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  1. I don't know what any of this means.
  2. I lost my college virginity in a study lounge on the 8th floor of Jester West many years ago. We figured out how to lock the study lounge doors from the inside so we could have privacy if our roommates were home. I've written a lot of poetry about that night. A lot. I'm not sure if you can handle it. I'm posting all of it in this thread if Texas loses to Baylor. Govern yourself accordingly.
  3. Feels like Canadian football except, in this case, something actually happened.
  4. It's time for the weekly Instagram check of our opponents:
  5. You should be drinking like a champion while on the 5am flight.
  6. Get ready to make a map of Hawaii on your computer screen:
  7. It's time for the weekly Instagram fan check of our opponents:
  8. .....especially with 1 safety out and the other playing hurt. If we score 2+ TDs on deep throws I will expose my D right there in the sportsbook.
  9. I'm all in on my marriage. Sure, my wife cheats on me like crazy - she's banged everyone where she works.
  10. We ran for 79 yards last year at home against Alabama. I'm curious, does anyone think we run for more yards this Saturday?
  11. This isn't MLB. We don't play 162 games. Every game matters, especially the week before going to Alabama. It would have been nice for our offense to get more reps on plays that our QB can actually execute.
  12. "Every 25+ air yard attempt from Quinn Ewers" What a fucking mess. Jesus.
  13. Oh boy. You may regret posting this by mid-3rd qtr. We have to have someone spy Milroe. We have to roll the dice on more single coverage than we would like. I am very concerned about Milroe making us look silly.
  14. This may not be Milwee's fault. This may be peak Ewers. This is likely as much as he can improve.
  15. Jesus Breakdancing Christ. Don't be like those Miami fans who talk about effort & swagger and who think they can turn the program around if one of the old school guys would come back and tell stories about what it means to be a Cane. This isn't an effort problem. Our QB likely can't throw deep, which is crucial to our offense. Our o-line is a huge problem because our RT is average on his best day and everyone else besides our LT sucks eggs. Our major problems when Sark arrived will be our major problems at the end of this season. Things will only seem a little better because most of the Big 12 is a shitshow this season.
  16. I really think it is because our C & G play is always so terrible, that he is hesitant to step up in the pocket. I don't know. It is just hard for me to imagine that all of the analysts could be this wrong and that this is peak Ewers. I guess it may not ever get any better than this. You don't think Blue looked better? Because of our o-line, we need a RB (like our dudes last year) who can make 1 or 2 people miss on most handoffs. I would start Blue.
  17. I don't think our interior o-line has fixed a single problem. I am also pessimistic about how we can handle a running QB. I am willing to give Ewers a little room on deep ball issues since it was the first game. I will be thrilled if we keep this game under 14 points.
  18. "Also, according to Utah athletics, he grew up on a farm with 12,000 pigs." 12,000 Pigs was an underrated band. I had a thing for Natalie Merchant in the early 90s.
  19. In your lifetime, how many football national tiles have you seen Okie St, TCU and KSU win?
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