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  1. I wouldn’t recommend doing what he did. He’s definitely guilty of illegally open carrying (the pearl clutching about him crossing state lines is stupid though — it was 15 miles away). I have no sympathy for the dickheads he shot. The world is better off without them. And I think it is more likely than not he isn’t convicted of any of the other charges.
  2. A minor shot a pedophile who was chasing him.
  3. Yeah. That 15 miles was a real long trip for him. Amazing he was able to go that far in this day and age. Does Wisconsin have a gun registry?
  4. He’s going to take the L on that charge. Separate issue. It isn’t relevant to whether he was acting in self defense.
  5. I’ll type this slow for you since you’re so damn unhinged. The pedophile who was chasing and attempting to disarm Rittenhouse, a minor — I’m glad he’s dead. The adult skater dickhead who then attacked Rittenhouse, a minor, with a deadly weapon — I’m glad he’s dead. The guy who Rittenhouse turned his arm into spaghetti, the arm that was holding a gun aimed at Rittenhouse, I’m glad the kid was able to defend himself. And had he also been shot in the head, it wouldn’t bother me. I don’t have a shred of sympathy for any of them.
  6. When bad people get shot and killed it doesn’t bother me one bit.
  7. That asshole dying doesn’t bother me one bit. And I’m dead serious.
  8. Go for it. Post ‘em. Because you’re full of shit.
  9. I don’t care one bit about you or what you think. Insult away. Fantasize away.
  10. I don’t disagree. He’s nailed on the gun charge. Don’t see a defense on that. Whether he prevails on self defense will depend entirely on whether the first shooting of the 5’3” pedo was justified. Have no idea if it was. That said: If we take a second to consider what he did, it’s really fvcking impressive. The first guy he laid out with a head shot was done while running full speed, turning and taking a couple of shots once he knew he couldn’t outrun his aggressor. The second guy, he’s fallen in the street, he’s been running for a long time, gets whacked with a skateboard and then still takes the guy out. The third guy comes right after the second, has a gun is charging up on him & lands a shot that hits, coincidentally (most likely) on the arm with gun. During all three there’s mass chaos people going different directions, lots to distract you. You’re alone and outnumbered and you’re 17. When you consider what he did, under duress, running, exhausted, adrenaline pumping, stressed, falling, getting whacked, etc. I dare say not many would have been able to pull it off. Maybe we should fast track him into the military rather than send him to prison.
  11. That’s not how it works regarding pedo charges. In Wisconsin, there is a Romeo and Juliet exemption for consensual sexual contact between a 15-year-year old and someone younger than 19, or consensual sexual intercourse between a minor who is 15, 16, or 17 and someone younger than 19.
  12. So a pedo was chasing a minor and got his head turned into a canoe? Damn shame
  13. Reflects the leadership of the cities and states that encourage and allow this lawless bullshit to happen. Common fucking denominator there. Shit leadership.
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