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  1. I can finally walk without pain. Going to get back into it tomorrow.
  2. Plantar fasciitis sucks and completely derailed my progress. Hopefully a couple days of minimal use does the trick.
  3. I have multiple TVs in my man cave and am a chord cutter so games I want to watch and flip between isn’t a big deal for me. The game changer not being talked about is legalized betting. As more states legalize gambling and if game times are staggered enough you’ll see more adoption. I have friends who never cared about sports or only care about one sport (not football). As they e gotten exposure to sports betting they’ve gotten way more into sports. That is the game changer I imagine Amazon is betting on. Bars are starting to recognize this and are doing a much better job pre-setting their TVs with various platforms and marking the TVs so when you show up it’s pre determined what is on where. This is most likely the future and Amazon is going to get into the sports betting world with their own app or acquire someone.
  4. Fun fact…. Drunk burpees are easier than burpees first thing in the morning.
  5. Not yet. I recommend doing them in the hotel gym. Doing sets of 10 and in between doing curls or something similar. Breaks it up enough plus the floor in the gym works well with shoes.
  6. After the initial struggles of being incredibly sore and doing these while hunger over, it’s definitely getting much easier. No more hip, shoulder, ankle, etc pops. If you don’t own a massage gun, highly recommend it. I’ve been adding in bicep curls, squats and shoulder work and the daily soreness is marginal compared to a week ago.
  7. This is what concerns me and trying to build the habit now before work events and travel pick up.
  8. My goal is to start upping the workout around the burpees and the burpee count every couple days. The last two days I knocked out the 30 in 2 sets of 15 (as opposed to smaller set counts) and have been adding in curls. The last 2 days I did 30 reps an arm after the burpees of bicep curls with 20 pound weights. It’s crazy how each day I’m less sore as I’ve been increasing the “strain”. Next week I’m going to work on continuing upping the above and adding in peloton rides again and add kettle bell lifts to the above curls.
  9. Upper body was pretty sore today so the push-up part was a little more difficult than yesterday. I’ve only been doing peloton bike workouts lately so no upper body strength. Waiting to crank out the 30 after my hangover was gone was a much better move instead doing it while hungover yesterday. Any recommendations on any quick upper body workouts? What happens is when I start getting busy with traveling I stop being consistent with the peloton app workouts and eventually end up taking a month or two off before trying to get back into it. I want something I can pair with the burpees and keep that as a basic routine that I’ll have no excuse not to do. I’d prefer it to not involve weights, but maybe resistance bands as those are easy to pack and travel with?
  10. Knocked out 30 of them this AM while hungover. I had bones crack and pop that I didn’t know was possible.
  11. My wife and I have put down a very strict no politics discussion or we will literally pack up and leave (precedent has been set). It’s made family gatherings very enjoyable and they all know not to try and see if we’re bluffing. Occasionally after people have had to much to drink, it starts to sneak out a little bit, but a quick “fuck off” or leaving the room gets things back to the agreed upon no politics very quickly. Depending on the family gathering location, we also get a hotel room instead and it gives us a nice reprieve to do our own thing a little bit - go downtown to a nice dinner, bar hop, etc with cousins/family friends who are more like minded. Our families are both really spread out, so people go out of their way to enjoy the limited time we have together, especially as everyone’s families have gotten a lot bigger with marriages over the past couple years. The holidays used to be something we would walk on egg shells as something would always happen, but once we spoke up and laid down the law, things have been so much better. Highly recommend.
  12. Do it yourself. Super easy and cheap.
  13. Fuck it’s hot. My dumbass got a 1:04 tee time. After each drive after the first 5 holes I’d get dizzy. Hit amazing tee shots and couldn’t recover enough and would fuck up the approach shot. Granted, I’m blaming the heat for my shitty irons.
  14. I get the monthly Uber, TSA-Pre, Hulu, lounges, various money back if you spend x dollars, SiriusXM, etc.
  15. I have a tankless, curious to learn more about the every 2 year deal. As far as myself, I do all that fairly regularly. Just wasn’t sure if there was something I may be missing for a couple hundred bucks. Only real “issue” was the post tension rods on the foundation had a slight exposure so I put some cement over those to prevent any water exposure.
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