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  1. Sounds like you’re set with your hour from Manhattan life. We live a mile from school. My kids spend no time in the car. My wife and I both work 4 miles from home. Before you comment on my intelligence, a couple things with your response I said “have” 8 figures, not make a salary of 8 figures. And 8 figures ranges from $10,000,000 to $99,999,999.99. So learn to count dumbfuck.
  2. Another quality post from Johnny sack. Sorry to interrupt all the high level and measured discussion on Texags west
  3. It’s fine. Nothing special. It isn’t like those other cities with respect to national beauty and outdoor activities.
  4. I have plenty of restaurants and bars with a short walk of my house. If you extend to a ten or fifteen minute walk I can’t count how many restaurants, bars and parks. Takes me ten minutes to drive to work. One hour to the ranch. One hour and 15 minutes to the boat dock to saltwater fish indoor or outdoor. NYC is loud, congested and smells bad on trash day. There is no outdoor beauty like you would get in a high cost area like Seattle, San Fran or LA. I can’t imagine trying to raise kids or have a dog in NYC. what is so great about living there? Poetry readings and shit like that? Unless you have 8 figures minimum, I think it would suck.
  5. Ausmus huh? Insert Lloyd Christmas puking gif.
  6. I honestly don't remember when exactly I bought, but it was before Lehman, and I sold it in 2011 for a pretty decent gain. I am not one that watches stocks closely. I invest and hold. And in the last 10 years have been also buying more real estate for investments to diversify.
  7. I think Moore is back by spring ball. The one that hurts bad was the Temple WR. We really, really needed him.
  8. I had a bunch of Wells Fargo preferred during the meltdown. It held its value like a boss.
  9. If Trump wasn't so divisive, liberals wouldn't be forced to hide supplies from dying people.
  10. Saw it last weekend. Really enjoyed it.
  11. Beast? A&M might should think about recruiting some OTs, corners, and edge rushers. Oh and QBs. nah. Those positions don’t matter much
  12. I hunt with this outfit often and they do a great job. They have a ton of land under lease near Anahuac and do not overhunt it. http://oysterbayouhuntingclub.org/
  13. That should help with recruiting. If he was coaching soccer.
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