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  1. Sounds like some whiskey blogger is taking the piss
  2. Sounds like some whiskey blogger is taking the piss
  3. For Austin guys lots of 1792 FP and 1910 at TW in Mueller
  4. Just to be clear- I have NO problem with what Cuero or RTIC does.
  5. The irony of everyone losing their mind about Hill's accent is that, as she pointed out, she speaks with a regional accent (or more accurately a dialect) that is so strongly associated with coal mining poor people it would likely prevent her from higher level employment in either government or the corporate world. So for an English person watching her testimony, this is likely jarring in the way it would be for an American watching someone with a thick Kentucky or W Va. Appalachian dialect address British parliament.
  6. I'm on a conference call and have the sound off - what happened? a specific moment or just the general out-classing she's delivering all day?
  7. No doubt, , but I was referring to the fact that it's the same business model and even a lot of very similar marketing copy, with a VERY similar product line. And from what I have heard the factory is the same factory in Leon that made Tecovas initially, using the same processes and people. Different lasts, and apparently slightly a few material tweaks.
  8. As far as I can tell, Cueros are Tecovas in the same way RTICs are Yetis. (The founders of Cuero founded RTIC)
  9. He hit on the president. Sexually. Something about places his mustache could tickle. Very embarrassing for everyone.
  10. Not just champion caliber. One of the best 10 wrestlers this country has ever produced. He beat John Smith.
  11. Speaking of shitting you, I was wondering why #shartgate is trending and this appears to be it
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