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  1. Hell just go to Kroger. Rudolph’s closes early on Saturday so if you went I hope you went before 1.
  2. Yeah it’s a victim of its own success. A friend of mine went there shortly after it opened and raved about it. Might try once the novelty wears off.
  3. Not sure about Orlando but Cigar City’s in Tampa.
  4. DDD Dad

    Dallas | BBQ

    Anyone know anything about the people behind this? The story in Culturemap was a little thin on details. Oak'd coming to Old Town
  5. News reports appear to be conflicting. Some tweets say full pardon, others say clemency. Anyone know which is correct?
  6. Well if we're not going to take away the Astros and Red Sox World Series wins (and Altuve's MVP), why would we remove our president?
  7. Yeah, I don't remember who it was, but someone was making a huge deal out of this and predicted (I thought) he was going down. For some reason I thought it was you. Apologies.
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