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  1. I grew up in Topeka, Kansas and I know there's been a community celebration there for over 20 years. Nothing huge, but basically a big block party/cookout in one of historic downtown neighborhoods. Only within the last week or so did I learn it's Texas thing.
  2. I am laughing at the "need" to defend a statue, not the grammar (because I suck at grammar)
  3. Per capita relative to what? There are many per capitas.
  4. The best social commenter of our time
  5. I wonder how things would work out if the good citizen would have put his hand on his gun "for his protection"
  6. Reigning dumbest motherfucker on this board let's the challengers know he's still the champ.
  7. Go ahead and continue using your "demographics" argument, I'm just letting you know everyone knows exactly what you mean by it.
  8. Exact same reason many give give for why universal healthcare won't work here. And these people don't think they are racist. Smdh
  9. Further proof that cops shouldn't have guns
  10. Nonono, the "pollute our water" act doesn't mean polluting our water, what it actually means is....
  11. I've never seen a tester use some random paper bucket. My assumption when seeing these is they are to hold a shop door open, but they are so small.
  12. Do you feel the war on drugs is helping these problems?
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