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  1. There’s definitely some mental aspect to this too. Everyone I know that is taking it currently has some major mood swings and having erratic behavior. It’s to the point where some people we keep at an arms length away because the behavior is so unpredictable and not worth the headaches.
  2. Yup, artificial! Appreciate the quick response, most things said good to go but I’d then come across the random blog saying don’t do it. In retrospect, it was probably a more “do everything natural!” blog.
  3. Anyone have any recommendations for ways to kill weeds popping through newly installed turf? It sounds like regular weed killer will do, but want to make sure before ruining the turf and putting green. It’s nothing crazy, just here and there from the seeds and weeds that grew through the construction of the pool. I’ve been pulling the root best I can, but it’s hard as I don’t want to pull any of the turf itself.
  4. I’m right across the street from Cal as we speak. Based on vibes, no one knows they field a football team.
  5. Any recs on app controlled water faucet adapters? Looking to be able to fill pool when out of town remotely.
  6. Finally took the keys over for our pool (will post pictures once landscape is done). Chlorine levels are super high, but chalking it up to them shocking the shit out of it and having the chrloinator on full blast before handing over to me to maintain it. My plan was to let it come down naturally (rain water, filling it with water and setting chlorinatior to min) over the next couple days. Especially since the pH is spot on. Am I wrong for this? As a kid, my mom spent so much time trying to add chemicals to balance out the other chemicals and it was a back and forth game. Where my dad would just end up draining half the pool and refill it when she’d go out of town and it would be spot on for months. Another question is run times (rpm and schedules). I’m seeing several different things and they’re all conflicting. Any advice? Any good recs on pool stores, where best to buy supplies, websites/message boards to follow? I live in Wylie for reference.
  7. Back in the game. Life got in the way again.
  8. In the middle of putting a pool in and backyard kitchen. Need advice on what conversation to have with the insurance company to make sure to get the right coverage, but not to overpay on premiums.
  9. I can finally walk without pain. Going to get back into it tomorrow.
  10. Plantar fasciitis sucks and completely derailed my progress. Hopefully a couple days of minimal use does the trick.
  11. I have multiple TVs in my man cave and am a chord cutter so games I want to watch and flip between isn’t a big deal for me. The game changer not being talked about is legalized betting. As more states legalize gambling and if game times are staggered enough you’ll see more adoption. I have friends who never cared about sports or only care about one sport (not football). As they e gotten exposure to sports betting they’ve gotten way more into sports. That is the game changer I imagine Amazon is betting on. Bars are starting to recognize this and are doing a much better job pre-setting their TVs with various platforms and marking the TVs so when you show up it’s pre determined what is on where. This is most likely the future and Amazon is going to get into the sports betting world with their own app or acquire someone.
  12. Fun fact…. Drunk burpees are easier than burpees first thing in the morning.
  13. Not yet. I recommend doing them in the hotel gym. Doing sets of 10 and in between doing curls or something similar. Breaks it up enough plus the floor in the gym works well with shoes.
  14. After the initial struggles of being incredibly sore and doing these while hunger over, it’s definitely getting much easier. No more hip, shoulder, ankle, etc pops. If you don’t own a massage gun, highly recommend it. I’ve been adding in bicep curls, squats and shoulder work and the daily soreness is marginal compared to a week ago.
  15. This is what concerns me and trying to build the habit now before work events and travel pick up.
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