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  1. Taking guns away won’t stop diddly, except freedom & the Bill of Rights. Prohibition did wonders for alcoholism.
  2. Probably will look like an advanced case of athlete’s foot.
  3. And requiring background checks in private sales will not mean a thing to the criminals.
  4. Between private citizens.... in some states.
  5. I suffose a Sweet & Sficy from Whataburger would be fretty good right now.
  6. But what about the rest of the kitchen..... and the living & bathroom areas?
  7. She didn’t suspect when all the doggie poop was already bagged?
  8. Really like it so far. It is pretty quick, even in economy mode. The electronic dashboard takes some getting used to though, as the computer display is a bit confusing. The driver’s seat adjustments are manual rather than electric like the wife’s Accord. Only have 500 miles on it at this point.
  9. And I thought Graham, Missouri was out in the sticks.
  10. Just to clear things up with the “likes”.... My late MIL was really a very kind, honest, and generous woman. We got along very well and she even gave me a subscription to Playboy. We did trade a few humorous barbs once in a while (she called me her “favorite SIL” - my wife was an only child - and I gave her a 75th birthday card that said on the front, “Remember the Alamo” - the inside sentiment said, “I bet you do”). No fights ever started. She probably would have laughed at my post here. Plus she gave me her only daughter whom she raised right and has stood by me for 52 years. I really do miss her.
  11. I would guess they are department issued guns that were retired from use and stored. The disposition policies for such firearms vary from city to city or state to state. Some departments trade them in to licensed dealers/distributors. Buds Guns sells a lot of them online, and so does GT Distributors to name a couple.
  12. I hear that. 4 former students of mine over the years were convicted of murder, but none got the DP. Two were surprises, the others we all could see it coming.
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