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  1. You fuckers cost me $1,000. I mean I knew you were a bunch of racist retards, but even I didn’t think you were such idiots. I’m taking the under on mouth breather morons moving forward.
  2. Amazing the anger that The Orientals isn’t en vogue. So many angry Klaninx.
  3. You can order a hood and a white sheet though and yell THE JEWS ... delete your post where you bitch about the orientals.
  4. https://www.politico.com/news/2022/07/12/jill-biden-apologizes-for-comparing-hispanic-people-to-breakfast-tacos-00045306
  5. Trigger warning: Yeah, I'm sure that's the problem ... nothing else comes to mind.
  6. No Tech meat judging national championships ... bad list.
  7. Hoping we can discuss without going CCR, but topical since the Biden Administration is making some changes to Title IX and the way colleges must adjudicate claims of rape and other sexual crimes. I think this directionally is returning to Obama-era changes that were modified by the Trump Administration. I have a son and a daughter, and I think with probably 99% of the population, want to find the right system that protects accusers and those accused. How do we make sure everyone has a safe environment on campus while protecting due process? Not easy in the real world with trained and seasoned law enforcement and judicial system; I'm not sure our universities are equipped to adjudicate serious legal issues. However, I also recognize the unique environment of college campuses that do not apply to the real world, particularly the proximity of accuser and accused.
  8. How dare you complain about $6 gas when Ukraine ...
  9. LOL at BYU. I mean unless guys in white shirts and black ties scares you.
  10. I'm still in shock. Going to be weird. Love/hate the portal.
  11. If we lived in a mildly intelligent country not run by mentally retarded fucktards fully bought by special interest groups elected to office by mouth-breathing retards who cannot count to 10 ... we'd have a bunch of nuclear plants. It makes too much sense to actually happen.
  12. Has anyone studied the impact the growth of electric vehicles has on the grid? I think 99% of people charge them overnight and not during peak demand hours but curious how they impact demand and the overall impact on capacity. My friend said his increased his monthly bill by ~10%.
  13. If there is maybe a morsel of good from this Idiocracy it might be a few realized how stupid are "experts" and "twitter."
  14. May I send you the betalab version of the snowflake dictionary?
  15. Stupid people making declarative generalizations employing "dumb" should be enrolled In the national socialist eugenics program.
  16. This. No one should be upset living rent-free in others' heads ... especially aggy ... lots of unused space to roam.
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