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Awful horrible bad shit is happening in the USA right now, if you are afraid of your fucking feelings getting hurt this isn't the website for you. ×


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  1. "violent criminal history" = 2005 charge of possession with intent from houston / 2004 charge of poss < 1g (Houston) / failure to produce a DL (minnesota). L. O-fucking. L. *after only a quick 2 minute search on Lexis*
  2. tbh? I'd venture to say probably 40/40/20 split between left/right/ain't got shit else to do as the split among those looting and destroying shit.
  3. This is what really pisses me off about this whole shitshow. that I can't vote by mail if I choose but dear leader and his family circus can is bullshit.
  4. almost like it is politically motivated...
  5. Yup 2 consecutive days of drop to 83 and 82 but back up to 90 for the 25th according to the Travis County dashboard (if I read it correctly). it will probably stay in that region (80-90ish) until there is a spike or it begins to drop to which I think the former is much more likely.
  6. I completely agree with that. My comment was more personal opinion/being fed up with this administration.
  7. yea I can see where you're coming from on the judiciary's power not being invoked in this case. I guess I don't like the way the executive branch is getting involved in this sense insofar as Trump's influence through Barr being the reason for the prosecutor's making this move. Flynn knew his rights. His attorneys knew his rights. They even offered him a court appointed outside counsel to review the case and he declined and pled. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Had never heard them (heard of them yes) but stumbled upon them as a "similar to" on my Spotify to one of the Dave Matthews Band live concerts I had just heard. Click on 'LivePhish 04/03/98: Uniondale, New York" and first song is Mike's Song and holy shit the just straight jamming was great. I get a very Grateful Dead vibe from them (probably not the first to say that I know). I dig it. kthnxbai
  9. pretty good read and an exceptional list of legal scholars that signed it.
  10. can we /thread it here? we still doing that?
  11. Jesus fuck I hate people. That last one talking about HIPAA...honestly what the fuck. Thankfully I have yet to witness any of this even with me almost always being in the Stone Oak and Alamo Heights areas of San Antonio /notshaggysurly1%
  12. didn't know before but just looked it up and of course I should've known that they were barred for not following the White House press social distancing guidelines.
  13. well fucking say what the fuck he was doing. are you talking about the possible withholding of a LOAN Biden references? For investigating a known corrupt individual? You're saying that was a quid pro quo or something? remember the gop and trumpers said that happens all the time and is a big "nothing burger". the mental gymnastics you must go through to believe some of the shit you post has got to be olympian level.
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