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  1. David Shaw for instance. Who was making 9.25 to deliver that garbage product. Is the Stanford job inherently hard? Yes. Very much so. Did he get the keys to a Ferrari and drive that motherfucker into every telephone poll in sight? Also yes. Shaw with one of the worst roster management jobs in all of p5 football over his tenure. The second the Harbaugh recruits were gone that team went from handing out physical beatdowns to it's current clown show, esp once he lost Bloomgren to Rice (note that the last time a Shaw team was ranked Bloomgren was there). Shaw's last 3 non-covid seasons he went 6-21 in conference with numerous 20+ point ass kickings - all while making top dollar to be completely uncompetitive during a conference wide mediocre run in the Pac. He should've been fired before but he's an alum and a "nice dude" and so he stayed around long enough to leave a disastrous roster for the next coach to try and rebuild (esp difficult given the challenges around transfers and Stanford not accepting them). Do I expect the next guy will be Harbaugh and get them into the top 5-10 on the regular? fuck no, but there are a fuckton of coaches that can do more at Stanford than 6-21 and they'll do it for far less that 9.25 per, even in the world of NIL and the evolving landscape. Shaw was just bad. Stanford is not going to do away with football, FFS - I think it's far more likely that they move closer to Notre Dame's model with this next hire. They clearly care enough about football to pay Shaw top tier money.
  2. auburnfotbal with 1 L, so yes.
  3. I'm not one of the OU guys but - this group is coached by Jay Valai and Brandon Hall. To me if you look and the 2-deep and their position coaches this group has the most obvious problems. Two coaches who aren't technique guys or even in their best position group (Hall is better with LBs). Sure, getting Fields out by grad transfer and Broiles out by moving Lawrence to S seems like two possible upgrades but I don't know that this staff will be the one to develop Lawrence.
  4. A season is 3 games played per year in the NFL. Malik has eclipsed the 3 years necessary to make the NFL pension program (and the tuition reimbursement program) and with one more season of at least 3 appearances he'll be qualified for the Player Annuity Program as well. There are other programs that he may be a part of that also increase your retirement portfoliol. It's not set-for-life or fuck you money, but the guy has made enough money and has enough retirement padding to live well in his retired years with an even average income going forward, so anything he makes from now to 55+ is just adding to that QOL. (** assuming he hasn't amassed a mountain of idiotic debt as many guys do)
  5. Not that it will matter in this game because WKU will be way too much for them but Austin Peay's HC is wunderkind Scotty Walden and Walden is a name people should get familiar with if you like to track up-and-comers. When he got the Peay job Walden grabbed Josh Cochran from Mack's UNC support staff and after a weird covid season where Peay played half their schedule in the spring - he was elevated to OC last season. Cochran has since joined McGuire's Tech staff as well under shit-hot Kittley and is proving to be a damn good recruiter and is also a name to keep track of.
  6. Oh boy… sure to be a circus. https://247sports.com/Player/Tory-Blaylock-46117015/
  7. Preexisting familial friends hanging out at the beach isn’t a crime and the number of Manning family friends that are involved in coaching, as agents, as “boosters”, have kids actively playing on one team or another, etc is going to be everyone they know. this is much ado about nothing.
  8. Cooks was a separate discussion and not germane to the coaching staff not playing the best players. Go back to the kid's table if you can't keep up with adult conversation. Foster being a starter and going to SHSU while the 3rd and 4th string guys behind him that played 0 snaps ended up at Tech and SMU respectively was one conversation. Cooks never even trying to play at Texas because he liked Hutzler was another. Stupid as fuck indeed, not hilarious though.
  9. He loved Hutzler. I think it truly was as simple as that. He's pretty solidly second team for them rn and has played some with the 1s as well.
  10. He's dropped more weight so I think that ship has sailed - he's playing both FS and SS (I think he's gonna be first of the bench at both spots) - played both in the spring game for them.
  11. Cooks to TCU. Owens to Tech. Honestly Adimora and that fucking spare Abiara aren't dropping far and Symons is a rising star as a DC. I don't know if the off-the-field stuff will be too much to overcome but Jordon Thomas can play at the p5 level as well. It's telling to me that the guys that did drop down were the guys this staff played. Foster who ended up at SHSU and Warren at Texas State. Guys like Cooks, Owens, Adimora didn't see the field.
  12. I said I wanted Choate fired, not murdered. I guess I'm getting soft in my old age.
  13. Ideally, I'd have liked the coach that was responsible for keeping Jaylan Ford on the sideline while playing Brockermeyer to be shown the fucking door before the team had finished showering post KState, instead of giving him a fucking contract extension. I'm all for competition and bringing Tucker-Dorsey on board is a good move but if the position coach continues to be employed I'd temper my enthusiasm on the best players getting to play, because they didn't last season. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. They aren't really doing more in Texas than he was doing at Oregon - they have 35 offers out in Texas for 2023. At Oregon they made 36 in 2022, 29 in 2021, 38 in 2019, and 33 in 2018. By comparison Oregon offered only 17 on 2017, pre-Cristobal and there's no reason to think he won't close on several. They do carpet bomb under Cristobal (over 300 offers out so far and over 100 in Florida) so not all offers are the same but he's got some damn good recruiters on staff and they are going to continue being a constant presence in Texas.
  15. gives him leverage vs. a bull rush, like a kangaroo
  16. It feels like Napier is auditioning for the part at Florida. I know people have long said Dabo but if I was betting on it right now I'd put my money on Napier, assuming he doesn't flame out at Florida.
  17. I can't look directly at it and I can't look away
  18. It's not 1986. Sadly, you and Sarkisian appear to be on the same page (it's used against Texas heavily in recruiting (Jimbo/aggy as well)). Modern structured NCAA practices feature a constant stream of activity for the entire roster and almost no down time. Texas players are getting percentages of reps compared to the competition. If you don't think that's a factor in how a team performs, how many variations on an install get done, how player development happens, if you don't think players will improve more by taking 50 quality reps instead of 10 in the same time period, I don't know what to tell you. If you think 80+ players actively repping in a 5 minute session vs. 22 or even 44, while 60+ stand and watch and do nothing in that same time period, again ... not sure what to tell you. Not to mention giving the coaches the opportunity to see the players more and perhaps have a better gauge on who should be getting more game reps (so perhaps we don't replicate having Brockermeyer playing for 500 snaps while Jaylan Ford stands on the sidelines - despite outperforming him a fraction of the snaps/gm). Again, this is just a jumping off point, but yeah - miss me with expecting the defense to improve by having the same coaches, with the same scheme, practicing the same way, with most of the same players ....
  19. Total number of repetitions per practice, per unit, and across the individual player base needed to go up dramatically and did not. There are simply too many players standing and watching in individual, group, and full team drills -- and too few reps even for the players that are repping the most. That would've been a good jumping off point.
  20. Texas made ZERO changes to the defensive coaching staff and practice approach - the staff that coached the worst defense in Texas football history - negligence is in the rearview mirror.
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