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  1. “I think but have no evidence” is most definitely a candidate for the new DT forum name.
  2. DDD Dad


    Not gonna let you dox me. That was you at the dish a few years back, wasn’t it?
  3. DDD Dad


    We might know each other. (Worlds colliding)
  4. DDD Dad


    Rochioli shipment arrived today. Celebrating virtually with my three grads. Hook ‘em.
  5. My wife would bitch me out for using all those dishes.
  6. Yes but if you drive out towards Fredericksburg from Goldthwaite you'll see lots of Trump signs next to anti-wind farm signs.
  7. Paging Vic on the white courtesy phone....
  8. If while an occasional sweetened beverage is fine if you can wean yourself of those you’ll be helping yourself out in the long run. The naturally flavored unsweetened (or unflavored) low calorie waters (still or sparkling) are a healthier option.
  9. Queen of England after getting the call from Melania:
  10. He wasn’t going to win it. Have not ever been outside Dallas/Houston/Austin city limits?
  11. “I am the least racist person in this room. “. Said it twice! Now I have whiskey up my nose.
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