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  1. That's funny. I thought the Axtell reference might push a button.
  2. I don't see Greg Ostertag, Ron Baker, or Luke Axtell on the HM list. .
  3. That was as enjoyable as it was the first time. I was reminded again how much USC dick sucking went on before and during the game. Fun to listen to the stuttering and back-pedaling after things started going sideways. I'll never understand why ESPN thought that they had to time edit the game. What is so important in the sports world that they can't block out a slot long enough to show the complete game? And the post game. They dropped the ball on this one.
  4. Your buddies are the same as I was with my AA golf buddy. I tried to be as supportive of him as I knew to be and I have to thank a lot of the participants of this thread for that guidance. RIP Shippy, I miss you.
  5. Today is Palindrome day. The Grand Marquis turns to 201102 on the way home this afternoon.
  6. Cracker made me remember that Camper Van Beethoven's Our beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart deserves a slot on one of my lists.
  7. These were in my 3rd "10". Could easily be in the first 10. Too many favorites.
  8. Shit! Yes I did. Good catch, most folks don't likely know that album at all.
  9. 2nd 10. A couple of these should have been in the first 10. Elton John 11-17-70 EJ - Tumbleweed Connection Yes - Talk Yes - Big Generator Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense David Byrne - Miss America Cream - Wheels of Fire Led Zeppelin I and II Toad the Wet Sprocket - Dulcinea
  10. Is that Bert over his right shoulder?
  11. I listened to and bought a lot of albums early in life but then went a long time not buying any albums. Once napster came around I cherrypicked the best stuff from an album and ignored the rest and mostly do that to this day. I have spent a lot of time over the last few days listening to some of the albums listed and realize I missed out on some good shit. Thanks for the suggestions, it's been fun. Hendrix- Band of Gypsies Zappa- Weaselsrippedmyflesh Quicksilver Messenger Service- Happy Trails Pink Floyd- Animals PF- DSOTM Santana- Abraxas David Crosby- If I Could Only Remember My Name The Woodstock Sountrack The Orb- Metallic Spheres Massive Attack- Blue Lines
  12. IndyCar runs at TMS in the late evening to avoid the heat, right? I'm sure Indiana gets close to that temp if they intend to run noonish. I might buy a ticket just to see the carnage if I survive this nonsense.
  13. Indy 500 pushed back to Aug 23. Should be interesting to see how much grip they can get when it's hotter than balls. https://apnews.com/2bb54378809377c2f6f790bb9e96615a
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