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  1. Ozark Don’t know if it’s the cabin or the pod, but my daughter would probably be in the same pod as yours, based on their age. I’m not on the ground up there and it sounds like they’ve got a plan. They have negative pressure room in the infirmary, isolation spaces on and off-site, etc. But with 3 cases in 72 hours and counting, I hope that this is it, and not the beginning of something much larger.
  2. You know what? This is the content I am here for. I love your whole thing.
  3. Welp- shit just got real. Camper in my daughter’s cabin tested positive and the cabin is being sent home.
  4. What Facebook page? Do you know if they cancelled session F? It seems strange that the info stream and photo feed has gone silent for the last 16 hours.
  5. This is my understanding as well, but I’m not qualified to know. @ChiTownDoc or @Sawbonz? My point was that I don’t think we know whether or not a significant percentage of survivors will suffer long term health problems. I’ve heard people throw around 10%, which sounds like a guess to me. That would also be a HUGE number of people.
  6. That’s not clear at all. In a small study of asymptomatic subjects, 2/3rds of scans revealed ground glass opacities in at least one lung.
  7. Man, Bruno Mars is an all time world-class entertainer. He’s got to be the most talented popular musician since Sammy Davis Jr.
  8. Antique is a great mixer. W12 is a great bourbon.
  9. FYI - We just got the call. A kid showed a fever and tested positive. The entire pod of kids (not our kid's) is being sent home. A new group arrives tomorrow, and the kids from this session come home a week from today. Reality check: we will all be exposed. All we can do is mitigate risks. Assuming her pod makes it through the week without a positive test, she'll be tested on day 3-4 following her return and quarantined for about 10 days.
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