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  1. My 110 unit won't run the jets and heater at the same time but I have never noticed a temperature drop in use. I doubt that I have ever been in for more than 30 minutes at a time, the usual stint is 15-20 minutes. I'm pretty sure that there weren't any 220v 2-person spas when we were shopping for ours. That may have changed over the years .
  2. Looks like they got Missouri right. Close enough to Branson to do some baldknobbin".
  3. My $.02. I bought a Tiger River Tondi ( made by Hot Springs) 2-person spa more than 20 years ago. The wife has rheumatoid arthritis and I have osteo. Ours is a 110v unit and like Gil said we run it 24/7. TBH I didn't know folks could heat that volume of water fast enough to make on demand an option. We use ours at least 3 times a week and much more often during the winter months. I have never checked to see how much juice it pulls to determine an annual cost but I don't really care. It is worth every penny for the joint relief we get. I have replaced the heater a couple of times and replaced the circ pump once, cuz I'm handy like that. Otherwise all of the other plumbing is original. The cover is the thing that we have had to replace the most. I haven't checked the Ph in years. We did it religiously when we first got it. We drain and refill a couple of times, sometimes only once, a year using well water and a charcoal hose-end filter. We clean the filter often and add chlorine whenever we can't smell it. Our water stays crystal clear. We don't have skin issues or algae blooms or whatever the chemicals are supposed to take care of. It works for us, YMMV.
  4. This is best Elton I'm on my 2nd vinyl. Wore the first one out freshman year of college.
  5. So many really good Pink Floyd tunes but "Dogs" is my favorite at the moment. "Comfortably Numb" has to be the popular pick.
  6. I had both knees replaced at the same time. Still had to mark both knees. We all had a good laugh but they made me jottem down anyway. I asked to be taller and they said no.
  7. That was awesome Camera girl with the leopard stretchypants needs a little more airtime.
  8. Shock the Monkey is better. Duh
  9. I've been on a Dan Reeder jag lately.
  10. Had to laugh at the fuckers stepping in front of other's cameras or phones. All that matters is that I get mine. Would be easy to get surly.
  11. I know it is unlikely but I would love to see Penske return the 500 to the days when it wasn't cookie-cutter racing. I used to really look forward to the month of May back when you didn't know who was bringing what and the internet didn't exist. Turbine cars, rear engine Lotus', pushrod Mercs. Crazy and fast. Leave the rest of the series alone for the obvious financial benefits but let the 500 be special again. //old man shakes fist//
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