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  1. That quote is from Parliament’s post.
  2. Better than patronizing WWII Nazi guns or the Austrian philanderer’s plastic.
  3. I thought we were discussing how many fucks were given, or not?.
  4. Manchaca/Menchaca Manchester Mansfield Dam Manifold Manual Manuel Manhandle Manage Manifest
  5. Bohemian Rhapsody. Great story about one of my favorite bands.
  6. Ancient history doesn’t count to aggy unless it is detrimental to tu.
  7. Probably just doing aerobics...... or expecting a rogue elephant attack.
  8. Get yourself a Kahr CM45. Or a CW45. Considerably smaller.
  9. Has aggy considered what will happen to Jimbo if he ever loses to Herman?
  10. The bottom line is cost effectiveness of the solutions, or attempts thereof. The corrupt idiots running the CoA have already demonstrated they have no sense of the concept with their current proposal. No wonder the taxpayers are skeptical down there. And yes, the voters desperately need to get rid of those clowns and elect a council that is competent in order to affect viable solutions.
  11. Looks like NASA got infested with at least one Moon cootie though.....
  12. Well, Austin could bus them back to those places they came from in the first place.
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