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  1. Bought my 1st SP in 1993. Nice gun, but the DA trigger is heavy compared to S&W offerings. In single action mode it is ok. Some prefer the 3” or 4.2” versions. This one resides in my nightstand and also goes on road trips as a car gun with a couple of speed loaders.
  2. Mrs. Brat with Brat Jr. - 1968 He turned out pretty good. Is now a senior VP at a major regional agricultural bank.
  3. Gramps in the background remembers her too.
  4. They raised it from $25 to $60. Yes, Sixty dollars!
  5. I think Palmetto State Armory is getting DPMS.
  6. Reminds me of a certain smugass state AG.
  7. SA’s mom was busy then too?
  8. As a result of the Remington bankruptcy bids, Ruger gets Marlin, Vista gets Remington ammo, and Franklin gets Bushmaster.
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