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  1. I've seen a few tv spots for Sylestine . . . emphasizes "tough on crime"
  2. Never underestimate the naiveté of the average Austin voter.
  3. Also, this is correct. Different director - actually directors - for this episode. I agree it was pretty evident.
  4. I agree - the two leads are really the only thing I don't like about this show. It's probably not the characters either . . . just the actors, or the way they are playing them.
  5. I briefly flipped on NW-LSU, and Singelton was behind home plate on his phone. Lulz.
  6. I'm excited to see how we do against top competition. I know we are going to drop a few along the way with this schedule, so I'm prepared for that. I want to see how we handle adversity. Of course I remember in 22, we looked like dogshit for this tournament and ended going to the WCWS championship.
  7. Same boat: #2 in my 6A high school, 1500 SAT, coasted through school, bla bla, but my kids are not scholars. Except along the way I got a PhD instead of going to law school. It was there - taking graduate level classes in math and econometrics - that I realized I was far from the smartest guy in the room. I had to study my ass off just to figure out what hell was going on. It was quite humbling and I learned how to be good student. So my advice is to give up your law career and get a PhD in math. You will then have good study habits to teach your kids.
  8. I've always called her out for her illegal pitching, but they actually changed the rules this year to allow crow-hopping. I kinda feel bad for her, but I hated all the strutting around she did as an OU player. Although I have seen multiple interviews with her and she seems like a very down-home small town girl. The point is, OU sucks.
  9. why steal from the car when you can just steal the car?
  10. nice to see Simpson close it out. UCLA looking like dogshit to start the season. Down 9-1 to OSU.
  11. Since there is no other softball thread . . . fun times with Cal at UL in the rain. Former horns coaches involved.
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