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  1. I lived in Monterrey for 3 years and it was a crazy ass time. Bodies hanging off bridges was normal while driving around. Never really heard of any expats getting killed though. I was there during the casino bombing. That was insane shit when that happened
  2. Lots of good ideas in this thread. Last month I did 4 days in Colorado Springs and 4 in Denver. It was a great time. I just got an airbnb and it worked out.
  3. Glad you made it out safe Pancho. My stepmom is a cop and I've seen my stepbrothers dropped off at home "to be dealt with" for shit I would have been in jail for. Fuck the police
  4. Loved that show. Hugo Sanchez is hilarious
  5. That fucking gold Trump isn't real right?? Lol wtf
  6. Nah tried it but can't skate for shit. Cousin was the backup goalie and team electrician so I got to hang around alot.
  7. Definitely weird. I love that movie. First time I saw it was on a bus trip with the Dallas Freeze up to Wichita to play the Thunder. I was young as hell and might have been my first time seeing nudity in a movie.
  8. Yea I already signed up for that with griddy. Supposed to be a 6 month payment plan but you can't switch during that time.
  9. Griddy sent emails but my dumbass didn't get switched. 17k is crazy I'm freaking out with 1300 I got.
  10. Lost money at Circa last night. That place looks badass. The sportsbook is dope
  11. Yea I got hit with that. 300 dollars in 3 days. In Vegas for work now so I am looking to switch
  12. Just landed for a work trip. Staying at the Cosmo. Way better than the shit show at home right now
  13. Yea that number sounded pretty high everything going on. If true god damn Flying out to Vegas tomorrow. Please don't get cancelled
  14. Yea my gf is from Alaska and she was wondering how this happened and her family has been nonstop texting questions and shit about how awesome everyone thought Texas was but how can we not handle a week of cold and snow. The roads they understood but losing power for 3 1/2 days is fucked and I agree with them
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