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  1. Always liked him. He was great in Uncommon Valor.
  2. The Dem appointed judges are more partisan than the GOP appointed judges. https://www.axios.com/2019/06/01/supreme-court-justices-ideology
  3. I paid something like $10k for my first bay boat and trailer. Was 8 years old. 20 foot center console Gulf Coast with a 150 Yamaha TRP (great motor). Ran great and caught lots of fish in it. $150k for a center console bay boat seems nuts to me.
  4. Spray container with Pam before you put pasta in.
  5. I know vehicles last longer these days, but Jesus that's nuts. Only thing we do is buy new and keep for at least ten years.
  6. Disagree. I think abortion is different. There is a fetus that the state has some interest in protecting to balance against privacy. Do not see that interest with same sex marriage, gay sex, or contraceptives. If I am wrong, I will be very disappointed and angry at whoever is responsible for it. Now I do have one caveat with contraceptives. We are just talking about Griswold and a state banning them? Because I am not saying SCOTUS won't make Hobby Lobby or Little Sisters of the Poor type rulings regarding forcing employers to pay or insure contraceptives.
  7. There is no myth. Asians have the highest earnings by far of any racial group in the USA. And it has nothing to do with luck. Sorry that's an inconvenient truth.
  8. Are we not allowed to name call politicians we dislike here? If so, you got a lot of police work to do on this board.
  9. I don't even know what you're talking about. But you do a splendid job of keeping track of my posts. You have a spreadsheet or something?
  10. I'll take that action plus Lawrence. IMO, none of the 3 will be overturned by the SCOTUS.
  11. These folks managed just fine in Richmond, VA. As did these folks in Louisville
  12. How much you want to wager on that? I say Obergefell is still the law of the land ten years from now.
  13. Sine then the SCOTUS has come after Obergefell? I missed it, I guess.
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