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  1. Front loading Cylinder?
  2. I have no idea what any of this cryptic stuff means.
  3. He gets a pass fot that, as he was making history himself.
  4. Username appropriate if you do.
  5. That’s only a start for a Cajun. The store knows they’ll buy more mudbugs and a lot of beer.
  6. Cross-posted from the other thread.... For the first time since February of last year, Mrs. Brat & I are going to meet our Happy Hour group of 8-10 people at an outdoor venue in north Austin. All are vaxxed and most likely will not be masked at the the table because they won’t be able to keep their yaps shut. I dread what 15 months of pent up gossip & get off my lawn bitching is going to sound like. Please pray for me.
  7. She hasn’t even been amused by all the dickbutt stuff.
  8. Unfortunately he didn’t rsvp with the group for this meeting. That’s why my pre-dreading attitude. Mrs. brat is thrilled though, she’s sick of hearing all the Surly stories for the past year.
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