, but those who are familiar with the movies and comics will be rewarded with plenty of inside jokes and references. With themes of courage, teamwork, and perseverance, this epic Avengers finale is the ultimate gift to Marvel fans -- they'll laugh, cry, and cheer as their favorite superheroes team up to save the universe one more time.

That makes it sounds like an episode of GOT, which would not be cool.

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2 hours ago, Jersey Man10 said:

Wait, he was serious?

Me?  Yeah. Felt like I laid it out there pretty clearly. Taking 8 and 10 year old. I’ve been cool with them seeing all the other Marvel flicks.  Read review saying this one was more violent than others. Asking if true, as I haven't seen it.  Got answer, gave rep, and don’t feel lame about the question. 

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