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  1. Thanks. It hasn’t been that bad. Boring mainly. Didn’t even feel like watching tv. Haven’t eaten much at all. And the first two days I couldn’t go get tested because I couldn’t risk not being close to a toilet for more than a minute. At this point, I hope it is positive. Fever was running 103 for a couple days when not on Tylenol. Now I’m around 100.
  2. I think so. I’m staying home until I get the PCR results.
  3. Got rapid tested yesterday at elite care in Rice Village. From the time I setup appointment to results was about 90 minutes. I was negative. Had a PCR done the night before. Took about 15 minutes as I made an appointment. But they said results in 5 days. Have had a fever and chills since Wednesday plus gastro issues. Generally feel week. But otherwise fine. Been quarantining by myself. Since my wife and kids have been out of town and I haven’t been around anyone, I hope the PCR comes back positive. Rapid test apparently has a 20 percent false negative rate.
  4. Why? We started reopening a couple months ago and our deaths stay pretty flat. We have 87 deaths per million. Which makes us, by far, the best large state with large metro areas -- 2 of the top 5 and 4 of the top 30. We were bound to get hit at some point. But I see zero reason to get worried. Our raw deaths could double and we would still be behind your state in per capita deaths.
  5. Be honest, do you ever get invited to parties? I picture you like Justin Weiss Smith from Vic Mackey's Facebook feed.
  6. Guy was dumb. Even if he gets off, which I think is unlikely, he used lethal force on someone who was no threat and gets to spend a ton of money on attorneys/bail. And that's the best he can get.
  7. Is there a point here? You don’t think public schools have to follow the constitution just because there is no right to be student at one? You think Texas could expel students for getting abortions or interracial dating because students aren’t entitled to a inviolable 4-years as a student at Texas?
  8. I guess so. I certainly have missed all the right wing extremists shooting up campuses.
  9. She was a hoofer in her younger days. Now she is Rubenesque.
  10. It is? Where? I don't know if you went to college, and if so maybe in that fictional school from the movie Higher Learning, but 90% or more of campus violence is alcohol related. I also saw no reference to violence in that tweet. And certainly no call to incite violence. I have a strong feeling you are the type that sees racist violent boogeymen around every corner.
  11. I’ve dealt with school speech as a clerk and professionally in a pro bono case. You got a case core for coded hate speech exception for an off campus twitter joke when the student wasn’t even in school session and how this joke was even close?
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