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  1. I read the thread title as Bear Glazed...probably would been a better thread
  2. Damn, phone cameras used to suck
  3. Just Got back from Chandeleur trip. Just a fantastic place. We fished hard for 3 days and caught some fish and a great time. Fishing was solid but we had to grind it out to get them. The sharks were plentiful mostly 3-4 foot blacktips but on one afternoon wade a large bull shark swam about 10 foot away from me. Looked like a submarine. Finished up my wade pretty quickly.
  4. Headed out in the morning for 3 night trip to the Chandeleur islands..anyone fished out that way lately or have heard any reports?
  5. I give the “no fast food” about 2 days ...otherwise looks like trip to remember for a lifetime...best kind of trip is having no where to be except where you want to be..
  6. Phillip Seymour Hoffman is not as good as he used to be
  7. I haVe taken a sudden interest into Mia Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. My wife just asked me if Rockport is on the coast. Btw she has been to Rockport well over100 times in her life.
  9. so kind of like you on any MLB thread?
  10. to quote myself when folks were pissed about Servis and Maximum Security losing the derby----Guess who just got indicted for running a huge widespread doping regime on all of his horses including Max...Servis is as dirty as they come..feel bad for the horse...between the rampant dirty "super" trainers and the betting syndicates--horse racing has become almost unplayable..
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