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  1. eh? I must have missed this. What report and what did it say?
  2. Was this the game where Limas Sweed was called for a BS offensive pass interference penalty on a jump ball he caught in the endzone? I believe we ended up not scoring on that drive that probably would have won us that game. I think I have the game right, but it's been a long time.
  3. Any word on if there are any leftover OU tickets the ticket office will sell?
  4. Coach PK has a sense of humor. Now, Coach, do something about it!
  5. I just like that the designers thought it through and made this an option. The flexibility built into the design of the Moody is certainly a big deal. Big concert? Open up the upper level for more fans. Smaller show? close the upper level off for great sound. Hoops - let's start small, but have the option to go big!
  6. For basketball, none of the upper level seats will be open. The large white panels will be brought down to cover them up. Only the lower level and club seats will be used for the games. I suppose eventually, those seats might be opened up for hoops if we were to host some NCAA games, but for now, only lower level seats are available. I also suppose they could open up the upper level for select games, but a strategy for the sales of those seats would have to be figured out to keep them in Texas fans' hands.
  7. I got an email from the AD telling me I had made the cut to order season tickets. I thought about it for 5 seconds and pulled the trigger on two. Donation requirement was $250/seat. I may or may not keep them after this year, but I thought I'd give it a shot to be in there for the first season of the Moody. Not a bad seat in the house. Plus, the team will actually be pretty damn good. Gonzaga, Creighton, KU, BU, Tech are all games that should be rocking in new arena.
  8. I got the email on Monday about being able to purchase 2 extra. Jumped on that quick. Upper rows of Section 32.
  9. I was at that show as well. And, you aren't totally wrong. I thought last night's show was much better than the one out at COTA.
  10. A Jack White show is loud, non stop, raucous, energetic and I'll say it again, loud. In other words, its a perfect rock show. Last night was no exception. His backing band was as tight as could be, and Jack is a damn lead guitar beast. It was a good crowd too. The upper deck was closed off and the entire lower bowl was pretty much filled up. Damn good show.
  11. Is he getting his shit done? Is he doing good work? If the answer is "yes" to both, then maybe pull him aside and have a nice little chat. If he is falling behind and missing deadlines or producing bad work, then I think you may have something for his immediate supervisor. Bring in HR if it really gets bad.
  12. Price drop! Willing to part with these for $200 for the pair.
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