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  1. This is why football is such a bad product. WRs can push off to create separation and holding is only called when a ref feels like it.
  2. If Coburn, Sweat, Ford, Watts, and Barron all return, I predict Texas is a top 20 defense. We just need to plug in a few solid players at Safety and Edge to become elite.
  3. I can only laugh at the John Cena theme song being played over the band. What a fuck up.
  4. WTf, Jon Cena song drowning out the band
  5. Ewers makes a lot of dumb plays but a lot of it is on Sark too. Us Surly assholes been pointing it out during games and he finally gets his head out of his ass and runs with the teams offensive strengths and what works.
  6. 11 is always in the wrong spot on downfield plays
  7. Coburn pissed at refs earlier for being thrown to ground
  8. Wtf! Thats fucking criminal
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