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  1. I was paired with a Chinese student for some project in an engineering class and once when we walked by a group Korean students he spit on the ground and said "Korean dogs, I hate them". I was caught off guard for that one.
  2. It's batman the animated series with pockets of adult material. Seems like it's aimed at 16yr olds.
  3. I went to this ppv. The WWE claims the house lights were off, but I saw him fall very clearly, I can close my eyes and see it again. I thought it was a dummy/work until we got back to the car afterwards and the radio said he died.
  4. I watched the original 2 British seasons (also on Amazon) after watching the American season. I liked the American one, but the British one is far superior.
  5. The only rule I was ever explicitly told was to not to get a girl knocked up.
  6. I meant back in April, not like now. Even ags put this nonsense to rest
  7. I remember this being a big deal on texags
  8. I may be wrong, but I don't think hbomax has much in 4k. The hbogo app had none which was already crazy. I think hbomax may have a few things but it's like the early release movies and not back catalog content.
  9. The original UK version of Utopia is far superior to the American version that came out a few months ago. Really excellent, 2 seasons of 6 episodes. They set up a third season but looks like it was canceled a few years ago.
  10. I get it, just this particular 6 doesn't ring my bell, so to speak.
  11. It was quite a scene. td did it first, which turned ags into a Q mecca and the mods got a little uneasy with that.
  12. Both of those boards closed their q threads so now all the q's are scattered in the wind
  13. Lots of guys willing to ruin their lives over a 6 smdh.
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