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  1. Sorry for partying? Blame Speedtrucker and his ringing endorsement of the 716i in the gun owners thread that made be buy one
  2. I shot my first buck a few weeks ago. On the approach to the blind that morning, I could see a big owl sitting on top of the blind, silhouetted against the sky by the night fires. I wasn't keen to get too close to the blind with it up there, and I was worried that running the owl off might spook the deer. When I finally closed the gap, it alit with absolute silence and was gone over the brush. Pretty cool to experience that. There would be blood on my hands shortly after
  3. shhhhh don't forget dream wings. we got that chicken here man
  4. I'm likely going to be in the market for a modern sporting rifle in the near future, and am looking at something in 7.62 / .308. I stumbled across a Sig 716i at Collectors recently that includes a nikon .308 optic for $1950. That sent me down the rabbit hole of the quasi-AR10 platforms, the Indian army requisition of the 716i for the Northern Command, the new Ruger SFAR, SA Saint Victor. Anybody have any trigger time on any of them? I'm leaning towards the Sig, if only because I'm leery to jump into the first gen Ruger, even if it is a ruger. Midway has the sig without optic for $1499. Hard to argue with that logic. I'm not terribly interested in building anything in AR10. If I was inclined to tinker I'd drop down to AR15, but I need something that packs a bigger punch on hogs and something I can use to hunt whitetail from time to time
  5. If you're among the surly literati, I highly recommend this. I waited months for the audiobook through Libby, and blazed through the 19 hours a couple of months ago. It won't win a pulitzer, but if you liked the movie, you will like this book. https://www.amazon.com/Heat-2-Novel-Michael-Mann/dp/0063241986
  6. 2022 Batch 1 made 10/30 and largely consumed. Still hanging on to a bottle of Alton's from 2021. Will make more after Thanksgiving. Those who deny the nog live sad and empty lives
  7. interview with Gilroy in Rolling Stone https://www.rollingstone.com/tv-movies/tv-movie-features/tony-gilroy-andor-season-two-michael-clayton-sequel-1234597770/
  8. modular hoop house? Hammer a couple lengths of rebar into the ground, then bend a length of 1/2" pvc between them. Poly sheeting over the hoop, clipped in place and weighted on the ground? Put a lamp in there with the maters
  9. rolling in the luffa over here in Houston
  10. Headed down to Whitsett last Friday night. Ominous start to the weekend when I ran over a deer carcass in the middle of 59 outside Victoria. I don't recommend it. I don't have night vision so I stayed in Friday night and headed out to the blind in the morning. Didn't see much that morning. Set up on the range and checked the zero on my 30-30 at 100 yds. Running around pulling cameras and filling feeders mid-day Saturday, caught a coyote down the sendero and tried an ambitious 200 yd downhill shot but missed. I saw on the cameras there were pigs coming out to the main feeder around 4:45 the last couple of days, so I finished up my chores and got into the blind around 3:00. They didn't show, and the deer were fairly unimpressive, but towards dusk a group of four large pigs crossed the sendero about 250 yds out, marking the first time I've seen pigs live, and in daylight, since we got the place last year. Much too far out and moving too quickly to attempt a shot, I'd hoped they would loop back around to the feeder but they didn't. Closer to dark, I was watching three doe at the feeder when two got spooked by something to the right and ran off into the brush to the left. A moment later, a coyote comes looping through after them. After that, another pops into sight, eyeballing the remaining doe, but I can't get a clean shot at it. First it lingers behind the leg of the feeder, then it moves to the left so that the doe is directly between us, then it's gone off after its running buddy. Waited till dark, bagged it in, and went back to the house and drank E.Craig while making dinner and listening to the last couple hours of Heat 2. Planning to make an early break Sunday, as I was still uncertain of the extent of the damage to my car and facing 250 miles back to Houston, I went out to set the clocks on the feeders back an hour for DST. We have one feeder near the house in a field of several acres we cleared last fall, so I headed to that one first. Grabbed my rifle on the way and as I passed the barn, I thought about grabbing my shooting sticks but didn't. Coming through a clearing into the house field, I rounded a corner and there were pigs down past the feeder, 100-125 out. I took a knee, but couldn't get into a prone position because I had my binoculars on my chest and the sounder was now looking straight at me and were right alongside the edge of brush. I didn't want to risk waiting on them to turn broadside, so I picked a face out of the group and took a shot steadying the rifle on my knee. Missed that one too, but it's good to finally lay eyes on some pigs after all this time. And a weekend at the ranch trying unsuccessfully to shoot swine is still a weekend at the ranch, even for a hungry pilgrim. Heat 2 was badass. I recommend it bigly. Car damage was $1500 and counting. /CSB
  11. Do we do audiobooks here, too? I finally gave in a few months ago and have been tearing through them on long drives. I've been using Libby app via the Houston Public Library, so there's often a wait for popular titles - which is actually kind of fun as it lends an air of anticipation to a book, some more than others. Had to wait a couple of months for this: https://www.vulture.com/2022/08/michael-manns-first-novel-heat-2-is-a-work-of-obsession.html I'm about 6 hours of 19 into it, and it is pretty good so far. The dude who narrates it gets Pacino's voice pretty close. Pure fan fiction, but if you enjoyed the movie, you'll enjoy the book.
  12. it gets better with every rewatch. Watch Orla in the background. She's ridiculous
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