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  1. Is that pronounced with a long "e" or a silent "e"? It's important to me, Dammit
  2. I thought I was 5 years younger than you but it appears it's a 6 year difference. I'm giddy.
  3. He won't be on the opening day roster and I'm sure the Royals will fuck up his development but here is a shot.
  4. The picture of the actual chip doesn't do justice to the overall greasiness. Better than a pork rind. The bag was given to me by a friend. I need to find out where to get them.
  5. Steven Reich. Royksop has a kickass version but this was one I hadn't heard before today. Pat Matheny's version was jaw-dropping the first time I ever heard any Reich works.
  6. Shoxthemonkey


    I sent my $$. It will be enough faster than my current dino-net that I will let my DirectTv go and stream Hulu or somesuch. It will save me at least $100 over my current situation.
  7. I would really like to see the heat shield impact. Probably hit the most unlucky Martian that ever lived. I'll bet it looked like Wile E. Coyote hitting bottom.
  8. It won't affect temp necessarily but it can affect flow. That's what I was responding to. I'm guessing that @TwiceHorn is correct when he addressed the cartridge issue. I haven't had that problem so I can't say for sure.
  9. Check to be sure that the screens in the removable faucet outlets aren't blocked with scale or trash that was dislodged during all the commotion. It might be as simple as that.
  10. You are closer so I'll wait in line. I'm amazed at how agitated I have been through this whole ordeal. My daughter had knee surgery in Kyle a week ago so I was already a little on edge or whatever but knowing she was without power and water kinda pushed me over that edge. From all accounts my Eagle Scout son-in-law did a yeoman job taking care of her and the pets while keeping the household intact but I still would like to kick someone's ass. Some of you that were without power forever must be ready to cut some throats. I can't imagine. On a brighter note, I will likely be traveling down
  11. I'm not endorsing the practice but I know from firsthand experience that you can disconnect the regulator from the tank and screw it directly into a bbq bottle or one of the old style 100lb bottles. You are probably close enough to the finish line not to try it but If I were at the start of this adventure with an empty tank I would do it. The LP provider will tell you that you have to pay for a system inspection if they find out but in a life or death situation, fuck em.
  12. That is exactly the system that I have. My house is smallish, 2300 sq ft in 2 levels, so all of my runs are short. I have never taken the time to trim and organize my installation. That looks pretty cool. Viega is just down the road from me and a couple of my golf buddies are engineers there. I got my unit at their cost 20 years ago and I was in for very little expense. I'm well insulated so I have never had to drain a line for freeze prevention. It makes it a snap to replace water heaters or faucets. You need to be very careful when attaching lines to the manifold. It's all plastic and i
  13. @ROFL BOX should chime in. Up here the damage comes from freeze and thaw cycles at the actual dam, that lift and separate the shingles allowing water to capillary in between them and damage the substrate. It takes several cycles to do this. I'm guessing that once your temps get back above freezing the ice will disappear in a single episode and with it the worry of water damage. They manufacture sno-blocks that keep ice dams from forming and also retard avalanche situations from roofs but I doubt that you get enough snow and ice to warrant them. I'm far from expert but I doubt that you have
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