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  1. Four. John Lewis and Stirling Moss. But if one person hits on his under forty pick all my hard work will have been for nothing.
  2. Stoogey

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    So. Who's your under 40 pick for the death pool?
  3. No. Player won the 2018 pool with rapper C Struggs. The celebrity has to be verifiable and death has to be confirmed. Wikipedia is the best method.
  4. Used to hire temps to do landscaping work around the apartment complex I own. (CNN) February 20, 2007 -- All Nathan Moore says he wanted to do was smoke pot and get drunk with his friends. Killing Rex Baum was never part of the plan that day in 2004. "It all started off as a game," Moore said. The 15-year-old and his friends were taunting the homeless man -- throwing sticks and leaves -- after having a couple of beers with him. No big deal, Moore says, but he's sorry for what came next. It was a mistake, he said, a sudden primal surge that made him and his friends Luis Oyola, 16, and 17-year-old Andrew Ihrcke begin punching and kicking Baum. "Luis says 'I'm gonna go hit him,' We're all laughing, thought he was joking around,'" but he wasn't, Moore concedes. "We just all started hitting him." They hurled anything they could find -- rocks, bricks, even Baum's barbecue grill -- and pounded the 49-year-old with a pipe and with the baseball bat he kept at his campsite for protection. Ihrcke smeared his own feces on Baum's face before cutting him with a knife "to see if he was alive," Moore said. After destroying Baum's camp, the boys left the homeless man -- head wedged in his own grill -- under a piece of plastic where they hoped the "animals would eat" him. Then, Moore says, they took off to grab a bite at McDonald's. Baum's murder was indicative of a disturbing trend. A National Coalition for the Homeless report says last year, there were 122 attacks and 20 murders against the homeless, the most attacks in nearly a decade. Police found Baum's body two days after the teens attacked him. They bragged about it around town. Police picked them up and they described what happened. Ihrcke told police that killing "the bum" reminded him of playing a violent video game, a police report shows. All three teens pleaded no contest to first degree reckless homicide charges and went to prison. Moore recently turned 18 at Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin, where he is serving a 15 year sentence. "When [the beating] stops, you say, 'What did we just do?'" he told CNN. "There's no rational explanation." (Watch teen explain how "game" became tragedy ) Teenage 'amusement' "It's disturbing to know that young people would literally kick someone when they're already down on their luck," said Michael Stoops, the executive director of the Washington-based National Coalition for the Homeless. "We recognize that this isn't every teenager, but for some this passes as amusement." Criminologists call these wilding sprees "sport killing," -- largely middle-class teens, with no criminal records, assaulting the homeless with bats, golf clubs, paintball guns. Some teens have even taped themselves in the act. Others have said they were inspired by "Bumfights," a video series created in 2002 and sold on the Web that features homeless people pummeling each other for the promise of a few bucks. A segment called "Bum Hunter," hosted by a Crocodile Hunter-like actor wearing a safari outfit, shows him "tagging" homeless people by pouncing on them and binding their wrists. The distributors of "Bumfights" have claimed they've sold hundreds of thousands of copies. But the company has had to deal with a couple of legal issues unrelated to the Baum case. Last year, three former homeless stars of "Bumfights" won a civil suit against filmmakers. Santa Monica attorney Mark Quigley, who represented Rufus Hannah, known as "Rufus the Stunt Bum" to series' fans, said he is unable to disclose the amount of the settlement. Also, in July 2006, a California judge ordered "Bumfights'" producers Ryan McPherson and Zachary Bubeck to spend 180 days in jail for failing to perform community service related to guilty pleas they previously entered to charges of staging illegal street fights. "Bumfights" directors did not answer CNN's request for an interview. This poor guy ended up a suicide after years of putting up with being recognized as the kacking victim. (AP) _ Two of three women accused of attacking a man with an ax in a ritual honoring Jack the Ripper pleaded guilty Friday and agreed to testify against the third. Catherine Lipsham, 22, and Ramona Barry, 27, both of Milwaukee, pleaded guilty in Circuit Court to attempted first-degree intentional homicide in the May 29 attack on the 26-year-old man, Jeffrey Meka. Assistant District Attorney Mark Williams agreed to seek seek at most eight years in prison for each of the two women in exchange for their testimony against Deborah Kazuck, 26. Ms. Kazuck’s trial is set to begin Monday with jury selection in Madison. Sentencing for Ms. Lipsham and Ms. Barry is set for May 25. According to the criminal complaint, the three woman told police they planned to dismember the victim’s body, drain his blood and eat his kidneys in a ritual they believed would bring Jack the Ripper back to life. The women called the attack a ″kacking″ a combination of ″killing″ and ″Jack,″ the complaint said. Police said Ms. Kazuck told officers she wanted to commit the attack to prove her love for Jack the Ripper, the famous 19th century British serial killer, whom she said she believed was her son in a previous life. The complaint said Ms. Barry lured the man to an apartment she shared with Ms. Lipsham on the city’s south side, saying she was alone and frightened by a storm. Meka man told police that he heard something move in the shower while he was in the bathroom. He said he pushed the curtain and found the other two women. Ms. Kazuck allegedly held an hatchet with a two-handed grip, raised it above her head, began chanting ″redrum″ and struck Meka man on his forehead just above his left eye, police said. ″Redrum″ - murder spelled backward - is an term taken from ″The Shining,″ Steven King’s novel about supernatural violence, the complaint said. Meka told police he ran into the street and flagged down an ambulance, which took him to a hospital. The gash required 50 stitches. All three defendants originally pleaded innocent by reason of insanity and were evaluated for competence by two psychiatrists. Each was found competent to stand trial. Rodney Brzezinski tried robbing a bank armed with a monkey wrench. The guy waiting in line to cash his paycheck on his way home from work behind him was a police officer. In uniform. Rodney didn't even make it to the sidewalk. Started using a landscaping service after that.
  5. Alan Alda Sean ConneryRuth Bader GinsburgRolf HarrisJohn LewisStirling MossWilliam ShatnerTekashi 69Phil Spector Alex Trebek
  6. I knew a guy who could fart on cue. He'd do a credible rendition of the Jeopardy! theme. You'd recognize the song. Sounded like a sad trombone.
  7. Turn off your fucking Tapatalk signature, asshole.
  8. $29,631 https://www.gofundme.com/ryker-alexey-amp-megan-memorial-fund
  9. I still don't think you understand how this works. Why would anyone choose a celebrity over one hundred years of age? Negative point value. RPM 6. Which puts you in second place.
  10. Thanks, Mustang. I've been away for a while.
  11. 10940636 EDDY SAVANNA 1900518 01/05/2019 2731-0 HARASSMENT OF A PUBLIC SERVANT
  12. Stop being a lazy bitch and research the press coverage. It is available.
  13. No. Did not happen in Milwaukee. Jay Anderson's family insists he wasn't going for his gun and is suing for wrongful death. Why don't you look up the video on the internet and watch it for yourself? It was the race of the officer that changed the protesters' minds. As I mentioned, the protesters were shocked there is an African-American officer. There isn't. There are three. It was the topic du jour on the black talk radio stations.
  14. Jazmine Barnes murderer was identified as a white male and some people assumed the shooting was racially motivated. Protesters assumed the officer was white and the shooting was racially motivated. Once the protesters became aware the officer was African-American and the shock and surprise wore off, the saber rattling died down. We are all adults and don't want to see anything bad happen to anyone especially a little kid. At the same time, don't make matters worse.
  15. Looks like you picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.
  16. A police officer killed a black male in my sleepy little suburb in 2016. They left out the part about Anderson never having a legitimate job and being a known drug dealer. His fiance, Starkeisha Delarosa, said he was a good father to their child, "play basketball so when the school year starts he can know how to dribble a ball, catch a football, potty train my baby." Did not provide financial assistance or live with them. Black protestors poured into my city. Justice For Jay! At work, my wife had to put up with a lot of crap from her black co-workers. The chief of police finally released the dashcam video at the December press conference. Plainly evident was Jay Anderson lunging for the gun. And it was a revelation to the protesters that Officer Mensah is African-American. "I didn't know you had a black officer!" We don't. We have three. You racist bastards assumed he was white. No apologies received means less Christmas cards to send.
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