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  1. Pretty sure they are all closed. Some guys from my club are playing today at Van Zandt. If you feel like you have to play you might try East.
  2. DDD Dad


    Palate. I don’t get the bourbon barrel aging idea. Similarly the heavy American oak treatment Silver Oak gives its wine to me tastes like pickle juice.
  3. We had chili tonight with Sunday’s leftovers. Magical.
  4. SIAP but CNN chyron just said that NY deaths have surpassed 2019 homicides.
  5. Actually if you posted some rudeness here (pics) you wouldn't keep getting negged.
  6. Wrapping definitely helps the flat retain moisture in my experience. My brisket from last week tasted absolutely fantastic but the thin end of the flat was a little dry.
  7. I believe the correct term is "fucking moron." /tillerson
  8. OK this has to be Rocko. There can't be two people this stupid on one message board.
  9. So does DalTxHornFan. Ball spiked on the 20.
  10. Paywall has been removed for COVID stories.
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