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Tottenham Hotspur 2022-23: Conte the Magician

Captain Ron

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One thing to remember, short of Perisic, we've started the same squad from the end of last season each match, and we've taken 7 out of 9 points.  

Just wait until they get Bissouma and Richy fully integrated.  Should be good.  I just wish Conte would attack more and not play back so much.  Leeds and Newcastle showed that it's possible to win against the Big 6 doing that today.  Granted, Newcastle blew that lead, but they didn't just sit back the whole match.

Our mid-field doesn't have that creative option, and that's a weakness right now.  Can't move the ball through the center of the field, it's all down the sides.  

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I feel pretty good about top 4 at this point but window isn't even closed.

2-5 looks pretty wide open.   

Chelsea might be imploding even thought they outplayed us. 

Arsenal have the easiest start to the season amongst the entire PL so verdict is out.

And what's going on with Pool?  Was Mane really everything for them? 

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Pseudo bye week for Spurs. League Cup starts for EPL teams that don't have European obligations.  Because of playoffs into Europe leagues (West Ham is the only EPL team in the mix), anyone that qualified for Europe doesn't play in the League Cup.

Next week Spurs travels to Nottingham Forest, but Forest has a midweek game (tomorrow actually) against Grimsby Town FC (EFL League Two - 4th division). Hopefully they are worn down from a tough game, but win that one.

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2 hours ago, kingkoopa6 said:

Ain’t seen Harry not make a pk in like forever 


2 hours ago, Captain Ron said:

Until that save he had never missed in the EPL. IIRC.

I did not recall correctly. He’s missed 6 for club now (4 EPL, 2 Europa) 3 for country. This was his first miss in about 4.5 years for spurs.  


2 hours ago, midtown said:


Richarlison gets all the credit

just went back to watch this - wow, they lost track of him big time. The keeper signaling WTF Guys!!! Was great. 

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This clip is queued to the last goal, how do 15 (Toffolo) and especially 21 (Kouyate) forget about Kane? They walk right past him and then never see him again until they see him score the goal. Kouyate completely just blanks on him and that's his assignment!!!

Toffolo is like WTF? Henderson (the keeper) and McKenna (26 the guy that defends the first cross) are livid.

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Had to watch this match on a flight with spotty internet service. Good win. Kane is amazing. Son is in a slump. Richy is about to take off, he is a difference maker when he comes on. 

The South American shithousery is fun to watch. Romero and Richy in the last few weeks have been entertaining. 

Less entertaining is watching Spurs with that front three sit back against the minnows and not play on the front foot. Nerve wracking.  But, in Conte we trust.

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