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  1. Dammit. What an amazing guy. Here's a great remembrance by Jeff McCord of KUTX: https://kutx.org/eklektikos/radio-legend-john-aielli-passes-away-at-76/ Thanks for everything John, including introducing me to Tuvan throat singing, guessing what color shirt you were wearing that day, and cracking me up at dead air.
  2. Headed back home from Colorado, which is always a melancholy drive. Didn't have a lot of luck on the Gunny, but had a lot of fun. My younger caught another cutbow and I managed some humble but fun browns. From a fishing perspective,much of the rest of the trip was limited by a strange phenomenon where droplets of water fell...out of the sky! Also, my boys wanted to go hiking outside of Crested Butte and they discovered biking at Hartman Rocks and at this stage of life, as much as I love to fish poorly, whenever they ask me to take them to do something cool, the answer is always "Yes."
  3. Salida. We're heading out from here to Gunnison tomorrow. It's been awesome as always. Since I suck at fly fishing, we went out with the guides from Arkanglers. When we went wading my younger one caught a nice cutbow just north of town: Then when float fishing, their guide took him and my wife down Brown's Canyon (!) and they hauled in 25+, including a 20" rainbow for him: My older one and I didn't do nearly as well south of town, but I was happy enough with a few decent browns And of course I goofed around in the river park on the days the boys were playing. While this fish isn't anything special, it was a hell of a lot of fun on the 3wt fiberglass rig: This town is so great. I can never decide if I like it better here or in Gunnison. We'll see what happens next.
  4. T-minus two hours before we hit the road for Colorado. And to give them kudos, Scott got my rod fixed and shipped back a week ago! It's just too bad that I'd bought a TFO LK in the meantime. Whatever shall I do??? (Narrator: He shall not catch fish with any of them.)
  5. Damor


    Bump. Thanks to all for the info. Going to be in Denver a couple of nights with family and going to the Rockies game on Wednesday. Are 1Up and Urban Putt likely to be a mess during the day? I was thinking we could hit one or both of those for the kids and wander to some breweries for the dads.
  6. To clarify, I don't catch bass/panfish on the 5wt in central Texas, where I broke my Scott not catching fish, hence the repair and ordering the backup TFO. I plan to use that to not catch trout in a couple weeks in Salida and Gunnison. I am pumped because thanks to this thread, I also put together a 3wt fiberglass setup I hope to use to not catch some brook trout in some small alpine creeks. I guess I could probably successfully not catch tarpon on a 5wt as well, but I have never tried, and if someday I do, I'll probably go ahead and buy some expensive heavyweight saltwater gear to not catch them with. I think that about sums it up for me.
  7. Just finished reading Lords of the Fly, pretty sure it was recommended by some asshole on this thread: Awesome read. I'm still resisting getting into saltwater fly fishing because I love my wife, family, and financial solvency too much at this point. That said, Backcountry tempted me with 20% off on a LK Legacy 5wt, so I figured I'll use that as a slightly faster substitute until my Scott G gets repaired. I can justify that as my windy conditions rod, of course. @BearSchlong... Pics. Rules, man.
  8. Needs more love. Heavily quoted line growing up in my family. And I too celebrate mustard in all its myriad and beautiful forms, but Alstertor, man. That's some fuckin' senf.
  9. It was finally my turn in the COVID box this week, so my fresh air and fishing time was limited to virtual options on the back porch My fishing buddy has a hard time making the distinction.
  10. It was amazing, and I love that band. Absolutely lived up to expectations. Well... I didn't expect to bring COVID home with me, but no ragrets.
  11. ^^^ I just broke a section on my Scott G 5wt, and we're leaving for Colorado in 4 weeks. /facepalm I'm thinking about a TFO for the meantime and to mix in for the rest of the family when I get it back. Any recommendations on something similar to that in the TFO family? Pro, Signature? It may come down to what I can find in stock at this point. Everything sucks.
  12. Just got back from taking my 14yo to see Lord Huron at Red Rocks. First time there for either of us. Wow, it lived up to the hype. I'd considered it a bucket list item, but instead of marking it off I'm now looking for the next show we want to see up there. Also, I can recommend the Eddy Hotel if you're traveling up there. It was really cool, was walking distance to fun stuff in Golden, and had a concert shuttle that was well worth it.
  13. Rupp got to go fishing yet again. I SEE FISH. No wait, maybe there... NO WAIT I SEEEEEE IT Many fish were jumped onto very directly. Few were caught. Dog was happy. Great success.
  14. That means that every day you see me... that's on the worst day of my life.
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