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  1. Alex Gordon will retire at the end of the year. I apologize in advance for the Hudler/Physioc torture. He is the best defensive LF I have seen. Too bad he won't get his moment in front of the fans but I'll bet that is just the way he would prefer to have it.
  2. No way in hell that I'm gonna post any pictures of my actual house now. I do have the same porch framing, knee brackets, exposed rafter tails, etc but I think less pitch = less cute factor. It also helps that this picture shows trees and I can't grow a tree within 1/2 mile of my house. Hedge and Redbuds are all that can find a purchase. I'm perched on the edge of an abandoned limestone quarry and I might have 12" of topsoil over the caprock.
  3. Thanks. I had never looked at that brochure before. That looks a lot less involved than some of the youtube vids that I watched. I doubt that there is a way to hide the fasteners? https://www.muellerinc.com/documents/20143/1759354/TrimCatalog_rev_072120.pdf/e8e97d74-e422-1428-59e6-041372aa6c48?t=1595362970865 Page 13 shows the transition panels I was talking about. I don't think the standing seam matches close enough to suit me. Full disclosure, we designed and built the dies for those transition panels and we made the rollformers for many of their trim profiles. They are good people to work with/for.
  4. Question for you @deadshank and @ROFL BOX. I have a double pitch full length roof on both sides of the house. I haven't measured the pitch to be certain but it appears that the lower is 4:12 and the upper is 6:12. I'm wanting to replace my asphalt shingles with standing seam. How do you treat the pitch transition? Mueller makes a 10' long transition trim that somewhat matches the profile, slips under the upper metal and rides over the lower. Have you used any of that? Is the transition shallow enough that you can "bend" the panels and go full length? I like the idea of not having a caulked joint the full length of my roof. Does the double roof make a metal roof impractical? It looks a lot like this but less pitch.
  5. Shoxthemonkey

    Getting old sucks

    One year older today. I can't seem to catch @Armybrat.
  6. Could I interest either of you fine gentlemen in a snap-loc standing seam or soffit line? Perhaps a 4-line trim with adjustable width ridge cap? No? How about a light gage stud/track line? You are honestly the first pro-oilcanning people I have ever run across in almost 40 years of doing this. Very refreshing.
  7. This reminded me of hauling hay as a teenager. We would put a couple of sixers of Coors in one of the springs along the creek. Hotter than hell usually. Haul a load, drink a beer, rinse, repeat. 18 was the legal age back then and at least one of us was 18. Certainly not the best beer I've had but some of the the best beer drinking memories.
  8. Real Deal Holyfield from last weekend. Biggest slice of brisket I've ever had on one of them. Valentina's is our regular Saturday morning breakfast spot whenever we visit our daughter in Kyle.
  9. Yeah that's what I gathered although I read darker colors in Texas heat can also lead to more oil canning. I'm sure I would have been fine with it regardless, but I'm happy with how it turned out. Yeah, Onboard and ROFLBOX explained it very well. I should have read their replies before I jumped in to show off my big brain. As a manufacturer of rollform machines, I'm expected to produce flawless panels and then the customer goes and buys the cheapest, most fucked up material they can find and expect to get the same results as they got from the flawless sample coils they sent me. Striations make our lives much easier.
  10. Striations hide the oil-canning distortion that is common with the rollforming process. Some people are more bothered by it than others but most of our clients are real assholes about it.
  11. Well, Mullet has a problem with one of his nuts walking away and I'm trying to help him out. OK?
  12. Does anybody have a kid looking for a Junior Achievement project?
  13. Just spitballing here but you might shop for a small breed dog collar. Put that around your scrotum, loosely, before coitus. That should keep your boys from wandering off during the act. Be careful that the buckle doesn't aggravate her lady parts. It might be a marketable product.
  14. The first Louisville Slugger bat that I bought as a kid was the Harry Paratestes autograph model.
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