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  1. They are bar district security guards.
  2. I've seen this like 10 times and it still hits just like the first. Maybe my favorite meme of all time
  3. I realized this in the HotD thread. After engaging in good faith for a few posts it dawned on me that only one poster could be that deliberately obtuse.
  4. Yeah childbirth is so gross. Anyway, how awesome was it when deamon sliced that dude's head in half and the tongue was just wiggling. Lol I love that stuff.
  5. Maybe they haven't mentioned it on the show but targaryans are immune to concrete water
  6. I don't think the show did a great job of explaining this. You're talking about vaghar, the current largest dragon. When Leana was 12 and walking with the king she talked about him being out in the wild. Fast forward a few years and she's riding vaghar. I don't remember exactly, but I think she told one of her kids that she went and found him. After she died Aemond took vaghar and is now riding him.
  7. Slightly inappropriate but I always get a good laugh at the borman representative (I don't know the name) getting annoyed at the office of the five year plan guy and introduces himself as blah blah, assistant to borman of the THOUSAND year plan.
  8. I love how confused people are that someone wasn't a bloodthirsty psychopath (no judgement and also acknowledging how many peasants she killed)
  9. It's shay's accent, which in this world is apparently how foreign whores speak.
  10. Yes, murdering rhey was the key disagreement. The very first thing alicent says to aegon is don't listen to Otto about killing her. I'm not sure why you are thinking that was just a bump in the road, it's a fundamental difference in strategy.
  11. Both parties wanted aegon because whoever had him could control the plot going forward. Beyond that, it's tough to do a coup without the person you're claiming is the new king. No one was looking to murder him.
  12. I've seen it 4 or 5 times, it's very good and always on my recommendations that people may have missed.
  13. Alicent told her to ring the bell when rhaenys had an answer. That was her answer.
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