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  1. It looks like they shot the night scenes in the day and darkened them, which was quite common in the old days (e.g., opening scene of Jaws). I figured they did this in part due to all the bitching about the battle of winterfell being too dark to see. I could see the night stuff just fine, but found it a little slow as always, before things picked up. Does anyone else have trouble quickly following which kids belong to whom? I always have to ask myself which one belongs to which.
  2. the second video caught my eye due to the jean shorts booty and how the fuck did they afford an audi? Stolen?
  3. A players only meeting? In week 4 of season 2? That seems way ahead of schedule and is usually the kiss of death, followed only by the dreaded vote of confidence press release by the AD.
  4. It's a counterpoint because Sark makes bad staff decisions, which is one reason he's always been a mediocre (at best) HC. But yes, Stoops>what we've got.
  5. We've been fighting this war for over a decade. I'm not sure there are many pumpers left.
  6. Narratively, no. But for HBO to stretch this thing as long as they can, yes.
  7. "With the close of the regular season, I want to reiterate that Tom Herman is our coach," Del Conte added. Del Conte later confirmed in a phone call with the American-Statesman that his statement means Herman will be UT's coach in 2021. A second UT source confirmed this as well. Herman could not be reached for comment. link cheap talk from a guy that doesn't really run things anyway.
  8. I thought the rats were just symbolic. You know, art and all that shit.
  9. Two things on the Gimp storyline that bother me: 1) If he wanted to kill his father and brother for power, he could have done that at anytime; such an act at this time was supposed to be a bid to help Allicent (we are to assume I guess). But what she primarily wanted was for people to admit she was right and the Princess' kids were illegitimate. Getting her Dad back as hand was secondary, and likely could have been accomplished with a 5 minute conversation with the King ("yeah, I talked to the hand and the reason he wants to resign is precisely what I told you about that is now obvious to everyone - your daughter is banging his son and bore his kids). It's as if the queen said "man, I really want X," so the Gimp says "great, I'll do Y." More background on his thinking here would have been much more helpful from an audience standpoint. 2) he cuts the dudes' tongues out so they can't say anything about the super duper secret mission they are on, yet they wear his little bug emblem on their chest. OK.
  10. Yeah, I liked this episode. But I thought the cripple’s motivation for killing his Dad and brother was poorly developed.
  11. it's looking like a repeat of 5-7 is a real possibility. These polls have always been depressingly hilarious among Texas fans for the last decade.
  12. To answer the OP's question, yes. Starting in 2019, I resigned myself to the fact that unless we have some miraculous hiring outcome in the next go around, we will be mediocre for a long time in football. It's just who we are. We totally fucked the pooch in 2021 with the Sark hire, so I knew we were in for another 3-5 years of misery and disappointment. Maybe we will get it right with the next guy. It seems doubtful though. We need to pull a George Costanza and do exactly the opposite in terms of our hiring instincts.
  13. I guess "if we only had Ewers!" is a straw worth grasping at if you want an unobservable counterfactual to keep your hope alive. Whatever gets you through the night I suppose. Even with Ewers we'd still have a head coach that can't hire or manage a staff, who knows fuck all about defense, can't make adjustments in game, and turtles repeatedly down the stretch in big games. Even with a great QB, and this, that and the other, our ceiling with Sark at the helm is likely 8-4; that's who he is as a coach - he's shown it repeatedly many times, and the evidence is there for anyone willing to look at it objectively. But I'm not sure we know if Ewers is that great of a QB. Yes, he's very likely better than Card, but we've seen him play 5 quarters of football. He could turn out to be mediocre for all we know.
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