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  1. Even better, there is a large Toyota dealership there that buys a lot of ad time on the TV. It is owned by a family named Beaver. That's right, the Cumming Beavers.
  2. OCD naoch! Each with its own dab of cheese, all perfectly arranged.
  3. Let's see: $23.50 per day for doggy care Approximately $20 per day on lunch Probably $40 per week for after work drinks Gas and depreciation from no 26 mile RT commute in Atlanta traffic Probably $5 a day in laundry/dry cleaning Easily, at least $300 per week savings.
  4. About time to make some banana bread, jameslaw.
  5. A tale of the 1932 Bonus Expeditionary Forces (WWI vets who marched on Washington).
  6. ^^^^^ That, sportsfans, is what ensures this country is going to come out of the Rona pandemic A-OK.
  7. I would burn a load of charcoal first, just to make sure any manufacturing oils or whatever is off of the grates. Spray it down inside with Pam and start cooking. Brisket flats turn out OK on my 18" WSM.
  8. baboso


    Yeah, what about the booger sugar?
  9. baboso

    Getting Laid 2020

    The stripper marrying universe.
  10. That bratty ass little girl in the Raisin Bran commercial. Dad's standing there on the front porch, eating his Raisin Bran and she hops on her bike. He tells her to "make good choices." This snotty little bitch replies, "YOU make good choices." in her sarcastic pre-teen manner. Makes me ragey.
  11. Alright, I'll start it. Best of luck to Champ on this. He is a damn fine bbq cook and an all around good dude.
  12. Heh, I remember a travelling salesman showing up about 35 years ago. My dad and I were out in the shop trying to get our old piece of shit JD 2010 tractor running and it wasn't going well. It was July and about 110 degrees under that tin roof, we were both dripping with sweat and mightily pissed off. Some asshole pulls up and the dogs go nuts, clamoring about his car. He rolls his window down just enough that one of the Catahoulas or Yellow Curs can't get their snout in and get at him and yells at us. The old man comes out, bleeding pretty well from barking a knuckle on the frame of that piece of shit John Deere when a nut finally broke, and in my learned estimation in a highly pissed off mood. The guy yells are these dogs safe for me to get out? Pop asks him what do you want, and he says he wants to talk to us about dictionaries or some shit. Sure, come on out, Pop says. He pops the door and jumps out, and ol' Buck, the alpha male of our dogs, bites him right in the ass. He screams and leaps back in the car, yelling I thought you said to come on out. My old man said, "I did, but I never promised you wouldn't get your ass bit. Now get the fuck out of here."
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