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John Aielli has died

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Very sad news. John Aielli has died at the age of 76. I can't tell you how much listening to Eklektikos has given me over the years.  I loved John's voice. That voice! He had a twinkle in his voice, there was a sense that he was about to let you in on a wry joke about whatever musical subject he was talking about, like he was leading you on adventure.


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I used to plan my work arrival time around the start of his program. I learned so much about music. His program cost me hundreds in. LP purchases. I still have three copies of The Android Sisters “Songs of Electronic Despair” I wanted to make sure I never wore one out  


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On 7/31/2022 at 5:20 PM, Damor said:

Dammit.  What an amazing guy.  Here's a great remembrance by Jeff McCord of KUTX:  

Thanks for everything John, including introducing me to Tuvan throat singing, guessing what color shirt you were wearing that day, and cracking me up at dead air.

Thanks for the link.  I heard about his passing tonight.

I listened to Eklektikos regularly over a period of several years when my kids were young and I helped my wife get the day going before driving to the office.  He was original Austin for sure and I was always amazed at his breadth of knowledge about all types of music.  RIP John.

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I got  up this morning and couldn't wait to put on O Isis und Osiris sung by Ezio Pinza, the 1929 recording. It has become a bit of an ear worm, in a good way.  I would never, in a million years, have known about this piece of music without John Aielli introducing me to it. So much of the music I listen to I found via his morning program. I'm pondering the huge influence this man, whom I never met, had on my life. My life and the lives of friends and family that I shared the music with. I remember with fondness the look on the face of a casual friend as he and I listened to this piece of music. A look of intense joy, appreciation and happiness while being introduced to this song. A look that said he "got it", just as I "got it" when John Aielli introduced me to it. Something to be grateful for. 

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