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  1. To be fair, this isn't the first I have heard of the Postal Inspection Service overreach issue. I don't think Gaetz has uncovered anything; others have also been sounding alarms on this. My point was that despite me apparently agreeing with him on this issue, he's still a complete douchebag.
  2. I see you’ve been in the DT Covid thread.
  3. I see you’ve been in the DT Covid thread.
  4. Is this like the broken clock that’s right twice a day? What exactly is the justification for this iCOP program? Seems sketchy as fuck.
  5. According to his Twitter profile he’s a “freedom loving patriot”. Which is, of course, obvious from his exchanges with you.
  6. Why you continue to engage with that moron is baffling.
  7. So who's sock is lmao? Also, username does not check out.
  8. Well, and Pfizer just started its Phase 1/2/3 study for children under 12 at the end of March, so you have some time before even a decision is necessary.
  9. He writes longer than Brisket AND Lobo.
  10. All. Of. This. (From a formerly good tennis player who also enjoys cocktails).
  11. Well let's see here. It took generations for a smallpox vaccine to be developed. The deaths occurred over hundreds of years. COVID-19 has killed over 3 million in just about a year, half a million in the US alone. I'm thinking a vaccine passport isn't such a bad idea.
  12. What about for a surly poster? Asking for myself.
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