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  1. Maybe social distancing is knocking out pneumonia. Seems plausible.
  2. I don't know who this is on twitter as I do not have an account, but is this true?
  3. Never set on a jury, but how the fuck do you quantify 51% proof? How do you know it's not actually 49% proof? It's simple. Which is more likely or not?
  4. My MIL has metastatic breast cancer. My FIl was not allowed in MD Anderson last week when she had her PET scan or the next day when she had her consult. (Good news, markers way down and lesion reduced 30% since last scan)
  5. And some people are just topping off tanks because gas can be had for $1.50 a gallon. Without that price, gas and convenience stores would be even more off.
  6. The schools don't have the ability to issue refunds.
  7. Got to be the subways, tight living spaces, elevators, and density.
  8. That's a great idea. We are at my ranch socially isolating. I am going to do it with both vehicles. If I need to go to town for groceries and booze, which I won't for at least two weeks, I will take a ranch truck. I don't need insurance to drive around our property. I never thought of this.
  9. My wife works out at Define in Houston. $250 a month. I don't mind because she goes at least 4 times a week and thus stays in great shape. They are doing online classes, but I kind of hate dishing out $250 a month for that. We don't want to cancel because our friends own it. I am saving a bunch on dry cleaning, not eating out, no bars, and cancelled a fishing tourney in Port Mansfield that is easily a $2-3k weekend when you factor in getting boat ready, booze, fuel, house rental, entry fee and side pots (side note, we've won money only twice in 20 years). I am pretty sure summer camps will be cancelled. That saves us $8k plus the shit you have to buy for camp plus the cost of driving back and forth twice to bumbfuck Arkansas and renting a place to stay on the pickup weekend. Will save us childcare in summer also.
  10. Why the fuck does it matter how often you live there to them?
  11. That is her on the left. I assume she had multiple underlying conditions.
  12. I have one. Be smart to grab another. We have several thousand gallons in the tanks by the barn. Can use one generator to run the freezers and fridge. And the other to run the window units we have in the guest cabins in case things go to shit. I don't think this virus will cost us our grid though.
  13. Here is one you can rent for $50 per night. This is Houston area, but there are plenty all over the state. https://rvshare.com/rvs/details/1226678
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