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  1. Yeah, it's far from finished. I'm retrofitting a newer style blade guard from a later Craftsman saw. The original guard for this model is cumbersome and hard to find. Mcmaster has some belt guards that are easy to modify. Already on order.
  2. My Grandfather's 50's Craftsman tablesaw has been sitting in one of my outbuildings for 35 years. I pulled it out to make some more space for other junk and decided to get it running again. I bought new arbor bearings and grabbed a motor from our assortment at work. It took the better part of last weekend to get all of the mud dauber shit and rust off of it. I rattle-canned the base and added new casters that matched the originals. It turned out pretty good. It has a bit of blade wobble and I'm not sure if that is from the arbor or the cheap ass DeWalt blade I put on it. I'll check it with an indicator and turn/face the arbor if it's crooked. I'm looking for some batwing extensions to make it friendlier for plywood ripping but I haven't found any that don't cost more to ship than to purchase. I'm looking forward to making some picture frames from the large lot of walnut, maple and oak lumber that my Dad left behind. I welded up a bracket to hold a vintage Craftsman safety switch. Maybe Grandpa would have died with all of his fingers if he had installed one of them 50 years ago.
  3. The other end of this muffler rusted through and was beyond repair. I went to Ebay and found a muffler for an Onan generator that had the same diameter and length body. It had a different inlet neck, so I cut the neck from the old and clamped it to the new and, walla, it lashed right up to the header pipe. $39 vs $250. It exhausts towards the spring now but I don't think that's a problem.
  4. I have spent a lot of money there over the years. They had a great hardwood lumber selection. My kitchen cabinets came from them.
  5. Central air. We had swamp coolers until Dad cut a hole in the wall for a big-ass Gibson. Noisy bitch. Parents that only worked one job. Schwinn bicycles. My Dad could fix just about anything so we had lots of things that had been discarded by rich folks and repaired. Sometimes they were name brand but they still carried hand-me-down stink.
  6. Goddammit, stop with the Goering jokes! I'm gonna tell Uncle Hermann and its not Goring to be funny when he shows up. I'm warning you!.
  7. @Patricio Swayze.Thanks for sharing. Sometimes just letting others in on the problem helps. You will find that you aren't alone, many of us are in a similar boat and we care. I'm sure you have thought about this and investigated it but there should be a way to monetize or make a career out of your photography. I always look forward to your posts in the snek and photography threads. There are several of your rural, abandoned building photos that I would purchase if you were offering prints. You have a real talent for that. Hang in there as best you can, I care.
  8. Well shit, I just read that Alex Zanardi was in an accident during a handcycle race and has been put into an induced coma. He is one of the most inspirational drivers ever. Best wishes to him. https://theathletic.com/1882842/2020/06/24/alex-zanardi-in-very-serious-condition-after-road-accident-in-italy/ Zanardi's pass at Laguna Seca has to be the craziest, ballsiest pass I ever saw.
  9. I have a friend that puts up several hundred small square bales for the hobby stockmen around here. He makes a killing on them. Has a New Holland self-propelled Stackliner so he never has to buck them. I remember when 3 of us would split a nickel a bale in the early 60s. At the end of the summer I would have $500-$600 saved and felt like I was rich. I would gladly pay that much right now to be able to toss a bale higher than my head. I'd be lucky to get it higher than my waist and that keeps getting lower.
  10. Thanks, @cactusflinthead. That should get the ball rolling again.
  11. I'm feeling remarkably content myself. I'm glad to hear that you are doing well. I'm not one to join in and offer any advice but I always find it comforting when I come to this thread and see the compassion and caring on display. One of only a handful of threads that I visit regularly that hasn't fallen into the bickering that the rest of the site has. In large part because it has gone dark over the last few weeks. Maybe @cactusflinthead can call the roll.
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