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  1. I don’t give one shit about diversity of color. I do want them to be exposed to different socioeconomic classes. I like to be colorblind.
  2. Our ranch manager shoots 2-3 per year. He gives zero fucks. I have seen him do it. We have a big enough place where these are feral dogs. Not some neighbor's dog with a collar that wandered off (I would not do that unless the dog was a persistent problem).
  3. My grandmother lived in Haskell. My granddad died before I was born and she remarried a real nice gentleman and farmer from Haskell. He used to go to the Haskell DQ every day for coffee. He would take us with him. But those old timers would go there every day and just shoot the bull.
  4. I don't see why they have much to do with each other. Both poor and rich people can be shitty people. I'd choose being rich over poor. And happy over miserable. I don't think having wealth precludes being happy. I had plenty of money as a single attorney. Never thought about money at all. Made way more than I spent. Then got married and had kids with my wife staying home and thus foregoing her income as an attorney. Then kids start private school. And for a number of years we had a lot of financial stress. Then I made a bunch of money on a few cases that pretty much ended any financial concerns. I can tell you right now not having to worry about money is a big fucking deal and stress reliever. Maybe money cannot make you happy. But it sure can relieve a lot of stress. And lack of money can cause unhappiness.
  5. If your kids can get into an elite private like St. John's or St. Mark's and you have the means, do it. The education they receive is incredible. Go to one of their graduations and see where their kids are going to college. Blows away any public school. In Houston, I'd pay the money for St. John's and probably Strake or Kinkaid for high school. But I would just as soon send my kids to Lamar and its IB program over Episcopal, Second Baptist or Houston Christian.
  6. I don't agree at all. My kids' public school sucks. So they will stay in private until high school, and then go to a very good public high school. It sucks dropping 50 large a year on school. But you do what you have to do.
  7. That harms them. Makes it too easy and they aren't challenged as young kids. My son is the youngest in his grade. When he was in kindergarten there were kids who fucking turned 7 in February whereas he did not turn 6 until months later. That's bullshit.
  8. That's not how I perceived it at all. Advocating for them is making sure they are in the appropriate level of class to challenge them. Not to argue little junior did nothing wrong,
  9. I am on the board of my kids' private school. It is one of the better one's in Houston with a lot of high achievers (average scores on standardized tests are in the 90th percentile for all students). This topic is something we struggle with mightily, even in a "good" private school. What do you do with the truly gifted students? They aren't hard to identify.
  10. Felicity Huffman was sentenced to 14 days in prison, unlike Tayna McDowell, who was sentenced to 5 years in prison for enrolling her son in a school district using a fraudulent address. So the meme goes. A bit of digging ads some context. That McDowell was selling drugs outside of a school is relevant, but of course outrage has no time for context. Yes, Twitter’s hero had drugs outside of a school: At the sentencing hearing, here is what the judge said:
  11. I remember certain DQs would have additional menu items depending on location. Like the owner would just add an enchilada plate or chopped beef sandwiches. Or various other non-standard DQ items. Anyone else remember that? There is one in Dilley near our family's place (right off 117 and I-35 in front of the little airport). Have not eaten there in years. It was shockingly slow. Like 3 times slower than any fast food restaurant I have ever been to. It is faster to drive the extra 30 miles roundtrip to the sonic in Pearsall than to deal with the Dilley DQ.
  12. You still have to have so many hours of working in accounting to get the CPA, right? I passed the test the summer after graduation but never was a CPA because I believe it required something like 1,500 hours of practice.
  13. Federal sentencing in general is extremely draconian. At least from what I witnessed as a clerk. And my judge leaned left and would often downward depart more frequently than the average judge. The guidelines really tied her hands.
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