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  1. This business will get out of control. It’ll get out of control and we’ll be lucky to live through it.
  2. When I was 12, I helped my daddy build a bomb shelter in our basement.
  3. Classic wives and the stupid shit they say: "I don't understand what Wichita has to do with a snowstorm in Chicago. What's going on, Neal?"
  4. Anyone who'd pay $50 for a cab...would certainly pay $75.
  5. Another sale, Mr. Costanza! Chalk me up on the big board!
  6. Is this your first rebellion?
  7. "The empire is a disease, that thrives in darkness. It is never more alive than when we sleep." JEEESSUUS. I think I'm ready to fight now, too.
  8. You wish to add something to our discussion, DOCTOR Ryan?
  9. I’m usually very good with names but I’ll be damned if I haven’t forgotten yours.
  10. Holy shit, I’ve watched this twice but I forget to post in the moment, so now I’m fuzzy on details again. Supposedly Marva is already turned to bricks (or a brick) but they won’t let her pet droid inspect it yet? I think something is up with that, as has been suspected here. As said they never showed her death, just something wrapped in a sheet and everyone believed it. Everything with Luthen is just so good. Skarsgard is just perfect for that role. Is Mon about to get a 400k credit infusion from the Aldhani raid stash? Avatar checks out.
  11. So if I’m a driver trying to beat another driver…what do I think if I’m handed a free position without earning it? The whole thing seems weird to me. Checo wants and prob deserves 2nd in driver standings but what does it mean if certain parts are just handed to him?
  12. Have we talked about this? I thought it was gonna come down to me and Scraps but Redneck Mutha now has one hell of a 4th quarter comeback brewing. RIP to the deceased, of course.
  13. As I'm watching Mon with Davo Sculdun I kept thinking "Jesus this guy sounds and really reminds me of Stephen Dillane." Turns out it's Stephen's brother, Richard Dillane.
  14. I just flipped over to 58 YEAR OLD Martha MacCallum. Jesus Christ she's hot as fuck for 58.
  15. Fuck yes so happy to see this thread. Going for 10-11 days next Sept. Flying into Osaka, flying out of Tokyo. Hitting all points in between and doing a day trip to Hiroshima. Keep the recs coming!
  16. In a small conundrum here…booked plane tickets today for Japan next Sept and having a real crisis on how to handle the race. Our company will let us modify our package through the end of this month…we currently have two champions club tickets with grid-walk access on Saturday only. Is rain pretty normal for Suzuka? Sept is right in the middle of typhoon season. Wondering if we should modify to Saturday only and save some $$ or just stick with the sat & sun package we booked.
  17. No, but for 42 she’s def hitting the imperial gyms. One thing is for sure, Syril will never get it. That scene is still so weird to me.
  18. This series is so good it has me wanting a Business Breakdowns style podcast or article on the dynamics behind the Empire and the employees of the ISB, in particular. I wonder if Dedra gets weekends off.
  19. If committee put LSU #10 then Vols will def be #1.
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