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  1. 50-50 chance it’ll flounder though.
  2. Red sash? I thought Doc Holliday and the Earp Brothers wiped out that gang over in Tombstone?
  3. Exactly this! WTF is wrong with the driver and the other passengers?
  4. Grandma pron isn’t normal?
  5. Yet some of you young guys let crazy women with those 2” fingernail claws fondle your junk.
  6. Maybe she has a well trained wet finger?
  7. But..... he might know a guy in Linz.
  8. Well yeah, but after hitting the “Help, I’ve fallen and can’t get up” panic button.
  9. LTC...... not that it would have done any good in this case.
  10. Never know what kind of internal injuries could result from a fall like that. It could even happen to a young person. Look at the Dirty 6th Street cases of young men getting punched once and hitting their heads on a curb, resulting in death. Goddamned bitch.
  11. Because you don’t clean your monitor screen?
  12. Quit driving like a bat outta hell. 💩
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