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  1. I’ll bet those BJs she gave him with those buck teeth were extra special. She was a great singer though.
  2. Well, you ex apparently indicated she wanted to be remote.
  3. A nice pair if I say so myself...
  4. You really think an 870 is “heavy”? Gus McRae is rolling over in his grave.
  5. Dunno, but Mrs. Brat is scheduled for foot surgery Monday afternoon. Her podiatrist deems it essential surgery, so the elective suspension supposedly does not affect her. She will be tested for the Covid prior to the outpatient procedure. Surprisingly, I was not tested before my retina surgery in May.
  6. I rode in a rickshaw in Hong Kong 62 years ago. Much preferred the Taipei pedicabs.
  7. It would seem that a UT spokesman should be publicly responding to some of the obvious mischaracterizations the media are running with, just to set the record straight. I am still pissed about the lack of response to the aggy & sports pundit propaganda that was spewed after those agroids ran away to the SEC
  8. I could care less whether or not they chose to hang around & sing it, but do not accuse those who do as being racists.
  9. Fuck the NYT. The Pulitzer Prize awarded to Walter Duranty in the 1930s for sucking up to the USSR reflects what a fraud they both are. Yellow journalism definition should have the NYT illustrated right along side Willie Hearst.
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