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  1. Master Pancake is doing their riff of 84 Dune tonight - streamed on Twitch
  2. I’m a huge fan of Zabaks Mediterranean at Westheimer/Fountain View. Great food (especially the falafel) and the owners are really friendly.
  3. It’s a good one, if not a tad sweet. The Balvenie 12 double wood is a great staple and can be found most places as well
  4. Nah he’s right. Palate*. For all intensive purposes, I’m a idoit.
  5. Try Bunnahabhain 12. Hint of smoke (not a lawnmower bag) but it almost tastes more like a Highland whisky. I used to hate Islays too and then I just started trying them and found my palette - now I can’t get enough of the right kind.
  6. What have you tried recently/what didn’t you like? And what about it didn’t you like?
  7. Kavalan is tasty. It isn’t the most complex whisky, but it is super smooth and executed incredibly well
  8. Dalmore 12 is a great whisky, and I actually like it better than the 15 and 18 (and the King Alexander and Cigar Malt are just different altogether). Not smokey but it is rich and flavorful. A little sweetness and maltiness but not too much. Very balanced
  9. If they hire anyone for that, it better be @THUJONE
  10. What if KKL joins and gets into a debate with Derka? Imagine the fireworks
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