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  1. CTJ is an artist . He’s painting his masterpiece.
  2. I've been telling ,my wife for 2-3 weeks that I think it's very possible that Coronavirus could very well get the president reelected no matter how many people die or what he does about it because of how people react to a crisis.
  3. With the lower humidity and cooler weather I’m on hold but I’ll try that when the humidity returns tomorrow
  4. I don’t think he’s qualified because he’s never been a judge and had a sort of part-timer legal career. William Howard Taft is the only person to hold both jobs. Prior to his appointment to the bench as Chief Justice he was a prosecutor, a local judge, a federal appeals judge, an actual practicing lawyer, a leader in major legal movement and Solicitor General Of the United States. I like Obama and he might make a fine judge but he’s not William Howard Taft or any number of the real legal luminaries who should be ahead of him.
  5. I'm not sure I have a sight glass. My system was installed in 2009, but I'm not seeing anything. I'll keep looking.
  6. Thanks, I'll start there. WOuld it be a good idea to flush the drains and change the filter too?
  7. I'm pretty handy but HVAC is completely foreign to me. Would the bubbles indicate a leak? Also, how would i be able to tell if the coil was dirty?
  8. I work at home a lot, so this is new. Air is flowing, and it's an old unit (about 10 years). The fan is blowing. For what it's worth, it does seem more humid in the attic, but I'm not sure how relevant that is, because cooled air isn't blowing into the attic.
  9. So at least for the last few days it's been pretty humid in my house. My AC is cooling the place just fine, but the humidity is running in the mid 60's. I''ve checked around the dryer vent in the laundry room and althought it's more humid in there than the rest of the house, the dryer looks to be venting to the outside. I don't see anything else that could be an issue. Thoughts on what to do or check?
  10. Yeah, she knows just exactly what she’s doing.
  11. The resort is a dump, but the "Naked Burger" at Champion's Grill at Trump Doral is excellent.
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