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  1. That's not true, the progressive maximalist Democrats and DSA types are trying to lose elections in completely legitimate fashion.
  2. I actually do think it’s a big deal, I just don’t think it’s “inflation,” or not inflation yet, anyway, but rather a broad based goods shortage
  3. What a whiner. That’s not inflation. Inflation is a monetary phenomenon. Prices are up because demand is up. Is he saying the economy is growing too fast?
  4. The more the car is worth at auction the more likely they are to total it.
  5. I guess being swallowed whole by Fenrir as the world is submerged in water is a form of accountability.
  6. Republicans not being held to account is necessary to bring about Ragnarok because #bothsides. /Anastasis
  7. In Texas a car declared to be a total loss on the basis of purely cosmetic stuff does not get a salvage title. You can even keep the same comprehensive coverage on it. So, here's where we landed: 1) They paid me $6k. 2) I found a place to fix the hail for $4k. 3) So I think I'm repairing the hail and then buying this
  8. See also https://texags.com/forums/16 https://www.surlyhorns.com/board/index.php?/topic/13391-dt-covid-19-featuring-lots-of-politics/
  9. That's very sad, and how it happened is probably none of our business.
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