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  1. Baylor is gonna regret imploding Floyd Casey to move to the Toilet Bowl On The Brazos.
  2. Round Rock’s AAA ball park has that Kalahari 1,000 room hotel/waterpark right across the road.
  3. I’d rather have them return Greer County to Texas.
  4. Well shit, after 15 months of wearing masks everywhere and avoiding crowds at indoor venues, we went maskless for the first time at a memorial service for one of the Mueller BBQ family in the Taylor SPJST Hall this past Sunday. LA BBQ catered. Only saw one server wearing a mask. Some aggy sitting at a table near us. Are we ded yet?
  5. Interesting stuff here.... several Cuban generals died in the past 9 days. Retired & active, old & not so old... https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/5-cuban-generals-have-mysteriously-died-is-it-linked-to-countrys-spike-in-covid-19/ar-AAMDAQW
  6. My dear mom got me started on those canned vienna sausages. Loved them back in the day.
  7. The gravitational pull from us fat olds in the west stands will straighten it all out at game time.
  8. Is the visitors locker room finally getting a/c? Asking for some goobers.
  9. I’d like Reliant in Houston as a possibility.
  10. That sir, is gottdamned brilliant! 🤣
  11. I recall seeing a pic of Ricky surveying the field from that spot last year, thinking he was checking out his view from the future LHN game location.
  12. Idiot, I don’t see any Big 12 logos. Support your team regard(less) of the conference.
  13. The Louvre should reserve an entire room to display the whole thing in a wraparound walkthrough exhibition.. 🤣
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