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  1. Don't bother, just give it to me.
  2. This is Adler's dream job and I'll be shocked if he doesn't run. He is not having fun running council meetings.
  3. The latter, not because he's a public figure, but because everything a public official says in the course of their job is in the public domain.
  4. Probably the fastest and easiest way to get to a truly universal system would be the swiss model, but we're too dumb to do that, so probably the best end point for the United States is towards something like the German system, and the best starting point for that is a public option. But I'll take literally anything. It's only the Bernie folks who oppose a guaranteed issue public option as far as I know. What I'm doing is bringing it up literally every time I talk to my elected reps and talking to their staff, and I'm shocked by how little they understand on the topic. It's worse than their understanding of the economic cycle. I don't have a presidential candidate to work for in this primary. They all suck shit through a straw (warren sucks least probably), but I'll be working like hell to get one of them elected when they emerge from the convention.
  5. The power and scope of the private carriers is reduced or eliminated or changed by the same mechanism: law. I understand your feelings, but if I told you and 100 other people that we were moving to the british system (also a universal hybrid multipayer system that moved away from a less broad monopsony than what sanders proposes) , you'd be dancing on the ceiling. Also - on the ear tubes and childbirth - I've done that with my daughters, along with tumor excisions, sleep studies, allergists, neurologists. It's tough. But the toughest thing I've experienced is what got me into this issue: the lack of basic care for my indigent mother, which ultimately cost her life at 55. It's not like you as a relatively young parent and the rest of your millennial cohort are experiencing something that everyone else doesn't have a piece of. Your agonies in this system are only beginning. I don't mean to condescend, but I got where I am on this subject because I want us to have universal, cost effective care as soon as possible, not because I've got any love for private carriers.
  6. Is this the part where progressives start mansplaining why literally all the working models in the western world to emulate actually CAN'T work here? Let me get this straight: according you, it's somehow impossible to create ANY form of universal multi-payer system because the private insurers are too powerful and entrenched, but it is possible to shut them out of the market altogether. Do I have that right? Switzerland would like a word with you.
  7. Florida man skips dialysis because he can’t bring life-sized Trump cut-out Dying to own the libs
  8. Spare me. My link does not go to a wiki article on single payer. It goes to the wikipedia article on healthcare in Germany, which is an example of "universal multi-payer", which both this post and your previous on the topic do not address. "Universal Multi-payer" refers to what they have in most western countries such as the UK, Germany, France, Australia and so on: a hybrid combination of a government payer and private insurance. "Single payer" does not mean what you think it means, which is a Republican political construct - the term in this context refers to the distinction between something like Canada and what they do in continental Europe, with the UK system having mostly liberalized towards Europe with good result. But even Canada isn't nearly as "single" as what Sanders is proposing. So spare me the homilies, will you? I'm not defending our current system when I say "universal multipayer". That's not what that is. I'm advocating something much better and more effective, in addition to cheaper and more practical.
  9. uh, could it be that you don't know what ""universal multipayer" is?
  10. You're rich, and therefore have no right to opine. Bend the knee! Nothing. I'm still has open to single payer as I ever have been, I think it's almost as good as universal multipayer. Why do you ask?
  11. Now there's a classic Washpark strawman. I've been working for universal healthcare since you were touting the fairness of tax cuts for the 1%, chief.
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