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  1. Can someone explain why these Japanese guys can’t go to the MLB earlier than what they do?? Something in their contract?
  2. Hack a shaq #10 from Maryland. Holy fuck, dude looks like he’s never shot a ball before in his life
  3. I know they changed the throwing meter, made it more difficult on a hard play to have a good throw. And then the same revamp swings bullshit they say every year
  4. Why is Arozarena playing for Mexico? I was reading that he was born and grew up in Cuba
  5. IT practice notes from media viewing
  6. Favorite episode so far. 1 more
  7. Help defense was 1000x better today imo
  8. Up 28 and had 51 points with 7 mins left in the 2nd. Rough one
  9. Can’t wait to see Thomas put on some muscle the next couple years. Dude has a nice swing
  10. Is that Hodo and Silas behind home plate?
  11. DC is gonna crush one of these fastballs
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