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  1. to quote myself when folks were pissed about Servis and Maximum Security losing the derby----Guess who just got indicted for running a huge widespread doping regime on all of his horses including Max...Servis is as dirty as they come..feel bad for the horse...between the rampant dirty "super" trainers and the betting syndicates--horse racing has become almost unplayable..
  2. Corkscrew today was excellent. Brisket was outstanding. Ribs and sausage fantastic as well. In and out under 45 minutes
  3. I got Kelce as mvp at +1450 and first to score a touchdown at + 800. Thought those were worth a flyer
  4. The cathedral in Reims is also fantastic...I enjoyed it more than Notre Dame
  5. Sounds like they are going to get much better
  6. I watched this the other day, goes to show you being a professional gambler (even as successful as he seems to be) is a grind. Tough life that dude lives and it’s getting harder everyday.
  7. That looks like a good time...
  8. True and false. Correct size ac will do this exactly. Too big of an ac will cool the atmosphere to quickly and not dehumidify nearly as much. Can cause some real issues
  9. Sure hope we win tonight , I haven’t changed my underwear since right before game 3
  10. I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them. Andy Bernard
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