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  1. Bingo! And I say that even though I own two Ruger SR pistols. ain’t any such animals on my Kahrs though.
  2. Except that Chizik actually won an MNC at Auburn before he got fired.
  3. That was 30 years ago. He’s worn his hair straight & shoulder length ever since. Pure South Austin hippie throwback for sure.
  4. Yes it is, and my son’s dreds did look like shit after he came back from a summer in Jamaica.
  5. God bless the person who invented the zoom feature, or else I wouldn’t be able to type kiss my ass.
  6. I remember hearing the Texas City explosion very distinctly. We were stationed at Fort Sam at the time so it really wasn’t even close to home.
  7. [hack]Hopefully every restaurant waiter or Luby’s food server in the area will be aware of who those people are when they go out for dinner.[/spitooee]
  8. Sounds like a helluva man. Not many like that left.
  9. That would cause a considerable amount of excitement on the Colt forum if he were to post good photos of some of his nice pairs, especially those with ivory grips.
  10. We did have a home & home series a few years ago, and the shaggy dudes who went up there had a good time in a beautiful setting, IIRC.
  11. Well that, and that he should just go fuck himself with Jimbo’s tiny dick.
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