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  1. As I see it you aren't an adult until age 25, because until then your insurance(health, car, etc) all think you are a kid. I've not read any of these posts. Also can't rent cars without a corporate account sponsor at most rental agencies until 25 as well.
  2. Baylor = rape talk will never go away. The university needs to be forcefully closed down by the state or feds, then with a completely new administration and staff become a state or federal?!eh university, since its assets would seized as part of a RICO or some state level anti corruption legislation as proceeds from a completely corrupt and nonredeemable organization.
  3. my OnePlus One that is not even on an active network is years old, and still better than 80% of the android phones sold today (that includes a vast number of those lower end 'samsung galaxy' a-Z spinoffs on the brand)
  4. some would also say: which home, the one where my dumb wife lives, or the secret one my dumb wife has no clue exists?
  5. why celebrate Kevin morgan's new snowcone stand?
  6. I recommend a mix of blue and red pills, will really expand both rabbit holes.
  7. I never tell any of you fools, that's the absolute first thing.
  8. I like mine with mayo+horseradish and covered with hand diced chunks of thick applewood bacon or that HEB hatch pepper thick sliced bacon
  9. Kevin managed to steal the whole 200 yards, that piss drunken snowball merchant
  10. it's a new-fangled awesome bitcoin keygen. It allows you to create a bitcoin in a matter of a second instead of having to have a gpu and do all that math. you should give it a shot, I'm sure it won't format your computer or anything. Baker Mayfield really is just a huge bag of dicks that video proved it
  11. He would love to eat you, and your chili. That's hardly insulting to someone like him.
  12. well it is a series of tubes, and sometimes the fire hydrant doesn't like going through the household garden hose
  13. He should add the random dilbertesque mission statement generator to the bot, its legit good reads on the random. https://lotta.se/mission-statement-generator/
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