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  1. For one, no zombies jumping out and attacking a main character from 2 feet off screen without them noticing
  2. I think this was already filmed before he decided to move on. 4th season will be replaced by Liam Hemsworth.
  3. Haphap


    before clicking play, thought that was a bulge and it was going to be a parody. Realized just a shadow
  4. Weren't the siblings supposed to buy Nan and the Pierce's company, with the sale of their family company to the Swede. So the epilogue of this series, Kendall can still rule that fiefdom if he wants
  5. the complete exchange in Swedish: Matsson: "Are we at one of those incestuous family meetings?" Oskar: "That's 2 meters of pure nepotism. An inbred Hapsburg giant."
  6. I hope you already met the Dycks
  7. Yes, it is a real giraffe https://variety.com/2023/artisans/news/the-last-of-us-finale-giraffes-real-hospital-1235552452/
  8. that is true. Although in fairness the original mission was just to get Ellie out of the Boston QZ and hand over to the Fireflies at a rendezvous point.
  9. The song Can't feel my face is playing in her head
  10. I hope ear-less lieutenant survived and was just left behind somewhere
  11. several of that protein bar that was posted few posts up seems in theme too if you can find it
  12. Holy Cripes! that was intense!
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