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  1. Someone please tell me how this is ok? And yes I know the reference...but it still uses a homophobic slur. Uncool and should be removed.
  2. Why has this post containing a homophobic slur not been removed?
  3. You mean the voices in your head?
  4. No officer, I haven't been drinking it was all that beer-battered shrimp and fish I ate at the Golden Corral buffet!
  5. Lmao...yep Zinger started off the game with a nice block on the defensive end and then came down and missed an absolute bunny on the other end.
  6. What imaginary person are you quoting?
  7. You first. ...oh wait, I thought I was on ignore? 🤔
  8. Yep. It's those dang dock workers not working hard or long enough. That's the problem Kamala..... you nailed it!!!
  9. Thank you, kind sir. I try to follow the rules as best I can. I know I'm not wanted here because I lean conservative, but I have the right to post here. And I only reported Brisket for the homophobic slur he posted. That was uncalled for....thank you for taking it down.
  10. All good things. Thanks for the report
  11. Sounds similar to a lot of Biden's statements.
  12. And Clinton used Epstein to fuck underage girls
  13. So you think Carlson is a racist? Why exactly?
  14. Who said Kamala was stupid? And how fucking dare they! Now Joe does appear to be slipping into senility, but hey that happens to alot of elderly people.
  15. All that hate over the fact that people don't agree with you. So sad
  16. He's a good American and takes the fight to the liberals. That's why you hate him
  17. Coming from you, that's a compliment. And I have done nothing to receive a time out for so fuck off Penelope Witheredpussy. Thanks for the rep too....I always love getting rep from you. Oh by the way was that your actual pic you posted? Gross
  18. Because I'm really not on your ignore list, am I PWP? 🤣🤣
  19. Brisket just made a homophobic post in the CR. I wonder how long his ban will be???
  20. Why are you posting anti-gay slurs? Do you hate gay people? Isn't posting homophobic stuff against the rules?
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