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  1. She was just about the hottest thing I had ever seen in Bachelor Party.
  2. Let Andy know Helen was a miserable bitch and he should have stayed with nurse Peggy. Hot, rich and sweet.
  3. I keep a big roll of contractor trash bags in my toolbox. They are great for a lot of shit. Rain poncho. Trash. Floor and seat coverings.
  4. Texas Southern law is in its own class of bad in Texas.
  5. Yeah. I guess we use a lot though. Diesel and gas. Especially diesel.
  6. If you have a ranch or deer lease, never a bad idea to have a tank with a 1-2 thousand gallons of fuel.
  7. Hempstead isn’t College Station. And their demographics aren’t close to the same. Hempstead probably has a plurality of blacks. College Station certainly doesn’t.
  8. Been coming to this area my entire life. It isn’t nearly as ag as you think. Lots of blacks. Most of them are Texas fans. Including my witness today. Navasota is all ag
  9. Had to meet a witness in Hempstead today. 5 percent mask wearers at the Buccees in Waller. Zero percent at Krolczyk Meats in Hempstead. Scored a very nice 11 pound brisket at the latter. Nice to see some sanity and common sense.
  10. I think he's trying to say fuck you to Beto O'Rourke and others who said shit like Abbott lifting the face mask mandate is a “death warrant” for the state of Texas.
  11. Beautiful country. Where is it (generally)?
  12. O’Brien did a good job with penn state’s offense given the shit he inherited.
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