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  1. My nephew’s wife is an assistant principal & teacher at a private high school in the HillCountry. She’s also the IT person for the school, so working 18 hour days, she single-handedly set up their online instruction program and got it running last week. She and some of the teachers are actually working from the school building to begin with, then will start from home this week. anyway, when she was online with one of her own classes last week, she was called out of her classroom briefly to help another teacher with a technical problem. While she was out, one of her students in the “Zoom” class mooned the rest of the kids. Hilarity ensued, but of course one kid ratted him out to Teach. Lol Dunno how she’s going to deal with that bit of discipline..... send a drone to whack the kid... a robot?
  2. Look at the photos of the Manhattan streets she posted yesterday. Eerie stuff.
  3. Last week for our “night out at the movies” in my man cave we watched How The West Was Won in three segments. Last night we watched the first half of The Martian. Very cool flick.
  4. Or paint it Burnt Orange with Bevo logos all over it. And claim all the fake championships off that wall of jokes.
  5. I can have the same problem maybe once a year. It can be agonizing. Lie on the floor on your back, grab your ankles and rock back and forth several times. once in a while it might work to pop the lower back. Be very careful rolling over to get up. there should be plenty of self help videos with similar suggestions.
  6. Forward that to Mayor Adler.
  7. If it peaks in mid-late April, Wife & I aren’t going to relax our SQ until end of May and will still maintain precautions from then on.
  8. We have taken a couple of drives out to CVS (drive thru) and around the neighborhood - not getting out of the car.
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