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  1. Checking in. Flight cancelled after we taxied out to the runway and sat there for 10 minutes or so. Pilot came on and said they had “paperwork issues.” He came on 5 minutes later saying paperwork was resolved but the crew had timed out so we needed to go back to the gate. That took an hour because no gates were available. Once at the gate, the pilots messed up the park job, so they had to call over a tug to push us back a foot or so. That took another 30 minutes. I was so discombobulated fucking around on the app trying to rebook to another flight that I forgot my iPad on the plane. Lulz. After a combination of waiting in line for 1.5 hours and wheeling/dealing on the phone, they rebook us for tomorrow, but send our bags on another flight back home without asking. So we are stuck overnight in a hotel I had to pay for (the only close voucher hotel did not have a room big enough for us) without bags. In short, fuck American. Top to bottom, from the pilots to the gate agent to the baggage office, no one seemed to give a shit. The flight attendant was at least somewhat apologetic. Finally, I may have seen Art Acevedo on the flight. He looked kinda rough. At least we didn’t get raped.
  2. bienvenue à la fête copain! —Jean McLain
  3. I doubt that's him in NYC. I bet he was drunk/high/shaken up from the crash, wandered off and died of exposure/dehydration. That's more common than people realize. For example, a serial killer was discovered in Long Island because a stoned call girl ran away from a john into a marsh, got lost and exhausted, and died. In the search, they found her, plus a bunch more random bodies from an unrelated serial killer by happenstance. I also saw an episode of Disappeared once where a chick had a psychotic break after a bout of drinking and she wandered from door to door in a neighborhood, got lost in a greenbelt, and then died of dehydration/exposure. Shit's fucked up.
  4. The "I'm not really sure I liked it" vibe of this thread is not really making me want to rush out and see it.
  5. yeah - that's what I figured. The hospital surveillance stats we have are pretty meaningless.
  6. I'm guessing the vast majority of the small but growing spike is "with, not for," but after 2+ years of this I guess we'll never get that data. I don't think anyone really gives a shit anyway.
  7. the forcefield indeed fucking annihilated the rain bands heading to Austin. Undefeated.
  8. at least they forecast it now.
  9. This movie is likely dogshit, but I'm such a pussy, I couldn't finish the trailer.
  10. you appear to have a large rain penis over your head. Time to move.
  11. one would think, since only 9 can play in a game, that we'd get more leftovers, portal or otherwise. Sigh. Sure. But it seems like we need more. Pitching and power hitting.
  12. any thoughts on why we don't seem to be as successful getting "top dogs" from the portal? I thought for sure we would parlay our WCWS into more portal success.
  13. Yeah, they always do that to us.
  14. great to hear - your husband will be thrilled.
  15. There’s a 30% chance of rain on Thursday!!!
  16. We had this discussion above. Yes, somethings off. Coke or surgery or both.
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