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  1. What about video games of movies?
  2. Hooded justice breaking off a piece of captain metropolis
  3. The season review was good enough for me, it also made me hopeful for this season because I realized they killed off most of the worst parts of the series last season.
  4. seven

    Mr. Robot

    Mr robot was there for the burning of the van at the very start
  5. It's well put together propaganda, but I still enjoy it. I laughed out loud at the line that was something like "the rides have been updated to reflect current social attitudes" without going into any of what those changes have been.
  6. https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2019/11/12/media/disney-plus-review/index.html I don't have the service but the link has this passage: When you use Disney+'s search option, the service will offer "Disney Collections," curated libraries that sort programming into different categories. Fans of The Muppets can click on the Muppets collection in search and find a list of films and TV shows starring Kermit and Miss Piggy. There is a collection for Disney Nature, one for the the Skywalker Saga from Star Wars and my personal favorite, Disney Through the Decades, which organizes Disney's content by decade starting with the 1920's.
  7. She has a legit shot at being the actual president in a few years, this would be a big mistake
  8. seven

    Mr. Robot

    Started first episode this season. I really like Vera, he's a great character, but I hate that he had to fuck with my girl Krista.
  9. Well that's a pleasant surprise, I wasn't going to sub until they had them all, but that's close enough considering the challenges of the last 2.
  10. What if ozzy collects all the space bodies and makes a space raft out of them?
  11. Petey is def lube man, how else would Laurie fit that Dr manhattan vibrator in his ass?
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