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  1. 3 hours ago, tx 3 putt said:


    Don’t forget that Greg wasn’t alone in his foreign trip during Beryl. One of the people with him was a top exec of CenterPoint who was representing them with foreign business interests.

    He’s not going to do anything to centerpoint that centerpoint won’t agree to behind closed doors.

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  2. 9 minutes ago, Schulz2.0 said:

    At least as of now, you have a sizeable Arab population in Michigan that don't turn out like they did in 2020.


    True that some don't like Biden's stance on Israel/Palestine but their other choice is to actively or passively support Trump who uses Muslim as a slur. Trump will happily send them back if they're immigrants and perhaps even if they're Americans.

  3. 15 minutes ago, aggie08 said:

    Well that looks staged as fuck.

    Do people really fish in the bayous at an overpass? Two, never let strangers get that close to you. 

    But this situation plus having the perfect camera angle makes me think it's fake too.

  4. 34 minutes ago, Zonahorn said:


    Joe Biden is the nominee and staying in the race. Can we focus on Trump?


    and head coaches have the full confidence of the athletic director/owner, until they don't. Or the CEO has the entire board supporting them 100%, until they don't.

    A named senior advisor or campaign official will not be the one to announce that Biden is or should consider dropping out.

  5. 2 minutes ago, tx 3 putt said:

    95% of voters have decided

    Itll come down moms in the burbs, getting out the young female vote and immigrants  imo

    Any immigrant that doesn’t vote D or Stays at home is one dumb mother fucker. Stephen miller would rather see your entire family  dead than in the us 

    Surprising (and or throwing votes)  in Miami, Philadelphia, phoenix, Milwaukee, and Atlanta will also be very huge for the R’s 


    1 minute ago, Goofyboy said:

    Gen Z seems to give a shit. They are the generation that got to live through being shot at in schools and lock down drills and it’s only gotten worse. A lot of them are or have been voting age for a bit and should show up this time. Maybe.

    the Biden flaw is that he can't easily speak on his platform to protect women's rights and other issues that matter to many. I believe his surrogates can do so but people tune in to hear the candidate not their cabinet officials or senators. 

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  6. 8 minutes ago, Js1 said:

    I also fail to see why they're going to lose NV and Omaha.  Omaha went pretty convincingly for Biden.  NV is impossible to poll - even Trump couldn't win it in 2016. 

    Don't disagree. To me the only state that is most likely to flip back red is GA. Perhaps I'm stuck on history and stereotypes but it's tough to think GA votes blue again. 

    And to show my math:

    • AZ - Kari Lake running for Senate is a huge liability for Trump
    • MI - Whitmer is popular, and the MI GOP is still reeling. (edit-misspelled her name)
    • PA - Strong Dem senators and governor.
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  7. 9 hours ago, AbeFroman said:

    What are you fucking doing running up there in traffic with a gun in your hand...Only two results are going to happen, you are either going to jail maybe prison, because you know people are filming, or you're going to catch some coming back at you, which is what happened.

    This type of incident is why I'm opposed to people walking around with guns. They see red for whatever reason, and they grab their gun. Too many people cannot control their emotions and they want to show someone that you can't screw with them.


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  8. 29 minutes ago, Red Five said:

    Are we sure that it would? Would there be some value in the push to make her the first female president?


    20 minutes ago, Enchubben said:

    IMO her being the first female President as result of Biden resigning actually hurts her (or another woman for president) for the election in November.  The "novelty" of the first woman president will be diminished if Harris already was one for several months and is less of a talking point for the election.  

    I don't see many (any?) deciding to vote against her or stay home, because they want a female President but Harris had already been elevated due to a Biden resignation. 

  9. 10 hours ago, bolverk said:

    Exactly. Vance's moneybags mentor, Peter Thiel, said he "no longer believes that freedom and democracy are compatible." In other words, he wants to be able to do whatever he likes without all the baggage of democracy. I have no doubt that's exactly what Trump, Vance, and the rest of them feel.

    This is why there is a quiet campaign to keep telling MAGA that the US is not a democracy. The average MAGA person doesn’t understand the consequences but they can parrot the line and they won’t complain when they lose their vote.

    and if you don’t believe that MAGA wants to drop democracy, look no further than the Texas gop calling for an end to popular vote for state officials. 

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  10. On 7/17/2024 at 9:12 PM, tx 3 putt said:


    On Jan 20th, Trump will sign executive orders for many if not all Project 2025 initiatives.

    what might slow them down is the recent SCOTUS ruling (overturning chevron)  moving power from the Admin to the Legislative/Judicial branches. Sane people might be able to slow down project 2025 by suing that their inevitable agency decisions are not theirs to make.

  11. 3 hours ago, tx 3 putt said:

    a good minority until the run out of bad minorities to harass / round up 


    maga will quickly eat their own

    MAGA is ok with some minorities if they have a good paying job. Of course if your job is answering a phone, you better not have an accent or the MAGA caller will demand to talk to an American. Meaning a white person.

    you know that gop strategists have already decided how they can avoid Vance’s wife and kids names being mentioned in most campaign  situations. Silicon Valley being an exception.

  12. 22 minutes ago, Bert Orange said:

    Because God forbid they bury the fuckers. 

    Tax payers and electricity customers are not going to pay to bury the lines. And we know Austin isn't going to fund it.


    23 minutes ago, SydneyCarton said:

    And yet most of Oak Forest was still the last to receive power. 

    I'm guessing that most of Oak Forest still has pre-existing lines and the new poles/lines cannot protect lines downstream.

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