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  1. Emotions were pretty high. That was the year after the goalpost incident in Lubbock. I think A&M officials had called them Classless Clowns in their 2002 media guide. Was a hilarious loss. They had a decent defense but Leach lit them up.
  2. I quit drinking in April after reading a book called Quitting Drinking the Easy Way by Allan Carr. It did something to my brain that turned me off of alcohol completely. I have had no desire to drink since I read that book in one sitting in late April. I am not sure it would work for hardcore alcoholics, but it has worked well for me. Switched to Delta 8 seltzers. 8th Wonder Brewery makes one I like. Zero calories and no alcohol. When I first quit, I was drinking a couple D8 seltzers a day (because I was drinking daily). Now I maybe drink one or two per week. Has been great for my health. I have lost 60 pounds, sleep better, no longer snore, am able to exercise in the morning and feel great, my BP has normalized, and my blood work on my liver has gone from borderline problem to great. For me, they have been a life saver. I do not miss booze at all. I rarely got drunk, but drank almost on a daily basis between 4 and 6 drinks. Have zero issue being around booze, as there is plenty in my house as my wife will drink a glass or two of wine a couple times per week. Quitting booze has been great for me physically, mentally, spiritually, and as a father and husband.
  3. My wife is an Aggie and we have a ranch 30 minutes from Kyle Field, so I have been to some Aggie games. We are going to our ranch this weekend and going to Ole Miss. Here is a complete list of the non-Texas Aggie games I have been to in my life: Alabama 2019 -- lost by 19 MSU 2017 -- lost by 21 Ole Miss 2014 -- lost by a bunch Alabama 2013 -- lost but kept it close, their best showing (I actually did not make it in the stadium as did not have ticket -- I watched at Northgate with friends while wife and her friends watched inside) LSU 2012 (loss -- and would have been an absolute ass kicking but for Zach Mettenberger not being able to hit deep balls all day long -- Beckham and Landry were open all day) Texas Tech 2002 -- lost in shootout. Was hilarious loss. Kicker missed some XPs and Welker went nuts on them. I also went and saw Texas Tech beat the absolute shit out of them in Lubbock in 2005. A&M does not do well when I am in attendance. I expect that to continue this weekend. Hopefully Zach Evans is healthy.
  4. I don't know why, but Billy Liucci seems like a really tough guy you definitely would not want to tangle with.
  5. I've heard Heavenly is pretty icy. Is that true? I've only been in summer.
  6. This is the opposite of an intelligent post.
  7. Jesus. I’m getting angry at this ump. also Maldy is having a hard time receiving
  8. This ump needs a kick between the pockets
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