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  1. Ye is not the GOAT rapper. He is a bad rapper and a very good producer, but not the best producer (Hank Shocklee)
  2. I mean. A shot of Powers and a High Life pony is my go-to.
  3. Bozo_Casanova

    Getting old sucks

    My achilles and hamstring are fucked up. You know, from ... living. On the other hand: I have money and guns.
  4. I can. Come volunteer overnight with me at the cold weather shelter. $100 says you change your mind. Square biz.
  5. I'm not denigrating the technique in and of itself, there's nothing wrong with what works. it's really just a question of who you are talking to and what you are talking about. Nothing works with everybody. "Who do you know that ____ " is a prospecting technique that can work really well but contains an embedded assumption that people who get a lot of attention from inside sales reps will immediately spot..
  6. So I was out on a call and we were in the office of a good-sized boutique bank CEO with his CFO and Ops head. The rep was in his early 30's, and the CEO is mid 50's, business lender/rainmaker type. So the CEO is going over our proposal and points out that some aspect of our pricing is out of range and asks if we can talk about that specific line item. The rep could have correctly interpreted this as an offer to negotiate on TCV, but instead he decides to neg the guy and says, without even a decent framing device, "We aren't the right fit for organizations that are more concerned about controlling cost than innovation." And the CEO laughs and says: "Yeah? Ironic - we're not a good fit for sales guys who get to contract without qualifying prospects."
  7. Pick Up Artist. A weird, sad subculture. Those are high risk, low-reward techniques with the wrong people. I work with bankers, venture capitalists, C-level execs, software engineers and startup founders. That kind of thing will get you bounced right out of the room or they laugh at you like Jabba laughed at Luke.
  8. Remember all the sturm und drang about “Obamaphones?”
  9. I was on that site because I did a google search on “Scott Adams PUA” because I was curious if the creator of Dilbert was big in that strange, sad world and ... of course he is. But yes- to a certain extent, if you scrape away the thick, fragile crust of bullshit, those are all techniques that some salespeople use, particularly in non-consultative but big-ticket sales situations like timeshares and exotic cars. In consultative selling your ability to close is closely correlated to your personal credibility and whether key, senior people perceive you as a peer and value your opinion. So NLP, while occasionally useful really only helps when you are trying to establish comfort and trust. Some of the attention/interest stuff can be useful in a technology demonstration, but even then it’s closer to how a magician controls the attention and focus of their audience than the PUA nonsense.
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