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  1. Oh shit the turntable cabinet lol. My grandpa worked for TXU for many name changes before they were txu. He got one of those as a gift for a 40 anniversary with the company thing. I loved that damn thing
  2. My neighbor is a nurse at methodist. She said it has been bad for almost a week now at her hospital. Bunch of other nurses tested positive and she is supposed to get her results tomorrow
  3. Every year this happens and it is still so badass
  4. Not sure which model but my uncle had one of those big ass tvs with the speakers on the bottom. I remember many drunken Tio nights after Tyson fights on that thing. He was my hero
  5. No quema cuh!!! Pinche takuaches cuh
  6. Sonny had a solid uppercut in the 4th and started connecting well. He is fighting scared. Finished well there however
  7. Saucedo so good. Those 1st round punches hit real hard
  8. Thanks for reminder. Just tuned in
  9. After reading the thread here and TOS I believe this
  10. Anyone that went Disneyland or shit like that. Hell I still haven't been
  11. I love Freebirds like a mofo but I meet a lot of people around the office (pre covid) that really hated it, like disgusted and I never knew where that came from. Did Freebirds ever have some bad shit happen to them worse than Chipotle or something I wasn't aware of?
  12. Part 2 is supposed to be released July 15th. Not sure is covid has delayed it because I just found out.
  13. Yep watched it yesterday. That shit was crazy. Wish it had more of that sport
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