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  1. Beef fajita party pack for one, mixed torts, refried beans, extra guac instead of rice. Monday night staple from Mr. Tiempo for ~$30 easily feeds 2. At 290 location they often give you the big queso...
  2. I rented a Ricoh GRIII for our recent trip to Italy.
  3. we saw them doing some sort of kick off event in one of the Piazzas in Florence and I was utterly perplexed. This explains
  4. We have just returned from our trip. I am going to need a few days to collect my thoughts, but suffice it to say we had a wonderful time. 2 full days in Florence, long weekend in Rome (with palm sunday at Ninfa Gardens/Sicily-Rome American Cemetery/Anzio), and 4.5 days in Napoli. More to come as I curate the 1600 photos. Napoli was as incredible as I’d hoped. If you are only stopping through en route to Amalfi/Capri etc/points furthet south, you are missing out. We booked a food tour through Culinary Backstreets that I can’t speak highly enough about. I will gladly seek out their offerings in other cities, and wouldn’t balk at doing the tour in Napoli again. Pos rep to PW for some solid recs. The margherita at 50 Kalo on our pilgrim route to Virgil’s Tomb was a masterpiece of simplicity that will live in my dreams until I die. Butter chicken at Sostanza in Florence will be something I feebly attempt to recreate for the rest of my days. Lmk if any of you assholes has an olive grove I could use a steaming hot cup of octopus broth right about now.
  5. We visited Escorial and Segovia. Both were great. In Madrid, I recommend the Museo de las Americas. It's basically all of the plundered antiquities of the new world. And a very enlightening exhibit on race-mixing. And shrunken heads
  6. casa paco pa pizza off the puerta del sol chocolateria san gines for churros & chocolate all of the other nameless places with croquetas y cervezas
  7. it ain't new but I had the H-Town Chorizo Carbonara at Mastrantos for the 100th time last night and it slammed and went hard in the paint for the 100th time
  8. Brat there is an estate sale in Steiner this weekend you will want to check out if you are in striking distance. A bunnch of reloading gear and obscure caliber ammo 12506 canyon glen
  9. if you make your way back through Antigua, eat at Tartine's
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