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  1. It's right there in the title of this thread, so it appears you can still say it.
  2. There is an earlier series from the same people just called "WWII in Color" that is good too.
  3. Those are political issues, not "bullshit pc things". I agree it had a lot of silly or sloppy moments.
  4. What bullshit pc things? Having arabs that aren't terrorists? None of burnt eyes complaints were pc so I'm confused. There were a lot of silly things in that series, but the caravan taking i-35w through Arkansas is what bugged me the most.
  5. I don't think they are continually accelerating, that would burn a lot of fuel and it seems to be a few week journey from jupiter to earth and a few months from earth to the gate outside of uranus. I'm a space idiot though
  6. Didn’t know you approved of aggy behavior, I guess I just have higher standards for the UK
  7. Don't really care if they leave or not, but they acted like some little bitches on the way out. Nigel basically pulled down his pants and mooned everyone while flipping double birds.
  8. Yes, it's amazing how much better this casting is
  9. Yeah, it's excellent. If this had started on HBO it would be the next GoT imo, just had trouble finding an audience on syfy.
  10. Keeping in mind that the average republican thinks black people don't vote republican because they are lazy welfare queens and Republicans don't promise enough free stuff, this strategy makes complete sense to appeal to black voters instead of just reforming the racism inside the party.
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