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  1. Clearly marked menu pricing is devious and exploitive? Get ahold of yourself man.
  2. Yes, although I suspect that the standard menu price will still raise some, but the discount will be less than current price.
  3. Dynamic pricing, aka happy hour, has been a staple in restaurants for as long as I have been alive. What's the resistance with the application to fast food? I suspect in 10 years this will be the standard model.
  4. I will be in Barcelona at the end of April as part of a 5 week western Europe solo journey. The Sagrada has been a "bucket list" item for me from the first time I read about it.
  5. Looks like that lady has an extra treat in her underwear
  6. Because the only star shaped screwdriver in the state was found in the hidden lab.
  7. Radiology suggests injecting a pellet into my liver to hopefully kill the two large (golf ball+ size) lesions on the left lobe. There are some 1 cm lesions on the other lobe though so it's unclear how those will be handled. Would have to be paired with colon tumor resection (11cm!). Meeting with the surgeon on Monday and liver specialist Wednesday, so we'll see what their thoughts are.
  8. This is the baseline for realistic good news. Grats on the good scan buddy. I'm meeting with radiology, surgery, and liver specialists over the next week to start planning the next course of action. Still have 5 months or so until the current treatment will lose efficacy.
  9. I watched the available 4 episodes over the last few days... Wow this is really bad. I'll finish it but only because I have a touch of the 'tism
  10. I personally do not have a desire to have additional romantic or sexual relationships while in a relationship. I've also never been big on one time casual sex. However, a strictly monogamous partner is not particularly important to me either. I have only "experimented" with this with one girlfriend. We would go to bars and she would flirt with other guys, get free drinks, and on a few occasions make out with a guy. But she always left with me and we had amazing sex those nights. The sex part of enm I could see myself being OK with, but I'm not sure I would be comfortable with the dating/bf aspect. Tldr - people are all different, do what you want (ethically)
  11. For me it's wild inconsistency swinging back and forth for the week after infusion. Today is apparently a liquid day. Though my butthole is thankful it just sprays out of my belly.
  12. Pauly shore rules and will be the only reason I watch this
  13. Although now that I think about it maybe he had moved on from that obligation since he said he was there for his "pound of flesh" regarding the ice skate to the ear.
  14. My only complaint was that it was never brought up that since the tillman's double crossed oola, logically his obligation to fill the contract would be broken as well. That obviously doesn't fit with the overarching sentiment of the final scene so it's a small quibble
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