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  1. I don’t think you’re a troll but you are willfully and woefully uninformed.
  2. Maybe lay off the drinking so early in the week.
  3. You’re. And I will assume from your response that I was right.
  4. Good. She’s a piece of shit.
  5. Did you hear about this from a Jordan Peterson YouTube?
  6. These were not the pics we were expecting.
  7. I can see Russia from my laptop.
  8. Rex Kramer has a watch just like that....What are the odds?
  9. Hell, I [know a guy who] brought home some very strong cookies in a ziplock bag a year or two ago (they were homemade by a friend in Oregon) and the TSA agent took them out of [his] carryon to look for something else on a secondary check. It was [his] phone/watch dual charger stand. He put everything back in the bag and then set the cookies carefully back in on top so as not to crumble them, and told [him] to have a nice trip. You could smell those cookies from 20 yards away.
  10. I will. (He wasn’t vaxxed)
  11. Yeah this episode to me was not great. Felt like a lot of misses. Dani’s shoe thing was annoying. I didn’t really get the Rick roll in the funeral. That said it’s still appointment TV for me and I’m in for the long haul.
  12. I mean I understand the guy’s point but his issue isn’t vaccine mandates so much as disproportionate enforcement of mandates (or any other law).
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